Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So is a day in the life with two.

This morning we awoke at our usual time. Meredith had school today and was the snack helper and line leader so our bags were packed the night before and waiting at the back door to help me out. I made the 2 tikes eggs, because we have pop karks or pop tarts and oatmeal every morning of our life I decided to do something different and put a little effort into it.

The effort proved fruitless....Noah lovingly tossed his on the floor and to Brownie and Meredith pleaded for a pop kark! I dressed the eggs up with a little ketchup thinking that might be helpful, but the result was the same....the pleading and begging....the tossing to the dog.

I threw away two eggs, with ketchup....I made oatmeal and a pop tart. I should have realized how my day would unfold this morning, but yet I continued to try and be productive. The key word being tried. I then headed to school late....two breakfasts set me way back. I dropped off tike #1 and then headed to the post office, where I realized I only had half the stuff I needed to mail. I then was going to head to Sam's but realized I left the list at home and had no clue what was on it. Seriously....no clue.

I ran home and grabbed the list and the rest of the things that needed to be mailed out. I headed back out with tike #2 to Sam's. We got out and headed in where I realized my list was in the car. I opted to shop without the list and called my list maker at work to see what we needed. Three hundred dollars later I walked out with everything on my list and few Christmas presents and things that I didn't need as well.

I then headed to buy some clothing for a family in need....there it is.....productivity...my one productive thing today.

I got home and unloaded the stuff and tike #2 with enough time to switch laundry, fold a batch, and then get back in the car to pick up tike #1. We got home with the things I needed to mail and didn't and destroyed the kitchen with lunch....more begging and pleading...this time for candy for lunch.... and more tossing food to the dog. My kitchen floor always looks like a disaster zone. I could feed a third world country with the crumbs....and no I am not proud of that.

I then tried to get two kids to nap and do more laundry, but that effort also proved fruitless. Since 1 o'clock I have refereed my daughter's temper tantrums. She has turned into something with three heads and an attitude straight out of hell.

At some point this afternoon I realized that my new sheets from Sam's were for a queen size bed. I own a King and a twin and a crib. My husband then pointed out that I bought the wrong size diapers....shouldn't I have known that. The sad part is that it wasn't a mistake....I seriously thought he still wore a size 3. My husband lovingly reminded me that he could they were just leak and he would need an outfit change with every diaper change.

Now it is 5 o'clock.....dinner is cooking and I am supposed to be getting dressed for my girl's night. Yes a girls night......thank gawd! Sushi and a movie....I think I may just have some sake too. Here is to hoping you had a better day....I feel like I've been hit by a mack truck and then it backed up over me and hit me again.

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Blair said...

Check out my blog....I feel ya.

And I only posted half of it.

Frannie pulled out about 5 files that were still in temp. storage from hurricane evacuations and threw them around my office. I burned beans on the stove. I tried, and failed, to get Charlotte to rest.

Thank God for wine!