Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What she says...from the bathroom......this one is for you Tim

"Mommy, Mommy I gotta go poop!"

"Okay bug go, hurry!"

"I gotta poop, I gotta poop" running to the bathroom

"Mommy come see my poops, hurry!"

"Mommy, come see dare is A LOT OF POOPS"

"Mommy!! dare is a baby poop, a mommy poop, a daddy poop, a bawudda poop...........dare's a whole family poop!"

"Mommy, dare's a whole family poop, COME SEE!"

And go see I did, and yes there was a whole little family of poops. She was so proud of that family and I immediately thought of her paran. I now know where he got the saying "dropping the kids off at the pool!" I wonder if she does this at school? What do you think?

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Tricia said...

Could we have ever possibly guessed before becoming parents how much we'd talk about, and be amused by, our children's potty talk?