Friday, July 24, 2009

And it's finally Friday

Whew! Anyone else feel that way. Sometimes I think we should hold an awards banquet on Friday nights for everyone who needs some sort of recognition for surviving the work week. Since my job as a stay at home mom has grown to include managing the renovations, runner of all errands, making and maintaining all appointments. This summer has been especially hectic.

However the kitchen is *almost* finished. I know I keep saying that, but I want in 100% complete before I show you the final product. So here is where I am........I am waiting for the painter to come back today to patch holes in the ceiling where the old, and very much off center, chandeliers were. By the way the new ones look fab-u-lous! I am also waiting for my new hardware to arrive, which should be in by next Monday and my new kitchen faucet, which should be here by Monday. Oh and the ceiling has to be repainted, once the a fore mentioned holes are patched. After that I promise to post pictures. The before and afters will be very dramatic and very beautiful. If I may say so myself. And if you don't think so, just lie okay. My sanity needs that white lie!

That being said, I am ready to take on the next project. In a year or so, you did not think it would be immediate, hell no. I need at least a year off.

On other news my little ballerina finished her week of dance camp. I survived week one of belonging to and going to the gym. By Thursday I had actually ran a short distance on the tread mill, it felt fabulous.

My little man was also evaluated for speech therapy today, however he did not qualify. Thanks to the speech therapy boot camp going on around here since I tested him 3 months ago! He is mildly delayed, by about 10%, and the therapist and I both feel the delay is from the fluid that was camped out in his ear canal the first 6 months of his life and by his 2nd birthday he should be caught up.

The tikes are growing so fast and this has also been an emotional week for me. The kids will both be starting some type of school this fall. Meredith will be attend 3 year old preschool, 3 half days a week and Noah will once again go to a 1 day a week Mother's day out program. I debated on two days for Noah, but since those two days were on opposite days of Meredith's three, I thought it was definitely more important that we have a day at home where the three of us could just snuggle in bed in our jammies all day. So they are both going to school and honestly this schedule is not so much different from last , so that is not what upsets me.

What upsets me is that this year gets me 1 year closer to next year. I know.....seriously this is what I worry about. And next year my baby girl, my first born, my mini Mandi, will be starting 4 year old preschool at her big girl school. The same school she will hopefully, baring any major unexpected changes in our life, graduate high school from. Saying that scares the complete crap out of me. When did she grow up and who let her?

I lay in bed each night thinking of how fast they are both growing up. Each day Noah changes, he is a little less baby and whole lot more big boy. I think about how life is finite. How each day passing is one day gone. This happens every now and then, I worry about the passing of time. I worry it is happening too fast and I am not savoring it enough. There is always so much on my plate. So many appointments to make and keep, so many errands to run, so many activities to schedule.....does it slow down?

Anyway it is Friday, the kitchen is almost finished, my brain is about to have two days off, I'm going out with the ladies tonight and might just have a martini. Have a great weekend internets!


Julia said...

what happened to the martini? :(

mandi said...

My wine was just fine! Next time, when you are driving!