Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It started out good

Today when I picked Meredith up from school we had the same usual chit chat in the car. The "how was school today?", the "I missed you so much", the "Did you have fun at school today?", the "what did you do at school today?" and so on. She followed up with the "I missed you so much mommy", the "Sam be dare, Riley be dare, Andrew be dare, Games be dare", the "Sam hit Riley today and made her cwy", the "I no have goldfish for snack today....I HAD STRAAAW-BERRIES." It was the routine school conversation for us. I love it.

I then brightened her day with the announcement that we were picking up Wendy's for lunch. Let's face it I have a cold from hell and making lunch, feeding lunch and then cleaning up after lunch was not on my agenda today. So she was really excited about lunch. Noah was equally excited when he got a french fry in the car as well. After we picked up Wendy's and were home bound, my little scholar started with this...

"Mom do you know why Jesus is here?"

I have to admit I didn't know where to go with this. Was it a rhetorical question or did she want an answer. I figured they were learning about the birth of Jesus in school right now and obviously she learned about this today. So I followed up with....

"Why is baby Jesus here?"

To which her answer was very quick...

"Because his mommy and daddy said....'No No Noah!"

I was completely perplexed by the answer, until I looked in the rear view and saw that Noah was reaching for another one of her fries. I'll try again to get her answer later, when no fries are around.

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