Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the pumpkin patch.

 Here is a quick family picture.

And here is what happened 10 seconds later when we told Meredith and Noah they were finished with pictures.  Whoosh there went Margot.

Monday, October 11, 2010

My brain has left me and other things....

I'm still here, my brain I'm not so sure about.  For instance my husband bought me this gorgeous bag from my favorite store....

I know it's gorgeous and I love it, however it fell apart 2 months after owning it.  Well the entire purse didn't fall apart, but the gold clasp did.  And then it looked like a gorgeous purse that had a hole in it, I know, that part sucked.  Mainly because I drooled over this purse for months weighing in on whether or not I should fork out the dough for it.  I asked various friends and night after night looked at it online and in catalogs.  Finally after many nights me going back and forth with Josh as to whether or not I should buy the purse he had heard enough and ordered the damn thing.  That's a man for you.  It arrived when I was in the hospital with Margot a day after she was born.  My good friend brought it up to me so that I could actually hold the bag I had been agonizing over for months....screw the new baby.

And sadly two months later the bag broke.  I almost cried, but I've had lots of other things to cry over the past couple of months, things that put the whole bag breaking in perspective.  So I called the company who sold me the bag and they sent me a prepaid shipping label to return the bag to them so I could receive a refund.  I am toying with the idea of buying the exact same bag again since the company had such great customer service, but first I have to make sure they get the bag.

This is where the whole losing one's brain comes in.  I brought the purse and prepaid label to the local UPS store today to ship back like the store instructed me to.  I had to buy the box, which really ticked me off, but I did.  Then I threw the purse in the box, closed it up, put on the the shipping label and left the store.  I have no idea how or if the company that sold me the purse will ever know that it came back from me because.....I included no paperwork with the purse, not even a sign that said you broke my heart with your cheaply made clasp.  Nothing.  So this major company will get a box with a purse in it, in approximately 4-5 business days and I am sure they will think "stupid people."  Because an hour after I left UPS I was thinking stupid ass....where in the hell is your brain.

I called the store to tell them this today....their response...."oh my!"  My response...."surely this can't be the first time it's happen....I just had a baby....she's still getting up two times a kids are wearing me out....I feel like a chicken running around with my head cut off....I hate that saying too"

As for my brain, I'm betting it's laying on my pillow and probably been laying there since that night that I decided that three kids ages 4 and under was a fabulous idea and talked Josh into giving it a go.  Oh I kid.  I love me some Margot.

But in all honesty I really have lost it.  I mean three kids whose butts constatnly need wiping, whose faces constatnly need cleaning, breakfast/lunch/and dinner need making, there is always a mountaing of laundry, a fire to put out and someone always needs to go potty.  I often wonder back to when it was just Meredith and try to remember what I did with all that *free* time.  Life is busy....very busy.  And some days it is 9pm before I can even just catch a breath.  It's hard to imagine what three kids so close in age are like, unless you have three.  I love it when people without three try to tell you they know where you are coming from.  I politely smile, but inside I'm thinking...."you have no freaking clue!"

I know life will get easier, I know at some point the three of them will be roaring out the door without a second for me.  I'll miss them being babies at that point I am sure, but right now I'm just surviving the day and doing the best I can.  So if you see me driving down 98 with my tailgate open....honk for me to close it and then just laugh with me.