Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting ready for Margot!

As hard as it is for me to believe, the caboose will be here in exactly five weeks tomorrow!  I am 34 weeks here.  Besides this picture below there is no way to prove by photographic evidence that I was ever pregnant with her.  So enjoy, because I promise no others!  I have gained approximately 25lbs at this point.  Which is way less than I did with the other two.  Perhaps it is due to the fact that I am still going to the gym regularly or eating a little bit not must be the gym.  And I am eating less than I did with the others....not healthier....just less.  And I am also chasing two tikes around this time.  So enjoy this belly picture, like I said it will probably be the only one you see.

Margot's room is also finished.  I promise to take some pics and post them soon.  I have her car seat, still in the box, but I have it.  I also have a few gowns to bring with me along to the hospital and a going home outfit.  Other than that, not to much is done.  But hey, it's a third child I figured we would wing it.  Although buying some diapers to have at home when we bring her home may be nice.  And we may need to pick up a few other things for her to wear, since I cannot find any of Meredith's clothing she wore the first year of her life.  I have no clue, we have combed through the attic and came up with nothing. 

This weekend though I got a bug up my butt to cook some meals to freeze for after she arrived.  Round here in Southern Mississippi, your church normally brings you food for months, but we aren't baptist or Presbyterian....we are Catholic....and in true Catholic fashion they only bring you over a 6 pack to celebrate the birth of your child.  I'm kidding, but catholics aren't big on the meal thing. 

I'm not saying that no one will bring us friends and mom are great and have already told us they will keep us from dying of starvation.  So these meals are for after those are gone and I am too tired and have one of those days that I can't locate my head much less plan and cook a meal.  These are some frozen chicken casseroles that I can pull out the freezer, whip in the oven and voila'!  Dinner is served. 

I have to admit my fabulous husband helped me out and without him I probably couldn't have done it.  We tagged team cooking and taking care of the kids and then he did all of the packaging and clean up!  God I love that man!

So here is my day of cooking...I'm more of a chef than a photographer so use your vivid imagination.  Here are most of the ingredients for my 6 chicken casseroles!

And here is 6lbs of chicken, cleaned and cubed and ready for cooking.  I'm really picky about chicken, I cut out all the veins and other funky stuff so this is really a product of blood, sweat and tears...and it's probably only 4lbs of chicken now.

And here is the mess I had going on over on my stove.  Okay so they are empty....remember we talked about using your is the time.  I couldn't really cook and take pictures.

But I did get a little braver as the cooking continued....and here is one of the actually food being prepared.

And then to prove the world's greatest husband he is cooking.

And here is another picture of the work in progress.  The children are occupied at the table with donuts.

And because I didn't take one of the finished product with my good camera...I was just way too tired at that is the final product with the phone camera!
6 chicken dishes...2 chicken/broccoli casseroles, 2 poppy seed chicken casseroles, and 2 chicken tetrazzinis.


Blair said...

Too bad our girls aren't born in the same season. I have a ton of stuff!

And love that top BTW! Adorable. Where did you get it?

mandi said...

Hey Blair! I am assuming I bagged them up for the attic and they went to goodwill!!! I am just sick. I do have all of her smocked stuff, because that went in a different bin, but all her playclothes, jammies, gowns, etc are gone!!!

The top is Target! Thanks!

Carrie Tilley said...

Just made the picture of you my back drop on my computer. :) kidding! I hope I look that good when I'm preggo! Hell, I hope I look that good in five years!

Amanda said...

You look great! Congrats.

Amy said...

Brilliant idea freezing all that food for later! I need to do that!

jennlagdavis said...

mandi - you look PRECIOUS pregnant! I looked like the good year blimp with both of mine!!! :)

Too bad we don't live closer, I'd make you some lasagna -- don't think it would taste too goos if I shipped it to you! lol