Tuesday, June 29, 2010

what he says....dreams

Every morning we like to talk about dreams.  Most mornings Meredith reports on her scary dreams and Noah sits pretty quietly.  Last night Meredith and her little friend Grace had a sleepover at Mimi's.  Then bright and early this morning I dropped Noah off at Mimi's to go sit with my friend while my goddaughter got tubes.

When the girls awoke at Mimi's they were telling Mimi about their dreams.  Then Noah piped up.

"Wast night I dweam I fall out my geen bed and bwoke my head.  Den Dokka Hammett fix it!"

Now there is a mighty fine dream!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

There is a reason she was last and not first

Thursday night was rather eventful here.  At 1am, we made the infamous call to my mom to please rush over to stay with the tikes so I could head to labor and delivery.  Why?  Not because of contractions or because my water broke, no, not that at all.  That would have been a blessing.  No, we headed to labor and delivery because I was most positive I was suffering from yet another kidney stone

You know, now that I think about it, I don't even think I mentioned that at 16 weeks pregnant with the caboose I passed and caught a kidney stone WITHOUT pain medication.   Oh yes I did internets, and I will tell you it was some kind of painful!  I awoke that morning thinking I had the worse UTI known to man, so I headed to my ob's office where I did a urine analysis.  Upon receiving those results my ob told me that he didn't think it was a UTI, but there was so much blood in my urine he was convinced it was another kidney stone and that I needed to head to my urologist and dear friend's husband's office.  So on my way there I stopped in the restroom in my ob's office where I cried in pain as I passed a few fragments of a stone.  I tried calling my husband and when I couldn't get him, I called my friend whose husband is my urologist and told her where I was and that I was dying and to call 911 to let them know that there was a pregnant lady in the waiting room bathroom who was going to die trying to get to the urology department.  I can be very dramatic.  She hung up with me to get help and thankfully my husband called back and came and got me otherwise I am sure I would have sent many a woman into early labor as they saw my corpse laying on the bathroom floor.  When I got to urology, they gave me a cup to give another urine analysis and believe it or not, I caught the little fucker in the cup.  I did, I swear.  Do you know how hard it is to catch a kidney stone...or how very hard it is to pass them with pain meds.  I'm not sure why I didn't tell you this story, but it happened.  And for the record I'm telling it now, so that there will be no "Mom you are so making this up!" when Margot is 16 and giving me some sob story, it is now officially on record.

Anyway back to Thursday night, I had the right back-sided pain that normally accompanies a kidney stone, trouble using the potty and then just lots of pain.  Of course the trouble using the potty came first, and with previous stones, it is normally in reverse.  Back pain, then trouble with the potty, then the crying, kicking and screaming.  But even though they weren't in the usual order, I still had all the symptoms.  I knew there wasn't much anyone was going to do for me over the phone without a urine analysis, so after trying to wait it out, the pain became so intense and then contractions started, that I had Josh call labor and delivery and they instructed us to come on in. 

We got there at 1:30am and the first thing I did was pee in a cup.  They then came in and gave me an iv for fluid and iv pain meds.  Thankfully those little meds worked immediately and like a charm.  Every three to four hours they came back to give me a few more.  I was delirious from pain and from the medicine so my memory is pretty fuzzy.

At 6:30am the ob on call from the night came in to ask if I was still in pain, which I was and to let me know that urology would be in to see me soon.  Josh had heard somewhere around 5am that my urine was clear, he then texted our friend, my urologist, to let him know he would be consulted that morning and what was going on.   At 7:30, my urologist came in to give me some of the best and worst news of the day.  I'll start with the best, my urine was clear, no blood, which meant in all likelihood it was not a kidney stone.  I was elated, because if there was no stone, that meant that the little sucker would not have to work itself out.  The only way to know for sure was a CT scan which isn't very good for the caboose so I opted not to do one, he along with Josh agreed with that decision.  The bad news was it was most likely the caboose's positioning that was causing the pain. 

She is so low and sitting on my bladder, blocking me from being able to potty which in turn in causing my kidney lots and lots of discomfort.  Yes, my caboose is now my very own kidney stone.  Like I said, there is  a reason she is my last born and not my first, because she would very well be my only.

Around 8:30am, the new ob taking over came in and she asked how I was doing.  I filled her in on my urologist's theory of the pain.  She then checked me and said without even getting to my cervix, she felt the baby's head, she was that low.  She also agreed with his theory or diagnosis of the pain.  The very bad part is there is absolutely nothing anyone can do for me, except prescribe me pain meds.  Because, pain due to her positioning is not a reason to take a baby early by c-section.  The on call ob wanted to keep me another night to monitor my pain, make sure I didn't go into early labor and also make sure no other kidney stone symptoms did appear, since we weren't a 100% sure.  I agreed reluctantly, when I found out they wouldn't just get the caboose out of me and off my bladder I just wanted my bed and a good cry.

Josh then called my ob who was at home with the day off, after talking to him, and the fact that I had learned they were putting me on a clear liquid diet, I decided going home was the much better option.  So at 11am, we headed home.  Friday was touch and go, I took my pain meds every 4-6 hours as recommended and when I decided to wait until 7 hours it was miserable.  That night was also rough, I awoke at 2:30am with that severe right sided back pain and could not get any urine out.  The pain was unbearable and indescribable.  I woke up my husband who gave me my pain meds, rubbed my back and comforted me and all  my delusional thoughts.  At 3am, I decided it was best to break down and cry about how I was failing the caboose as a mother before she was even here, because I couldn't withstand the pain.  I was taking drugs, that although were deemed safe for her, I wasn't convinced was entirely true.  I mean medication affects us all differently.  Yes, I had a mini mental breakdown, but my husband was once again my rock and talked me off that ugly ledge I was standing on and made it all better. 

Saturday I took it easy all day.  Josh was Mr. Mom, he took the kids to a birthday party that morning, then swimming at my mom's that afternoon, he and my mom served them lunch and dinner while I lounged around.  Then after dinner he decided to wear himself and the kids thoroughly out and took them for another swim.  That night we all came home and tuckered right out.  I got through the night with no pain and no breakdowns and I am proud to say I didn't take any pain meds today.  Thankfully my little stone has eased off of my bladder some and though I am not completely comfortable, I am much better and able to make it without pain medication.

So yes, little caboose, there is a reason you are my last baby.  Your pregnancy has  been a whirlwind adventure.  Between the morning sickness, they placental cysts, the kidney stone, the possible broken ankle, the fall that went with that ankle, the uti, the headaches, the pain at my previous c-sections scar and now the constant feeling of a  bladder infection and kidney stone, I am counting my blessings that I only have 2 weeks and 1 day left of being pregnant with you.  And by all means if you decide to go ahead and break my water and come a little early I WILL NOT hold that against you, but I'm betting you will stay in until July 13th even though you are physically trying to push yourself out now.  I mean if you drop any lower without me going into labor or my water breaking, I will be walking around with your head hanging out and that would be just gross.

Love you my caboose....Oh how I love you!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

what she says....hooking up

Yesterday Meredith unintentionally said the most hysterical thing.  It sent Josh and I into a fit of giggles and poor baby, bless her heart, had no idea why.  Josh immediately corrected her, because she is getting to the age where her peers may also laugh at her mis-use of words.  I know this is best, but a big part of me is going to miss all those made up words.  Like ambulancer or fosa(sofa). 

So yesterday my baby girl had a bad case of the hiccups.  I had heard them off and on all day, her dad just getting in didn't hear them to know what she meant right away.

After a big hiiii-cuuup she said...
"Man I got these hook ups real bad!"

Josh stared at her wide eyed having no clue what she was talking about and a little afraid since his 4 year old was talking about hooking up, until we heard hiiii-cuuuup.  Then we giggled silently as she walked out, because she hates it when you laugh at her!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My grandfather....their great-grandpa

My grandmother was one of my most favorite people in the world and she died 7 years ago, the weekend before I went on my first date with my husband.  It pains me that he never got to meet such a special woman, because he woud have loved her as much as I did.  I know she often looks down from heaven and is very pleased with the man I decided to marry and is in the love with the family we created.  That being said I take the precious time that my grandpa has left on this earth and I make sure to take advantage of it, I make sure he knows my children and my husband.

My grandfather is also very special to me.  Growing up I was dubbed the apple of his eye and I have to say I love that man dearly.  Unfortunately we live 2 hours away from one another and with 2 tikes and a husband who works a lot, we don't get to visit as often as we like.  And him being 92 traveling here to south Mississippi is not always easy for him either.  However we do try to visit at least once a month, because it is a blessing he is still here at his age and I want to take every bit of advantage of that blessing and have my children know him and he know my children, because what in life is more important than family?  And this is the man who created my wonderful family and has made me feel so blessed to be a part of it my entire life!

Noah and his great grandfather.  It warms my heart that at the tender age of 2, Noah knows who he is and doesn't shy away from him.

Oh grandpa you are so funny!

You just crack me up grandpa!

But boy does he love him!

My big girl was too busy swimming like a fish for a photo-op so we snapped a few quick ones when she got out the pool.

And one of just her and him.

From guppies to goldfish!

The first two weeks of June the kids took swimming lessons.  They had 8 half hour sessions scheduled and due to the rain we made 7 of those 8 sessions.  The kids cried the first three sessions and reluctantly did what they were told and swam.  Then on the fourth session something changed and they both got in and swam without tears.  And they actually SWAM.  As in kicking their feet, moving their arms and gracefully in Meredith's case glided back and forth across the pool.

This is monumental for us.  Last year it was a fight to get Meredith into the pool with floaties.  Noah was a baby at 18 months, but he still took lessons and was indifferent.  This year though my guppies turned into little fish!  The can both swim.  Meredith can jump off and swim across the pool.  I have no fear of her  not being able to make it to the side and get herself out, of course that doesn't mean I won't be hyper vigilant with her in a pool. 

Noah has absolutely no fear, tons of confidence, but his swimming skills are still not so that he could get himself out of a drowning situation.  I've had to jump in after him twice.  Both times he came up smiling and proudly announced "I'm wimming momma....I'm wimming!"  I cannot take my eyes off of him for a millisecond, because he will find his way to the deep end and be "wimming by me-self".  I have to say this new talent from my two tikes makes me very proud and swimming a whole lot more fun.  Of course their bravery also makes me a tad nervous that they may actually wander outside of their mimi's house alone and decide to go for a swim alone as well.....well let me be honest, I don't fear Meredith would do that, but I have no doubt that given the opportunity Noah would.

My bathing beauty, waiting for her lesson to begin.  She will only wear teeny bikinis at the age of 4!

My big girl swimming across the pool.

And my baby boy showing off his mad skills too!

By me-self momma....wimming by me-self, I swear he looks just like a little fish!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A letter to the caboose about her dad

Dear Caboose,

In less than 4 weeks (3 weeks and 4 days to be exact) you will make your arrival via c-section.  I cannot wait, but am terrified and not ready at the same time!  I mean who really wants to be 9 months pregnant in June....the heat index yesterday 114.  I kid you not....feel the love my child!  Anyway as much as I am over being pregnant with the multiple middle of the night bathroom trips, the swollen feet and ankles, the fact that shirts are now riding up over my belly and nothing fits, the toting of the extra 30 pounds and my newest complaint the burning and severe lower abdominal pain around my previous c-sections scars and constant feeling that at any second you are going to fall right out...I love being pregnant with you.  Although I'm no fool.... taking care of you in my belly is a  hell of a lot easier than taking care of you outside, and I do get more sleep with you inside. But yes, even though you are easier to take care of inside, I am ready for you to come on out and meet the rest of the family.

Here are some things I want you to know....You are my baby, you are the one that I had to talk your dad into....although he gives in to most things I want pretty easily, so it wasn't hard at all.  In fact I think the conversation went like this...."I think I want a third baby."  "Well I'm pretty happy with two, but if you want three okay."   See, he's super easy, I'm sure you will figure out the tricks one day to get what you want too.  And I think it was so easy because deep down, he really secretly wanted a third baby too.  I'll be honest when we were dating I told him I definitely wanted three and possibly even 4.  He told me he would think about 1, but was definitely not doing 4.  Well look where we are now....I'm so glad that he loves me so damn much.  Although I asked about the possibility of you getting a little brother or sister one day and he said absolutely not.  That's the other thing with your dad....he has limits, don't push him past them.....and you will know what those limits are.  Three kids is his limit.

But you caboose, along with Meredith and Noah, are damn lucky.  You have been blessed with one of the greatest dads in the world.  He occasionally works very long hours and lots of late nights and weekends when he is on call, but when he's not he tries to be home in time for dinner and to spend some time with you all.  He leaves earlier to start earlier to get home earlier.  And when he comes home he hangs up one hat to put on another and do that job even better than the first.  He walks in and the first thing he does is kiss me and the tikes hello, gushes about how much he missed us and then he asks about you.  He asks what he can help with around the house like dinner and then if there isn't grass to be cut, trash to be taken out, a fire to put out in the kitchen, a dishwasher to be unloaded, he will get right down on the ground and start playing.

After playtime he helps your sister and brother set the table and when we are finished eating he clears the table and does the dishes while I sit with my swelling feet up.  We then play some more or talk about our days and before you know it, it is bath and bed time.  We used to rotate bath nights, but because you have made it increasingly difficult to lean over the tub to bathe the tikes, he has now taken over that duty as well.  Once everyone is tucked tight into bed, I climb into mine.  He then retires to his office to finish up office work he left undone to get home earlier, but he also picks up the house, sometimes does a little laundry, folds laundry I didn't get to and multiple other things I take for granted.  Not to mention refill my water glass a million times a night so I don't have to.  I'm spoiled.

Before he comes to bed he lets the dog out once more, checks on the tikes to make sure they are snuggled in for the night and then crawls into bed feeling like his day is not long enough and he hardly got anything accomplished.  If he only knew how accomplished a man and father he is.  There isn't anyway he could be a more hands on father or a better father.  He has worries and work and deadlines, but we always see his happy face as Meredith would say.  He hardly ever raises his voice and has more patience than anyone I have ever met.   Now I'm not saying he won't get mad at you or correct you....because he will....I'm just saying you are lucky because he normally has a more rational and productive ways of handling things than your very dramatic mother.

So Margot, even though you won't be able to coo and look into your daddy's eyes this weekend, I just wanted you to know how special he is on your first father's day with him.  He is a hell of a guy and you are so blessed along with Meredith and Noah to have his as your daddy.  And I am even more blessed to have him as my husband and  partner through this journey in parenthood and life.

"Happy Father's day Joshua! From me and the tikes!"


Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting ready for Margot!

As hard as it is for me to believe, the caboose will be here in exactly five weeks tomorrow!  I am 34 weeks here.  Besides this picture below there is no way to prove by photographic evidence that I was ever pregnant with her.  So enjoy, because I promise no others!  I have gained approximately 25lbs at this point.  Which is way less than I did with the other two.  Perhaps it is due to the fact that I am still going to the gym regularly or eating a little bit healthier.....no not really....it must be the gym.  And I am eating less than I did with the others....not healthier....just less.  And I am also chasing two tikes around this time.  So enjoy this belly picture, like I said it will probably be the only one you see.

Margot's room is also finished.  I promise to take some pics and post them soon.  I have her car seat, still in the box, but I have it.  I also have a few gowns to bring with me along to the hospital and a going home outfit.  Other than that, not to much is done.  But hey, it's a third child I figured we would wing it.  Although buying some diapers to have at home when we bring her home may be nice.  And we may need to pick up a few other things for her to wear, since I cannot find any of Meredith's clothing she wore the first year of her life.  I have no clue, we have combed through the attic and came up with nothing. 

This weekend though I got a bug up my butt to cook some meals to freeze for after she arrived.  Round here in Southern Mississippi, your church normally brings you food for months, but we aren't baptist or Presbyterian....we are Catholic....and in true Catholic fashion they only bring you over a 6 pack to celebrate the birth of your child.  I'm kidding, but catholics aren't big on the meal thing. 

I'm not saying that no one will bring us food....my friends and mom are great and have already told us they will keep us from dying of starvation.  So these meals are for after those are gone and I am too tired and have one of those days that I can't locate my head much less plan and cook a meal.  These are some frozen chicken casseroles that I can pull out the freezer, whip in the oven and voila'!  Dinner is served. 

I have to admit my fabulous husband helped me out and without him I probably couldn't have done it.  We tagged team cooking and taking care of the kids and then he did all of the packaging and clean up!  God I love that man!

So here is my day of cooking...I'm more of a chef than a photographer so use your vivid imagination.  Here are most of the ingredients for my 6 chicken casseroles!

And here is 6lbs of chicken, cleaned and cubed and ready for cooking.  I'm really picky about chicken, I cut out all the veins and other funky stuff so this is really a product of blood, sweat and tears...and it's probably only 4lbs of chicken now.

And here is the mess I had going on over on my stove.  Okay so they are empty....remember we talked about using your imagination....now is the time.  I couldn't really cook and take pictures.

But I did get a little braver as the cooking continued....and here is one of the actually food being prepared.

And then to prove the world's greatest husband helped....here he is cooking.

And here is another picture of the work in progress.  The children are occupied at the table with donuts.

And because I didn't take one of the finished product with my good camera...I was just way too tired at that point....here is the final product with the phone camera!
6 chicken dishes...2 chicken/broccoli casseroles, 2 poppy seed chicken casseroles, and 2 chicken tetrazzinis.

Rainy summer days

It has rained everyday this summer....I kid you not.  Which just proves how hot it is....even the sky knows it needs to cool this summer down.  The rain has not put a damper on our summer though.  We have made the best of it.  Hell, let's be honest, the kids missed swimming lessons Friday due to the rain and they were thrilled.  BEST NEWS OF THE DAY!  Meredith was proud to announce once she knew they were cancelled that, that was going to be the day she didn't cry. 

So with all the rain and lightening and thundering that has been around lately, we decided to make the best of it.  What do you do after a powerful storm....you play in puddles.  Unfortunately we only have a little puddle in front of our house, so we are forced to drive the jeeps around the corner to  hang out in the best puddle in the neighborhood.

We run really fast through it.

And jump really high in them!  The bigger the splash the better.

We then make delicious mud pies!

Which we try very hard to get our momma to taste!  Sorry guys baby Margot refuses to eat mud pies!

We then clean up our muddy hands!

And then repeat the process all over again! Run, jump, muddy hands...then clean up!

This never gets old....and makes for two happy smiling faces!
Smiley, little dirty faces that is!

But it's summer and if you can't get a little wet and dirty on those hot summer days when can ya!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Only Noah -- what he says

Deep Thoughts

"momma I a boy and ta-ta a girl and you a girl....no you not a girl...you a momma...and tata not a girl....she's a mere-dif.....and I'm a boy and a no-wah"


With his Poppa in the driveway riding his jeep

"Hey Noah where you heading"

while pointing to his head "Is wight here poppa"


Talking about giving away his pacifier (uh-oh) with his sister

"Noah if you give your uh-oh away like ta-ta did we can go to disney world....you wanna give your uh-oh away?"

"NO Ta-ta I no yike Disney World!"


Ice cream sundaes after swimming lessons - my fav

"Hey guys you wanna go get an ice cream"


"Okay let momma run in and change and we will go"

after getting back in the car

"Okay let's go get a sundae"

"NO MOMMA ice ceam today....not to-ma-ROW....NOT SUNDAY....TOOO-DAY!"