Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

I love these pictures, because they are quite simply....US.  here is number 3 imitating number 1 and number 2 decides...Hey I'll do something like that too.

And the big sister, isn't sure why the baby sister is making such a big girl pose and what I tried to explain is she's not....she's trying in a way only 2 year olds can try.

And this is my favorite, it's frame worthy don't  you think?

 And  here we are....not sure that I love the new spot we are taking pictures in, might have to scope out something better.

And my littles....Elmo

A go-go dancer.  She LOVED the hair, fun sunglasses, her favorite shade of blue and big sequins...what's not to love?  The name of the costume just happened to be "go-go dancer".  After buying it, Noah said what is a go-go dancer?  And she quickly retorted...a dancer that goes, goes, goes...she never stops.  And folks I left it at that.

And a Green (big surprise there) Power Ranger.

And the big people, we had poodle skirts, the little mermaid, super hero ladies and of course the 589 Stompers who stole the show with their routine.  Lot of fun this Halloween.  

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