Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What day is it???

I know it's been a while, what can I say.  I've been busy, I'm 4 issues behind in my US Weekly...you know it's been rough around here.  But, I've missed  blogging and documenting all of the kiddo's milestones and things they say  and do that just make me smile.

Let's see....

Margot....oh my little caboose.  The girl has more energy than my other children combined.  She NEVER stops.  She is constantly in motion and when she is strapped into her car seat she is a jibber jabbering away.  She cannot stop moving.  It's different.  Her favorite things to do these days are to climb...anything.  To shove stuff in places they don't belong.  I found a sippy cup with week old milk in the crystal cabinet.  A cabinet that I don't frequent often and therefore I was lucky to find this sippy full of yucky goodness.  She is talking alot.  Her favorite thing to say is Noah....O-wah!  She repeats everything her big sister says and trys to say Meredith, but Ta-ta works for now.  She went to the pediatrician for her 15 month check up.  Besides her constant runny nose and changing her thyroid dosage again, she is the picture of health.  I just love this one to pieces.  Melts her Momma's heart.  She loves to cuddle and give kisses.  She loves to wave and say bye-bye.  She claps for herself when she is proud of her accomplishment.  And if you don't pay her enough attention she walks over, tilts her head and sticks her smiling face right in yours.  Her favorite place to be is outside.  She would go to anyone if they promised to take her out to walk, play, ride or swing.  She's our giddy girl!

Noah....This boy....oh the love of my life.  He is such a Momma's boy.  He wrote the definition on that.  He has me wrapped around those little fingers of his and I often forget in less than a month he will be 4 years old.  Independent is not a word I would use to describe my little ham. He likes for his Momma to do everything for him.  He is always smiling, always willing to give you a  hug and a kiss.  He is as tender hearted as they come.  He wakes up everyone morning in the best mood and is so dang lovable.  It's hard not to start your day off right with Noah.  He LOVES school.  He is learning so much this year.  He is writing his name and knows all of his letter sounds.  He loves to ride his bike and begs to do it everyday all day.  He stills loves trucks, planes, trains and automobiles.  When he grows up he is going to be a monster truck driver and a jet fighter pilot.  He wants to play all sports and loved soccer.  He is getting ready for t-ball.  Oh how I love this boy.

Meredith....my big girl.  My first.  The one I tried the hardest with and worried the most.  The one who will probably have a complex because of it.  Oh I kid.  She's my learning curve.  She sets the pace.  She is getting so big so fast.  She is so sweet and compassionate.  She loves fiercely, worries constantly and has a heart of gold.  She is loving school this year and loves her teacher.  She is reading....thank goodness...she's been wanting to for so long.  She absorbs so much....I'm impressed on a daily basis.  She is cheering and dancing and loves being center stage.  She is funny.  She loves being the big sister and the boss.  She loves riding bikes, and writing....all over everything....list after list after list....she is her father's daughter.  She is my first....my big....my love.

So that's where we have been.  Josh and I well....we are blessed.  


Myn @ fresh graNOLA family said...

Awww, how sweet!! I noticed your youngest has a thyroid issue. My daughter has hypothyroidism. Just wondering about yours. Do you have a blog post about it or anything? I'm curious because I don't know anyone else so young with her condition.

mandi said...

Yes Myndee my daughter was diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism at 7 days old. I do have a post. http://2tikesunder2.blogspot.com/2010/09/congential-hypothyroidism.html