Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A little piece of Heaven...

Almost 6 years ago Josh and I moved to Mississippi from New Orleans.  We bought a house and planted our feet in the ground and watched as our family grew.  While Nola will always be my home, Mississippi is now home too.  I may eventually tell people I live in Mississippi when they ask where we are from instead of my "New Orleans, but we have been in Mississippi 5 and half years now" response.....  Maybe.

Mississippi is going to be our home for the long haul though...pending any other unforeseen circumstances or natural disasters.  Josh has a great job, we have wonderful friends, and my parents moved up here by us and are five minutes away.  I do miss all my family in Nola, but life here is pretty good.  And so last month we purchased our second piece of property in Mississippi.  This is what I like to call our "little piece of heaven."

This second piece of property is about 25 minutes from our current home.  We have no plans to move our  here permanently, but instead to build a much smaller home on it for the weekends.  You see this piece of property is water front.  On a lake, that you can boat on, ski on, swim in and fish.

My parents always owned some type of waterfront piece of proptery, so I grew up on water.  Be it a bayou , a river or the Gulf of Mexico.  Their primary residence used to be on the Jordan River, that was until Katrina took that away from them.  No the land is still there, but they sold it, because the  heart ache was just too much to experience twice in one's life.  So we fully plan on sharing this "little piece of heaven" with them too.

The kids are excited.  I'm not sure if it's the waterfront location or the bunk room we promised them, with three built in bunk for each of them.

It's a big, scary step for Josh and I, but I'm sure it is one we will be so happy we took one day.
The kids and my husband, love to go out and see the property.  This is where our new sea wall is going to be.     Noah is already asking to go back and watch them fill it in with the cement.

One day in the not too distance future, we plan on putting something that looks a little like this on it.
Noah wants it to be green just like this one....Meredith is hoping for pink or blue.  

This will be the first framed photograph to go into our new little cottage on the lake

And I'm sure we will spend many a weekend and summer days our here at the lake, making memories we will cherish forever.  Thank you Joshua, for making this dream come true!

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Julia said...

Beautiful! Building, designing, and decorating will be so much fun. I can't wait to see it finished!!!