Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The blog

Dear Meredith and Noah,

I am sure that when you are all grown up you may wonder "what the hell I was thinking" when you realize that I took intimate moments and milestones in your life and published them on the wide world web for the whole word to see it. I promise you this though, the whole world is not reading it. Not even close. But yes I am sure one day you may want to know why.

I would lie and say I am doing it all for you, well I am, but also for me too. I love to write, I think I could have been a journalist if I wanted to, but at 18 I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and so now I am trying on many different hats and seeing what fits well. This is one of those hats. I don't get paid to write it, hell only about 100 people even read it, but to me that is pretty impressive. So writing this blog is an outlet and letting me reach a dream of being a journalist. Even if it is only your lives I am chronicling. Believe it or not, people are very into your lives or into my writing. Either way I am doing it for you. Like many blogger friends of mine, I am slurping the blog into a book. In fact I have already done the first year. I titled it The Beginning...how deep. This way you know all about your childhood even the mundane things that happen as well as the pretty exciting things. I would have loved to read a book like this, I am hoping you will one day too.

But here are some things you may wonder about this blog....

Between 80-100 people read your blog daily.

We have 3 followers...I think that means they read it through blogger.

We are listed on several other blogs as blogs they read.

We are saved in some peoples favorites.

Lots of people Google your blog daily to get here, I wonder if they know it can be added to the favorites and save them the trouble.

Some read the blog through some sort of blog reader.

Some stumble upon it from funny things they Google. Want to hear a few....

"an intergalactic emergency"

"clap, clap, clap your hands"

"red nail polish+hooker" yeah kind of wish they weren't reading the blog

"toy story party"

"bringing home my baby bumblebee"

"father daughter relationships"

"toy story cakes"

"wiggles concerts"

"potty training and pull ups"

There are people all over this country reading it, as well as some from other countries as well. Yes I wrote all about your babyhood and childhood on a blog, you can send me any therapy bills due to this. I'm hoping you won't mind and I am sure by the time you are old enough to read this, blogs will be a thing of the past.

your crazy blog addicted mother


Shannon said...

That's quite a following you've built up. I must say I'm addicted. I enjoy learning that others are going through many of the same joys and frustrations that we are. It doesn't hurt that your kids are cute either! : )

Blair said...

Now that I am a "follower", I am one of the ones reading you through reader. It shows up on my blogger dashboard - it is a nice feature. The blogs I follow, their new posts are right there so I don't have to check each blog every day.

This is pretty much why I blog too. I find it very therapeutic. It makes me feel like we have accomplished stuff even on the bad days.

I hope it is still around in the future. I love having the books chronicling their lives!

Have you gotten your book?? How do you like it?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry kiddos. One day when you are old enough you can blog about your mommy in diapers and losing her teeth. Paybacks are hell. :)

Mandi, I just know they will treasure this someday.