Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The good things

Yesterday I read Blair's post and it got me thinking....

"We do have bad days. And good days. We have good days sprinkled with some bad. And bad days sprinkled with some good. And everything else in between."

And I started thinking, yesterday I thought of all the things that went wrong, but what I failed to mention were all the good things. Like how excited Meredith was to see me when I picked her up from school. How yesterday morning at Sam's Noah's smile and laughing brought smiles to my face as well as everyone else in Sam's. How an elderly man came over to talk to us and tell us how seeing my happy baby boy brought such joy to his day. How I got big bear hugs from my Noah man all day yesterday. How excited Meredith was when she told me how she was line leader. How after our biggest temper tantrum yesterday, she walked up to me and hugged me tight and told me "I love you so much momma". How I got most of the laundry at the back door clean, even thought it hasn't found it way into dresser drawers or closets yet. How when my husband got home at 5, my kids rushed to the back door to greet him. How he made things all better when he got home. How he willingly watched the kids last night so I could do dinner and a movie with friends.

Yes even my worst days are sprinkled with lots of good. Thank you Blair for reminding me of that. This is the best job in the world to me, but it is definitely not the easiest.

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Blair said...

Well, I am so honored! I am glad my post helped you out.

Yes, some days are just down right horrible, but there is always some good in there.

I feel so blessed that I am here to experience every second of their lives (well, except for when Charlotte is at MDO). Because the good times so often weigh out the bad!!