Friday, April 24, 2009

I think it lasted a month....maybe...

After reading all of my friend's that live in my town status' on facebook about their children having a fever virus I had two thoughts.... we have been well for what seems like a while now
.....shit, I'm sure we are going to get this virus now.

And I was right on both accounts. It has been a while since the kids were not so much....have you read about my kidney stones, my birthday hangover and my ER trip? Yeah me not so much, but the kids have been just great! Until yesterday....

Meredith woke up with a low grade temp. She stayed home from school and was quite ornery and miserable. Her fever went away but was back that evening.

Noah is great, he doesn't have a fever and hasn't slowed down a bit. Although he did lay on my lap this morning for about 30 minutes to watch Sesame Street. This is a record, the boy never sits still. EVER. But my boy is generally very healthy aside from those pesky ears.

So yes, we are down with the illness again. Josh and I actually have a dinner to go to tonight and when I texted our baby/big girl sitter, she told me she didn't mind taking care of my Mere with a fever. And honestly when I told Meredith I'd stay home tonight and take care of her....she cried for Ms. Carrie.

So we are going to try and venture out tonight.

In other news the renovation is scheduled to start next week. Did I tell you about it? Yeah I'm having walls torn out, walls put in, loads of brick work, a fireplace ripped out, a brick one built in, floors ripped out, floors put in, cabinets and granite ripped out, with more cabinets and granite put in. It should be a fun time. They estimate I will be out of the kitchen for at least 4 days. I will also be without a washer and dryer for about 3 weeks. Thank goodness I have a new friend moving in the neighborhood and my mom is only a hop, skip and jump away.

The first installment has been paid, the brick and sand will arrive Monday and an exact start date will be given Monday as well, but tentatively they will begin in the latter part of next week. I already can't wait until it is finished.

Josh and I are also discussing starting another major renovation project, adding a huge bonus room over our garage. I guess we will see how our kitchen/living room project go first.

Well that is my life right now in a nutshell. I'm hoping to have a weekend soon to go relax at Mimi and Poppa's new beach condo....we all know I need it! Also if you are interested in renting a condo in the lovely Gulf Shores, email me for the friends and family rate.

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