Friday, July 13, 2012

On Turning 2!

Dearest Margot,

This letter is late, very late, but I didn't want to miss it.  You are two.  TWO.  You are getting so big, yet will always, always always be so baby.  Even at thirty.  I try and cherish your baby days, because you are determined not to be a baby, but to be as big as the bigs and do everything they do.

You my sweet girl are beautiful.  You are strong, you are independent.  You are shy and you are loving.  You are not a performer.  You do things when you want and how you want.  No amount of bribery will change that.  You love "Melmo" and "Tootie Mon-sa".  We celebrated your second birthday with your Sesame Street pals.  In true third child fashion, you have no pictures to prove it, because I cannot find the SD card with them.  At least that's my story because I know I took some.

And like always on your birthday I want to tell you your birth story....

On the morning of July 13th, 2010 I awoke bright and early to get a shower before headed to the hospital for your c-section.  Yours was planned, just like your big brothers.  We can thank your sister for that.  We arrived bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and since you were my third go round, I knew what to expect.  I knew what would happen and I was a little calmer than I had been in the past, although no less nervous.

After being there a couple hours I realized I was yet to be hooked up to an IV and I was wondering if this may delay the c-section.  See I was the first one there and first on the schedule, but I was right.  We couldn't deliver you until I had two bags of fluid in me.

Your c-section was my wildest adventure of the three.  And your sister's was no cake walk.  It took forever for anesthesia to get my spinal in to start the surgery and once it was in, it took forever for my OB to get back to the room.  At two different times during your delivery my blood pressure plummeted.  That is no pleasant feeling.  In fact it's pretty damn scary.  But eventually, in a day that seemed to take forever, you were born.  At 9:20am you arrived.  You were my biggest baby at 8lbs even.

You were quiet when you were first delivered.  I remember being extremely worried, and asking why you weren't crying...... and praying that you would start immediately.  Thankfully, my prayers were answered and you cried the sweetest, tiniest cry.  You were a bright pink, and everyone in the delivery room talked about your beautiful coloring.  Your cord was wrapped around your neck, but you were fine.

You spent a lot of time in the nursery.  To the point where I made your dad go and threaten their lives if they didn't bring you to me.  I also spent a lot of time in recovery.  I had some bleeding issues and lots of pain issues.  Eventually we made it to our room, Your dad helping to push me there and your Mimi pushing you the entire way.   I'm pretty sure that is not hospital policy, but at this point I was ready to go and waiting for transport was not an option, thankfully the nurse agreed.

We spent our two days in the hospital and then headed home, where your big brother and sister anxiously awaited your arrival.  You made our family complete.  Happy Birthday Baby Margot.

This was written in November 2012 - I'm so sorry.