Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A weekend of fun in the Big Easy

You never realize what you have until it's gone.  Isn't that the old saying?  I loved growing up in Nola.  The Sunday morning breakfasts at Cafe du Monde.  The Saturday and Sunday strolls through the quarter.  Having a muffaletta at Central or a ham and Swiss at Maspero's.  Seeing the Christmas lights at City Park.  A Sunday Jazz brunch at Arnuad's.  All of those things that I did in Nola became a luxury when I moved out of the city.

So this weekend we packed up the u-corn, as Meredith would say, and headed to the big easy.  It's important to me that they know this city, love this city and realize they will forever be a part of this city!  We started off by meeting some friends at a Jazz brunch at Arnuad's.  The food was delish.  The girls loved eating at a fancy restaurant and Noah loved the music.  After that we finished up a little bit of our Christmas shopping at a few stores that our quaint little town doesn't have.  That evening we headed out to get a Bud's Broiler hamburger and see the lights, however I forgot they weren't open on Sundays, so we opted for Burger King and then straight to city park.   The kids were amazed!  We strolled and saw the lights, rode the carousel and took a very cold train ride, through the park to see more lights.

At 9:30 we headed back to our hotel in the big city and put two tired tikes to bed.  The next morning we ordered them room service and I wondered if they realized how special that was.  This was a treat and I hope one day they appreciate it!

The next day we got all dressed up in our Christmas clothes and hit the city!  We rode the streetcar and walked around and grabbed a quick bite to eat.  After lunch, we took the kids to The Teddy Bear tea at the Roosevelt.  Wow!  Seeing the kids faces as they walked into the magical North Pole made it all worth it.  Seeing the magic that they really believed in, was priceless.  We had tea, tea sandwiches, hot chocolate, scones, petite fours and dessert for days!  The kids loved it.  As we were leaving they were already asking when they could go back.

The kids got to see Santa and meet Mrs. Claus (this was very exciting for Meredith, not so much for Noah as you will see!)  They also go to meet Frosty and Rudolf although my all too smart 3 1/2 year old proceeding to tell me neither of those two were real as they were just costumes.  When I asked her how she knew this she said..."Mom, Frosty was not is just a costume."  I couldn't argue or lie, I said you are right, the real Frosty and Rudolf are at the North Pole getting ready for Christmas.  Wow, they grow so fast!

All dressed up at the Roosevelt....this is the best I could do with was Noah's nap time and he was exhausted!

Noah in one of his happiest moods!

Meredith so excited about the tea and the fact we are leaving the lobby!

The magical North Pole....can you imagine being 2 and 3 and walking into this?

Noah showing off his tea sandwiches!

Meredith taking it all in!

The adult tea sandwiches

I think she was excited to see Rudolf even if he was just a costume!  Noah told him "no see you!"

Mrs. Claus singing songs and reading stories.

Saying good-bye to Frosty...after this she reiterated he was again "just a costume momma!"

Leaving with our new teddy bears...Noah's favorite part!  All those scary costumes!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

To my newest tike

Dear Caboose,

Today I am almost 10 weeks pregnant with you.  Time sure has flown.  No I am kidding.  I found out I was pregnant with you at 3 weeks....who does that?  Your impatient mother that's who.  Yes, I found out exceptionally early and now it seems I have been preggers forever.....okay 7 weeks of throwing up is a really long time, it can seem like a me!

No, I will never be able to give you the whole speech on how I was in labor for 19 hours with no epidural and so on....nope that one is for your sister.  Your story will be more like for the first 10 weeks of your life as an embryo or fetus (whatever the politically correct term at the moment is) I laid on the floor all day and night, vomiting and wishing for death day after day.  Yes, my child that will be your story when you are 16 and crying how unfair life is and how unfair that you don't have a car or license, or that your brother and sister are away at college with no curfew and your home stuck with me, with a curfew.  I am perfecting that story now in anticipation.  You just wait.

That being sad, this pregnancy thus far has sucked.  I have not going one full day without vomiting or other disgusting ways of expelling bodily waste.  Nothing taste good, my energy level is zilch and honestly I've been perfectly miserable.  However, I'm super excited and can't wait to meet you....I know I really do feel that way, it's just hard right now.

In case you ever wonder what I am craving with you right now at 9 1/2 weeks preggers, here you go.  Pickles, lots of them.  Nachos, with lots of chili and cheese!  Pizza, I don't know if I am craving that or just able to eat it, but I eat that alot.  No sweets or chocolate, although I still eat it.  NO soft drinks.  If I drink coke or another soft drink it comes right back up.  Vitamins or pills of any kind like Tylenol are unbearable and almost immediately follow with gagging and again throwing up.  I do like orange juice, homemade pancakes, frozen french toast sticks and the occasional sausage biscuit from McDonald's sound great, but sometimes after it is front of me, I can't eat that either.  Night after night I cook and don't eat.  Okay I lie, once or twice a week lately I cook and don't eat.  Your dad then runs and gets me something I try to eat and most of the time throw right back up.  I just can't eat what I cook, the smells really gets to me, but I sit and pretend for your brother and sister.  The other nights, your dad will pick up something and bring it home.  I am way to exhausted and sick to go sit anywhere...the thought just makes me ill.  However deciding what he will bring home in this little town with limited choices is awful.  We play the "what can I eat" game and no matter what it is, it still isn't tempting or good.  I keep trying sushi which is touch and go, sometimes I keep it down and others I vow never to eat it again.  See how it's been.

Yesterday I went to the doctor and we got another ultrasound.  At my 7 week ultrasound there was you and your little heartbeat of 151 and two very large polyps.  Scared the crap out of me.  I read online that they could increase the chance of a miscarriage and cause pain.  The pain wasn't my worry, you can guess what was.  At 9 weeks I went back and had another ultrasound to see what was happening with the polyps and got to see you again.  You looked great.  A nice, strong, super fast heartbeat of 187 (higher than your brother and sisters ever was)  and you were moving all over.  We could see your tiny arms and legs flailing all over the place.  It was weird.  Thank goodness the ultrasound tech pointed out your head and feet, because at first I had them upside down.  There was also one very large hematoma, Dr. B said it was a hematoma and not a polyp and it would either go away on it's own and it was nothing to worry about.  Your dad has hung your ultrasound pictures on his office door right next to all your brother and sisters pictures, he is very proud and super excited too!

I am going to go on record here and saying that I think you are a girl.  I thought you were a boy at first, but now I am definitely thinking girl. Which means you are probably a boy, I was wrong with your sister and brother.  Your dad also thinks you are a girl, along with most everyone else.  Your sister prays nightly for a sister and has named you Margot.  It's cute isnt' it, but don't be silly she didn't really name you.  I liked it alot and asked her if she did and that was it she loved it and if you are a girl you will be Margot.  Even if I name you something else I think she will always call you Margot.  In fact, if you are a boy, Meredith will probably still call you Margot and she will probably want to dress you in pink too.  She really wants a sister, however I think Noah would love a little brother.  Right now he doesn't really get it or care, he calls himself "baby."  You are totally going to rock his little world.  He may take some getting used to you.  Don't worry he will, Meredith adjusted just fine to him after many months!

Well my caboose, I just wanted to fill you in on my first trimester, I am hoping it gets easier and more fun soon.  Your brother and sister are besides themselves that I am so sick.  Meredith wants to know "momma why Margot always is pushing it out?" and little Noah always says "you otay momma, you otay?" We are very much looking forward to July and meeting you, my little #3!


The Saints

Let me just start off by saying "I believe!" 

I have been a Saint's fan for as long as I could remember.  Win or lose, which lose was more like it, I cheered them on and sported my black and gold.  God I love that city and that team.  Josh and I had season tickets until we moved to Mississippi, then with real jobs and babies on the way we let them go.  I am kicking myself now and I am number 70,000 on the waiting list to get them again.  Even though we still have real jobs, live far away and have a baby on the way.  Why?  Well this magical season has sparked my love for the Saints and it's been way too long since we have been to the dome yelling, "Bless you Boys!"

I didn't intend on doing a post about my Saints, I was waiting until we won the Superbowl.  However my friend Amy did one a few days ago on her blog "The saints are coming" and I had to share it.  So head on over and read it.  I love her post and her pictures.  I think it captures the true essence of a Saint's fan!

Black and Gold superbowl, that's what I want for Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2009

What he cute!

"Momma, Momma....Under, under....hear it?"

"I hear that thunder"

"Momma, under doe BOOM BOOM!"

What was I thinking...

Last night as I laid in bed very nauseated after having thrown up my dinner, bathed two kiddos and got them in bed I started thinking about what the hell I was thinking when I decided to get pregnant again????

I mean yes, I do what a third little tike, but pregnancy just wasn't on my agenda.  It's amazing how short a mother's memories are.  The morning sickness, which was really bad with my other two tikes, with Meredith being the worst, is so much worse this time.  Why didn't I think of that when Josh and I were trying for this baby????

Or the weight I will gain. I'm not one of those ladies that only gains the 24-30 recommended lbs.  No I gain well over 40 with both of mine.  And then with Meredith I had so much fluid intake during her delivery do to complications I came home weighing more than when I went in.  I remember crying...."but she was 6lbs 9oz, I should of at least lost that much!!!!"  But no things don't work like that.  I didn't remember that either until that little stick had two lines.

I think I got to celebrate my pregnancy for one week before the gloom and doom started. I mean I have thrown up every day for the past 5 or 6 weeks.....I know be jealous, very jealous.

But the reason I was thinking I wanted to get pregnant came to me as I ran up stairs to comfort my 3 1/2 year old who was having a nightmare and who I tucked all snugly into my bed.  Then as soon as she was down had to run back up to grab my handsome little man who was also crying because his sister's nightmare woke him up. As I watched my two little tikes sleeping peacefully snuggled in my bed, I was thinking that it really doesn't matter what you go through in those 9 months leading up to the point of meeting your newest miracle.   The only thing that matters is the end results which is worth it all.  Even that dreaded c-section.  

So little caboose, I can't promise not to bitch and moan the next 7 months or even question my sanity or reason behind getting preggers, but I will tell you this.....deep down I know exactly why I did it, because you are worth it.  And on that morning in July I won't remember one bit of this.....morning sickness or anything.  Can't wait to meet you my little caboose!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What she says.....a rendition of our nighttime prayers

Dear Jesus,

I know you get to pick if it's a boy or a girl, PLEASE remember I ALREADY have a brudder.

Fank you,


Dear Jesus,

I know I am eider getting a Margot baby or a Camping baby....I would love a Margot baby.  I already got a brudder!

Love you,


Dear Jesus,

I do want a healfy baby....I also want a girl baby.  But I know it might be a boy.  Please remember I already have a brudder.



Any guesses on what sex she wants the new baby to be.  And yes, if it is a girl Margot is a strong consideration for a girl name.  In fact it is almost 99% going to be that.  I also have her middle name picked out.  As for a boy I am 100% sure we will not be naming him Camping, nor will we name him Bargo which is her second choice!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

For the third year in a row here in South Mississippi, big snow flakes have again fallen from the sky.  The kids are definitely going to think this is the norm....hell what do I know maybe it is. 

It started Friday night about 8:00pm.  We were having a big Christmas party at our house and the kids were at a friends house with a babysitter so we couldn't wake them up immediately to play.  When the party was over and we did go get the kids about 9pm, they were not at all interested in waking up to play in the snow.  In fact Meredith told me it was too cold and she was too tired.  Thankfully there was still plenty on the ground the next morning and they got to play in it then. 

Meredith loved it, she laid right on the ground and made a beautiful snow angel.

Noah was very unsure of the snow.  He would walk a little and then yell "I'm guck....momma help....I'm guck!"  Silly boy anytime his feet got covered in snow he would yell this and refuse to walk any further.  He also wore his sisters old pink boots, because he refused to wear the green john deer boots I bought for him.

The kids loved the snow, hopefully it will snow again this year and definitely next year!

Santa Claus came to town!

For the fourth year now, Santa has visited our house to make sure the kids were being good and see what was on their list.  It is always interesting to see what I thought was on the list the month or two before when I filled out the paperwork and then what the kids actually had on their list that night.

Apparently I put the kids wanted a trampoline, which is not happening this year.  Thankfully Meredith had no idea what Santa was referring to when he said "I heard you want a trampoline"  because she quickly followed up with "No, I want a pink vacuum."   The vacuum is totally doable this year, the trampoline is definitely not happening!

So here they are with Santa, I'm going to go out on a limb and say Noah was not his biggest fan!  Maybe once he realizes all the toys that big red guy brings he might change his mind...probably not though!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

To my birthday boy

Dear Noah,

Happy belated birthday!  Can you believe you are two?  Me either.  I'm not sure how it happened or where the time went.  I swear just yesterday you were learning to sit unsupported.  Do you remember those days, because I am trying to figure out how we got from there to here so quickly.

But yes, you are two.  Your daddy says I baby you too much.  I let you get away with things I still don't let your sister get away with.  But you're the baby right?  That's what I keep telling myself.  And you are and you always will be.  Even when the caboose arrives.

You have totally swept me off my feet.  I fell in love all over again for the third time.  It was a love just as strong and powerful as the 1st and 2nd.  When you were born that early morning 2 years ago I grew a whole second heart and I love you with all of it.  I cannot describe it in words, but I love you my little boy.

When I found out you were a boy, I was elated.  I secretly wanted a boy.  I know you aren't supposed to say that, of course I wanted you to be healthy, but I also wanted you to have a penis.  And when I found out you had one, I was beaming inside.  See I didn't grow up with any brothers, it was just me and my sister and then along came Meredith and we know she is all girl.  Pink and sparkly are her domain.  But, you were brand new.  And you totally intimidated me at first.  I had no idea what to do with a little boy and those little boy parts I wanted you to have.  But I learned quickly.  I'm amazed at all the boy things I have learned in two short years.

You have changed my lift little man.  That phrase momma's boy doesn't even cover it.  You are such a little momma's boy.  And such a little boy.  You are into dirt, playing rough, getting messy, trucks, trains and airplanes.  You are rough and tumble and have no drama.  Rarely do you shed a tear.  You do know how to work the lip, but tears are not your thing.  However at the same time you give the best cuddles, you climb in my lap look at me and say "Wuv you cuddle!"  And cuddle we do.

You love to talk and you have the vocabulary of a three year old.  You talk non-stop.  You also love to sing. LOUD.  Even in quiet places like church.  You answer the phone when it rings, you tell me which way to go when I'm driving, you tell me how to fix things, or when to sit, come and play or when you want anything.  In fact you are very get that from your dad and your sister...definitely not from me. 

You have climbed out your crib and now sleep in your "boo bed."  You love your blue bed, it has blue sheets and you named it that yourself.  We tried calling it your "big boy bed", but you would have none of that.  It is your blue "baby" bed.  It is definitely not a big boy bed.  You make that fact known immediately.  Because you are the baby.  Your refer to yourself as the baby.  I often here you say "baby do" or "baby's turn" when referring to yourself.  I could eat that up.  See why it is so hard for me to accept you are two.

Part of you wants to grow up.  To follow your sister and join in on the big kid games, yet part of you still wants to be the baby and snuggle and cuddle and be carried everywhere.  I'm okay with that, if it is possible I promise to carry you in on your first day of high school.  Which hey at the rate you are gaining weight may very well be possible.  You weigh no more than 24lbs fully dressed.  You are my bean pole, very tall and very thin. 

You got a John deer gator for your birthday.  Absolute best gift ever.  You love that thing.  You drive better than your sister does, hell you drive better than your daddy does.  Don't tell them I said that...they would totally cry.  You are such a big boy on that thing.  You drive it all over the drive way and even go off roading.  All too soon I know it will be a real vehicle and so I beg....please s.l.o.w down.  Stay little, just for a little while longer. 

I love you my big two year baby!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm back....but making no promises

Well here is my first blog in almost forever.  I had to just take a break.  For a while I quit reading blogs, quit blogging, in fact I went ahead and took my own blog out of my favorites.  Life just felt like it was too much and as much as I wanted to head over here and write down the million cute things my kids were doing and saying or blog about birthdays and holidays and every little mundane thing in between I couldn't.  Seriously, I could not bring myself to even log in to blogger.

In the last week or so I started trying to catch up on blogs, it made me miss mine.  A lot.  Then I had several request by friends (mainly Carrie) to please blog.  And then one from my husband.  So that did it for me.  At least two people missed me!  I'm not promising to be here everyday,but I feel the urge to blog again so here I am. 

Playing catch up. That probably won't happen.  But I will blog about my birthday boy whose birthday I neglected on the blog.  And since this blog is for them to one day read, I will definitely post that soon.  Noah man, I am sorry.  I just needed a moment.  One day you will understand that.  Or maybe I am just preparing you for middle child syndrome now.

In other news.  In case you haven't heard Internets.  I am preggers with number 3.  The caboose.  And yes there is only one little caboose in there with a nice strong heartbeat.  Along with two very large polyps, but that is another worry for another day.  What is life without something to worry about your children.  This has been the month of worries for me.  I am hoping next year will be a lot less worrisome.  I am also hoping in the next week or so I can stop vomiting, but I'm not expecting that to happen either.   For the record little caboose, I have been sicker with you than I was with either your big sister or big brother.   

Noh a big brother....WOW that is scary....I hope saying that gets less scary in the next 32 weeks!  I have to admit the thought of having three little stepping stones soon scares the crap out of me, but I'm ready!

So here I am back in action.  I hope you all have missed me.  Expect some more of me and a whole new look soon. I think the look was really getting me down.  Yeah it had nothing to do with my exhaustion, life, anxiety or pure laziness when it came to was all the look.

Welcome back interenets!  I hope you are still around and continue to come back.