Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Revelation of sorts

Today I was outside pushing Meredith on the swing when out of the blue....

"Momma my name is Mere-da-rif"


"my name is Mere-da-rif!"

"Yep, your name is Meredith, good job bug!"

"No momma, my name is Mizzie"

"No your nickname is Mizzie, your name is Meredith"

"Mere-da-rif, Mere-da-rif, Meredaaarriiff"

"Yes it is Meredith, great job, now try Mere- ra- dith"

"Mere-rrrra- ddddiff.........Mere-da-rif!"

"Great job bug! I love it!"

"I love Meredarif too!"

I think her days of calling herself Mizit are over, I will miss them. She is still holding on to Mizzie though. I think Josh is going to be saddest of all. I secretly think he wishes he named her Mizit himself. Mizit Grace, it does have a good ring to it!

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