Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A royal pain in the...

This is Brownie.....Browine Jane to be exact. Josh and I purchased Brownie a year before we got married. She was a tiny little squirt, I originally wanted to name her Fudge, but she just didn't look like a Fudge, so Brownie Jane it was. Can you tell I had food on the brain that day. I had begged Josh for a dog, and not just any dog a chocolate lab. After a few days of begging and convincing.... it honestly is really easy with my husband.....we were out on the hunt for our dog.

Now Brownie is one of the family, the member that keeps moving further and further down the totem pole if you will. I don't love her any less, but I want to kill her more often. Her needs have also gone from my first priority, okay second priority I never really per her before me.... to my last priority. I mean I still meet her needs and love her, I just have two other little beings that need things more. And honestly Brownie is more indepedent than my kids.

Well today Brownie did it, she has driven me crazy for the last time. Although nothing will change, I'm not dropping her off at the pound, or giving her away..... although I often think about it..... I am keeping her. She is now getting a designated spot on the blog....called....
What brownie eats!

This new spot is my effort to vent without killing my dog. See my dog can open cabinets and has no qualms about doing it. She helps herself to food left on the island, countertops, in the cabinets and an open pantry door is fair game. She is known to eat the food off your plate as you get up and grab a sippy that has fallen on the floor or rush to the potty with a toddler. It is nothing to come back to the table and find you plate empty in a matter of 3 seconds. Oh yes I could kill her most days.

I gripe and gripe to my husband who often asks, if I remembered to feed her. Probably not, but trust me the dog is not starving she is over 90lbs easily.

So you can catch what Brownie eats over on the side bar. Today she finished off my brownies. The entire pan of brownies. Meredith and I made them yesterday, when we left for gymnastics this morning there were over 3/4s of a pan left....okay just under 3/4s of a pan....although I did think of eating them all last night. Today on the way home from the gym I told Meredith she could have a brownie when we got home and I would have one with her. Can you imagine how mad I was when I got home to an empty pan sitting exactly where I left it?

So Yes, welcome to "What Brownie eats!" I will update it daily! I promise none of what is listed there is given to her and I also promise you will never see dog food.

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Adalyn's World Views said...

I love it. Harvey's worst is a five lb bag of frozen, yes frozen chicken breasts. I thought he would die for sure.