Sunday, August 17, 2008

A typical Sunday morning, not so typical parenting skills

This morning at 6:30am my little human alarm clock woke me up. Wow is it 6:30? Wow is this the first time he woke up? Wow 9 hours of sleep!....are just a few of the things that passed through my mind. I then told Josh I would give him $5 if he went upstairs and got him, he did and I didn't give him $5. When he brought Noah down I was hoping against the odds that I could nurse him and then snuggle him back to sleep in the bed with us. But see Noah doesn't do well when he is in the bed with us, just like his big sister....he thinks mommy's bed means playtime. Can you tell they never sleep with us. So my thought of snoozing a little later were slim and none. As I was nursing Noah my better half was snoring again. So I nursed him, laid him between us and then nestled my head back on my own pillow. Noah started to laugh and coo and then came "dada....mama.....dadadada.......momom....gagagaga.....dadada." So I rolled over and instructed my snoring better half to give him something to play with. He did and it kept him quiet for about 2 minutes. I then rolled over to find whatever object my other half had given him and retrieve it and I was a little shocked....a remote.....seriously.....a remote control without a back on it and missing batteries.....

"JOSH, did you take out the batteries or did Noah eat them?"

"Don't worry, I took them out"

"Good" and then I handed him the remote back and settled back into my foggy slumber.

Two minutes later more whining, "Please Noah five more minutes, here take this" as I handed him the video monitor and then sent the evil eye to my snoring other half.

Two minutes later more whining and kicks to the belly and ribs and backbone.

"Okay Noah here"... reaching onto the nightstand furiously looking for anything.

"Ahhh-ha, here little guy go back to sleep" as I hand him a pony tail holder and then roll peacefully back into my pillow.

Then the red lights went off in my head.....DID YOU JUST HAND YOUR SON A TINY RUBBER BAND TO PLAY WITH!!!!

"Okay Noah you win, let's get up!" and I got up and headed out to the living room sending my evil, laser beam eyes over to my pretending to be snoring other!

You would think 9 hours of sleep was like hitting the jackpot and would surely be enough, I guess not so much, I only have 9 months worth to catch up on.

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