Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Last Friday, I posted about how I went to the gym and it really kicked my ass. I am out of shape. After a week I am still majorly out of shape, but it's getting easier and I am feeling 100% better. I love to work out. I mean that. Going to the gym and dropping the kids off for a quick step class or other class is not a chore to me. It is empowering. I feel great.

Setting time aside to work out each day alone, is the first thing I have done for myself and only myself in a long time......well aside from that new Gucci purse I picked up in NYC. Seriously, this is the first time I have set aside time each day to do something for just me. Something that makes me feel better, look better and overall just boost my self esteem and self confidence. I can't believe I let 4 years go by without working out.

Granted working out also benefits my family as well. I am happier, which means my kids and husband are happier. I am in better shape and able to be in better shape for my family. It also teaches my kids to stay in shape and remain active. Not that either of them have a problem with activity right now.

I encourage all of you to get in shape, don't wait until tomorrow life is way to precious to put things off. Do something for you today, it will feel good!


Amy said...

I am so glad you are feeling strong and fit! Working full time and taking care of Jack, I have no time to do anything just for me...except for the gym. Sometimes I resent that's all I get right now, but really I'm thankful because I'd be a MUCH grouchier me if I didn't work off some aggrivation!

Keep it up:)

Julia said...

I kept waiting for a funny story about today's class... it was brutal! lol!