Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The world we live in

Dear Meredith and Noah,

As I sit here tonight watching World News Tonight, I worry. I worry about the future of our country and most importantly your future. I often think....what have I done, bringing children into this world knowingly and then I think maybe you are exactly what the world needs. Yes, you are what the world needs, but it doesn't stop the worry. The country is in trouble, financially. Big trouble. People are losing their homes, losing their jobs and probably losing their minds. The news reports that some people have resorted to living in their cars and that we are in a recession. I pray for these things, I pray that with the election of President Obama we soon have change. Yes, we need change. I hope that when you are older the country's economy is back on the upswing. I hope that we are able to send you to college and help you earn a degree. I hope that degree helps you to earn a job to support your family. I hope that things are better by then.

I lay at night and worry myself sick and then I pray. I pray that above all else God takes care of you and all the other children in the world. Because you are the future.... all of you. I just wanted to let you know what was going on in the country today, what times are like. And though they aren't severe yet and not all Americans are feeling the crisis, I'm afraid things are headed that way. And so I pray.




Anonymous said...

Pass the Kleenex. Right there with you. I shared a similar sentiment with my Grandpa and he put things in a better light for me. He said imagine all of this bad news without our kids here to give us some hope a better future will come. They are great and they will help our world be great too.

jennlagdavis said...

You are not alone in your prayers, my friend. I only hope God hears our cries.