Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Going to give the Bigs a run for their money.

Well apparently his little sister has decided she is going to give him a run for the money.  After she was up, changed, fed and playing contently with some toys this am, I decided to sneak onto the computer to get a few work related things done.  And all at once I noticed that she was not chatting up her toys like she ususally does.  So I went looking for her.  She wasn't on the rug near all of her toys where I had left her.  

Instead I heard a rummaging sound coming from the pantry.  These days I have learned to keep my camera out and available, because with babies you have to act fast.  I grabbed it off the island when I saw this....

Notice the already open and eaten pack of gummy fruit snacks to her left.

For the record I hate gummy snacks.  They are sticky and cause cavities.  They are not filling, I'm sure they are full of sugar, even if they are also "made of real fruit."  They are the one snack that not only provides zero nutrition, but they leave your kids still hungry and wanting for another snack, even your 13 month old.  One pack just doesn't do it.  But obviously I buy them...

I buy them because I was not denied junk food ever.  I was also offered healthy options, although now I rarely take them.  I just tend to eat the junk food out of the sight of 6 little eyes.  Therefore I use the excuse that my gummy snack purchase help me teach my tkes, that moderation is key.  Really I'm just a huge sap.

Apparently Margot has missed the bus on the  moderation is key lesson.  Pack number two....showing her mad skills on opening it alone.

Mom...I'm not asking for help....I'm showing you I can do it by myself.   Not once did I cry or protest for you to come to the pantry to help me....but if you want to see how I do this, I will show you.
This is how you do it....Tear it off.

Dig right in and get one....See it's open.

When you finish your second bag....just go right in for your third....like my mom said they are NOT very filling.  It defintely takes more than one bag.

Yes...I did, I opened that one too and ate it before you got here....I know I'm so incredibly smart.  My big brother and sister have taught me so well.

 Mom, I had no idea that three packs were not okay....I didn't know I swear.  Noah said it was fine...Sorry mom.  But can I finish it now....I'd hate to waste it.

Thanks Mom, you're the best.  I'm not sure why Ta-ta and Noah say you are the meanest mom ever sometimes. I totally disagree with them.  Hmmm does that get me another pack after this one?

She literally ate three packs of gummy snacks while I snapped over 30 pictures.  When I finally picked her and her trash up and shut the pantry there were plenty of crocodile tears.  Luckily she is like her brother in other ways too and recovered and moved on quickly.  I guess I'm going to  have to start keeping a very close eye on the pantry again.

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