Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 3 - The Zoo and Creative Discovery Museum

On our third morning in Chattanooga we woke up and headed to see the train in the front.  One of our favorite things to do.

We did this everyone morning in hopes of seeing Sir Topham Hat.

Then we headed to the Chattanooga Zoo.  While it was very nice, it was very small and nothing to write home about, so I won't.  If you are in Chattanooga and need to fill time go ahead and go.  However we won't be going there again,once was plenty.  The highlight of the trip was the carousel ride.

And for Meredith seeing monkeys. They had lots of them, big ones, and my girl loves monkeys!

After the zoo we headed back to town to grab a quick bite and then go the the Creative Discovery Museum.  This place was awesome.  Made me want to move to Chattanooga!  I strongly suggest you visit the Discovery Center if you head to Chattanooga!  They had this awesome water play area that Noah loved!

I mean it was a really cool water area!

There was also a neat climbing structures complete with ladders and slides

An Arts & Crafts area to express your creativity!

A toddler area where you could do big things like adults.  Noah loved driving the car.

Although he didn't like having to give his sister a turn.  Look at that face!

There was a really neat dinosaur dig area

My two little anthropologists jumped right in.

Well Noah dug from the side lines

There was a tree house to play in.

And Meredith learned how to send baskets of food to the top

A reading corner that my two reading bugs spent a lot of time in!

And before we headed out, baby Margot and I got a brief check up at the local clinic

By two mad scientist experienced doctors.

After this we cruised around downtown and then headed to the arts district where we had the best dinner ever.  It was a quaint little Italian place that was delish!

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