Monday, December 1, 2008

What she says....being the boss

The scene - Olive Garden
The scenario - Noah taking a poop
"LET THE POOPY OUT! LET THE POOPY OUT! LET THE POOPY OUT!" sung over and over again in a chant at the top of her lungs


The scene - our home
The scenario - Meredith and Noah helping their dad decorate the Christmas tree
"No, No Noah Emulet.....dat is dain-ja! dain-ja! sir!"


The scene - the dinner table
The scenario - Josh and Noah just got up from the table, I am still sitting with Meredith while she finishes her cookie for desert.
"Mommy, we da big gurls? yep the big gurls not finished...great job big gurls!"


The scene - the loser cruiser
The scenario - driving home on our way from school and she is answering my question about who was at school today
"Lily be dare, Riley be dare, Abigail be dare....Aaron no be dare.....Andrew no be dare.....Ummm Games be dare..."

"Oh so Gaines was there too?"

"No, no momma, just one games be dare!"


The scene - Meredith's bedroom
The scenario - meredith is just waking up
"Mommy I need my puter!"

"Why do you need your computer you just woke up....let's go get breakfast."

"no mommy, I need my puter....I need to check my e-mail"

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