Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Trying to grow up too fast - what she says

"Where do you guys want to go to lunch today"

Mimi says..."I don't care"

"Well if you don't pick we will wind up at McDonald's"

"MOM I wanna go to Fox's and have pizza"

"Okay then....Fox's good for you mom"

Mimi says... "What about Oscar's Meredith"


Mimi says... "No Oscar's the mexican....you can get a chicken enchilada"

"I no want a chicken empalada....I want Fox's....I want pizza"

"Mom do you mind Fox's?"

Mimi says... "No that's fine"

"Meredith are you sure you don't want Oscars?"

"No, I want Fox's.....I no matter.....I no matter mom"

"It doesn't matter baby?"

"Yeah....I no matter"

"So do you want a taco at Oscars?"

"No mom....I WANT Fox's....I no matter"

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