Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fist day of school - 2012/13

6 a.m. came early.

Real early.

In fact when Josh woke me up I asked for 5 more minutes and then realized I had two small people in our bed with us.  And then I realized that school didn't care how many times I snoozed.  It was going to start on time regardless and I couldn't be the mom that got us there late on the first day.  Seriously.

I jumped out the bed and showered and then promptly threw up.  My nerves were on edge.  Noah was starting BIG school today.  Like real school.  The real deal.  And I wasn't sure how that was going to go.  I was a ball of nerves.  He got up at 5:30 with excitement and got in our bed.  He couldn't wait!  I was hoping school exceeded all his little expectations.

After my brief moment of panic, it was 6:30 and luckily everyone was up and in full swing.  After our summer days of sleeping in until 9 and 9:30am, we were on it!  We had time to eat, get dressed, and take pics.

And my did they look cute!  Josh was inside dressing Giddy so she missed the photo-ops and it's cloudy because my camera had not adjusted to the hot Mississippi weather outside.  So please excuse the crummy cloudiness.

I even had time to make my own cheesy signs.  Thanks pinterest for the idea.  Although it doesn't look half as cute as the ones I saw there.  Oh well.  It happened right?

After our photo-op we loaded into the car and headed to school, chatting about it the entire way.  We turned onto the street the school was on and it was a MADHOUSE.  Oh my word.  There were cars and kids everywhere and no parking spots to be had.  I had forgotten about that.  Luckily we found a spot and were able to grab a picture in my favorite location, one that I have made a tradition each year.  Now Noah is in that picture too.  Sniff, sniff.

It's not the best, because I had a camera and a baby in the arm.  We hadn't found Josh yet in the sea of cars and people.  It was crazy.  We then headed inside and to the first grade hall first.  Of course we bumped into tons of friends and moms along the way so it took us some time navigating our way.

At some point I looked at my Noah and grabbed his hand and said "Don't worry buddy, I know you are nervous, but it is going to be a GREAT day!"  To which he quickly replied "I not nervous Momma."  And he wasn't.  He rocked Pre-K!

When we got to Mere's first grade room it was pure chaos.  Lots of parents milling around, which made dropping Mere off so much harder.  She wanted us to stay, but we still had to get Noah to his class and we knew staying would just make leaving harder.  This is my third year dropping her off, I knew what to expect.  She never shed a tear, but she got damn close.  She ran into a friend and that made it so much easier.  Here she is with her best little friend.  It's always awesome to see a familiar face.

We then headed in and started depositing all her stuff where it needed to be.  Her supplies that were added at "Meet the Teacher" day and the ones we got wrong to begin with.  We also dropped off all my homework and her lunch box.  I then left her with her teacher with a quick kiss good-bye.  I knew my big girl would do just fine. 

When we finished our good-byes with Meredith, I picked up Noah and literally ran back upstairs to his room, Josh towing and running with Margot behind me.  We made it to Noah's room in the nick of time and said our good-bye's at the door.  His teacher sent out a sweet email reminding parents that was her policy.  It's a good policy for good reasons.  Of course I had to grab one quick picture outside of his door, although he was done with pictures at this point and ready to join his new friends.  

Noah gave me the biggest hug and kiss and told me not to forget to pick him up and that he loved me most.  He then headed in with his teacher asking questions and following directions on what to do.  He did not even come close to shedding a tear.  Neither did I.  It warmed my heart to see him so happy and so confident.  I love that boy and that girl.  

When I finished dropping Noah off I ran back down to peak in on Mere one more time.  She was sitting at her desk, doing her work and talking to her little friend with a smile on her face.  I knew it was time to head out with my littlest tike.  The two bigs were going to survive their first day.

The day flew by.  Of course Margot and I stayed busy.  We went to the gym, the doctor, lunch and then a quick visit to see Poppa and before we knew it, it was time to get the big kids.  While I thought about the two of them often throughout the day and wondered how they were doing.  My baby girl asked for them ALL day.  "Go get O-wah....go get sissy!"  "O-wah at kool momma!"  "GO get O-wah!"  "SissY"

When we pulled up at 2:45pm and I said let's go get the kids she screamed "YAY get O-wah....get Sissy!"  I think she might have missed them just a touch!

I was nervous on how the first days were going to go.  While I was sure Meredith would do fine and knew what to expect, I hope she liked it.  She did, but she said they did A LOT of work.  She missed Kindergarten.

Noah came out beaming.  It is no lie when I say the first words out of his mouth were..."I FREAKING LOVE SCHOOL!"  If you know my Noah, you can practically hear him saying it too.

He absolutely had a blast today.  He even told me that he didn't have to nap or rest his eyes.  He just had to lay quietly and listen to the story and music for a little while.  His teacher explained that nap time was the one thing that worried and concerned him all day.  I'll be honest it worried and concerned me too.  She helped him by saying it would pass by super quick and then they would have snack time and go home, to which he asked her "How quick?" and "How many minutes?"  She said that it the only time in the day that he got a little teary, but he recovered quickly when she told him super quick.  He was beaming as he explained that he did not mind nap time anymore in his own Noah way.  He was so excited about school.  He just kept repeating " I LOVE SCHOOL MOMMA!"

Their days could not have gone better.  They were beaming and smiling and declaring their love for school all the way to the car,. while waving and smiling at all their friends, new and old.  Let's hope tomorrow goes as well as today.  And now I'm off to bed, because 6a.m. is kicking my ass.

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