Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Making herself right at home

One of the things the kids love best about the new house is this is literally their back yard.  And who loves feeding ducks more than 6,4 and 2 year olds!

One of the things I love best about the new house is this.  Of course add a few friends in their chairs, all with drinks in hand and life is really good. But then when the kids fall it in kind of puts a damper on things.

But when this furry baby jumps in, without steps to get out, things get real fun.  Since her stroke she can't jump.  Therefore she can't get out without help and since she weighs 90+lbs I can't just lift her out like I did with said kid that fell in.

And then she just looks at you, like what am I supposed to do?  I tried putting a step stool in, but that didn't work.

So I had to call for back up, he had to leave the hospital to come home and help.  And then head back in, because that chair you see, she wouldn't use that either.

Luckily he does Crossfit and was able to hoist her right out.

That damn dog!

Of course she loved every minute of it.

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