Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First haircut

Yesterday Noah received his first hair cut.  While I would have loved to have waited and let his curls grow, I have be honest, my boy doesn't have any curls.  Unless it rains and is muggy, then we get a 2.  So yesterday I loaded my man up to see Ms. Lauren and cut away his wings.  She was shocked he was almost 2 and this was his first haircut.  What can I say we had a mohawk for a long time with little other hair.

Here is the before....see those wings over his ears.

Mom are you really going to let that lady near me with those scissors?

Now that I have a sucker, she can do anything she wants.

Ladies Man!

My handsome little boy and our favorite hair dresser!

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2Wired2Tired said...

Looks like he did a great job with his first hair cut. And he looks adorable. The place you took him must be great, my little guy screams his head off every single haircut. Yikes.