Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wow....Look at Mimi!

So this morning my dad called to tell me to look at the paper, because my mom was featured in it. Well I don't get the paper, but I do get the internet. Congrats Mimi! That was a fantastic interview and very awesome of you to give so much of your time. Lots of people talk about volunteering, but very few ever follow through. I'm proud to have such a great role model and that my children do too!

Check out the story here.


Jaimie said...

Good for you Ms. Laurie!!!

"I'm so HAPPY....for you!" :-)

The Owen Family said...

awwe that is such a great article!! I love your mom!

Unknown said...

Your mom has a heart of gold and is such a hard worker. I feel blessed to have her friendship.