Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An embarrasing work at home mom moment

As most of you know I own a stationery business and do stationery out of my home. If you don't know, you should and you should check it out....see how I shamelessly put a plug in for myself. Anyway I do, I work from home. I often take orders over the Internet and ship them out, but I also do lots of local business too. In which case customers have to come and pick up the stationery.

This week I have been exceptionally busy, don't get me wrong busy is good. I have had lots of orders, lots of big orders and managing a household and two tikes and the business can sometimes be a challenge. Today I had to really get things done, not a great day for my printer to screw up, but that is the way it normally goes though.

Anyway I sent the tikes to Mimi's so I could really get things accomplished. So I am in my pj's, no bra, haven't yet brushed my hair or teeth. In fact I haven't even looked in the mirror. What can I say....I am in my typical stay at home business woman's attire. I look a mess, there you go I said it.

I am enjoying my peace and quiet and cutting stationery when the doorbell rings. I knew I had several customers coming by to pick up stationery, but I was pretty sure it was this evening. So I thought it was maybe someone selling something or a UPS man needing a signature. I answer it and it is a nice looking young man who tells me his name....let's say Jim.

"Hi I'm Jim"

I gave him a pretty puzzled look, because he came back with...

"Jim Smith"

My look was about the same, by this point old Jim thought I was a nutcase I am sure.

"Yeah, Jim Smith, here to pick up the stationery!"

I think Mr. Smith was thrilled when the light switch finally went off in my head....yes....I got it now. We have only been emailing back and forth for a week now....I should know your name. I rushed over to get his stationery that was ready and waiting for him and ran it back to him, covering my bra-less chest with my arms.....yes way to draw attention to oneself.

So to Jim and his wife in case you are reading this....sorry. I am not an airhead....just a mom....a busy mom, but isn't the stationery nice?

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