Sunday, July 6, 2008

An intergalactic emergency

My little princess is in bed sleeping and has been sleeping for about an hour. All of her little friends are sleeping with her and there are a lot. There is Woody and Jesse and of course Bulls-Eye and then there is the little Buzz that Mimi gave her and occasionally his all terrain vehicle, which is just a very cool accessory that Disney made up to make even more money, because I don't remember seeing any four wheelers in either Toy Story movie. And the latest addition to our Toy Story brood is a large, talking Buzz Lightyear. Very large Buzz, in fact he is larger than all the others put together.

Tonight as I was tucking her in and making sure she was covered and moving all of her friends so she actually had room in the bed, I heard....


what the....


Yes my friend Buzz Lightyear if you wake up my peacefully sleeping toddler there will be an emergency and your stay here at this house will be short lived!

Damn toys....damn boy toys! Who would of though a princess like Meredith would carry around boy toys. Our bag that we tote them is getting pretty cramped.

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