Monday, June 7, 2010

Rainy summer days

It has rained everyday this summer....I kid you not.  Which just proves how hot it is....even the sky knows it needs to cool this summer down.  The rain has not put a damper on our summer though.  We have made the best of it.  Hell, let's be honest, the kids missed swimming lessons Friday due to the rain and they were thrilled.  BEST NEWS OF THE DAY!  Meredith was proud to announce once she knew they were cancelled that, that was going to be the day she didn't cry. 

So with all the rain and lightening and thundering that has been around lately, we decided to make the best of it.  What do you do after a powerful play in puddles.  Unfortunately we only have a little puddle in front of our house, so we are forced to drive the jeeps around the corner to  hang out in the best puddle in the neighborhood.

We run really fast through it.

And jump really high in them!  The bigger the splash the better.

We then make delicious mud pies!

Which we try very hard to get our momma to taste!  Sorry guys baby Margot refuses to eat mud pies!

We then clean up our muddy hands!

And then repeat the process all over again! Run, jump, muddy hands...then clean up!

This never gets old....and makes for two happy smiling faces!
Smiley, little dirty faces that is!

But it's summer and if you can't get a little wet and dirty on those hot summer days when can ya!


Josh said...

Nice vertical on Meredith. If we could only get Noah with some ups.

Carrie Tilley said...

Love the pics!