Monday, August 22, 2011

She's got spirit...yes she does!

Today she earned the spirit stick!  

The Overall Spirit Stick.

Not the one for her grade, but the one over-all the cheerleaders.  

Cheerleaders ranging from pre-k to 6th grade.

Approximately 40+ cheerleaders.

The coaches picked her. 

Yes, I'm bragging.  

Deal with it.  

This is my child who is so shy, she hides from her own shadow most days.

She earned it....

 for cheering the loudest, good participation, good listening and a big smile all practice.

She earned the spirit stick today!

And we were both very surprised.

The other moms around me noted how she lit up at her name being called.

Oh Mere, I knew you had it in you.  And I love seeing you do, what you love to do!

And I'm so very sad we have to give it back Wednesday too.  

But she is determined to earn it again!

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Blair said...

Way to go Mere!!!