Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What he new favorite saying

On Monday the kids and I headed back to the ENT to see Dr. H.  We love Dr. H as I mentioned below.  He is "a funny guy" as Meredith would put it.  Anyway when it came to Noah's turn to get in the big chair to have his ears checked out, he jumped right in and sat as still as can be, which is saying a lot for my Noah man who constantly has ants in his pants.  When he was done he told Noah "You can hop down, but you and momma have to come back in, in two weeks to let me see those ears again, okey dokey?"

And Noah looked right up at him with his biggest grin and said "OKIE OKIE!"

To which Dr. H said "Sounds good okey dokey!"

And Noah giggled and again said "OKIE OKIE!"

It's now his new favorite saying and I have to admit, mine too!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When did she get so dang big?

Today my big girl was scheduled for surgery.  She was having tubes put in and her adenoids removed....can we say scary?  At least that is what I thought.  And that was before I realized that not only would they be putting my baby to sleep, but they would also be putting a breathing tube down her throat.  It's probably a very good thing I found out five minutes before her surgery started, otherwise I wouldn't have made it. 

My game plan for this surgery was to tell Meredith as little as possible about it, until the morning of.  I knew we were doing this 2 weeks ago.  Meredith knew a little bit, like she was now going to get some hot pink ear plugs to wear like Noah does.  And that now when we go to visit the crazy Dr. H, he would be checking her ears out too.  That part she loved.  She also kind of clued in when her little friend Sam brought her balloons and a pink puppy dog.  Yes, Sam as in Sam a boy.  I know....she's only 4 years old and already has a boy bringing her balloons and stuffed animals.  I have to say though, Sam is a cutie!

Back to surgery....we arrived bright and early, signed in, where whisked away to the back, checked in by several nurses and then greeted by Dr. H.  And speaking of Dr. H, can I just say he is my hero.  Seriously he is.  He has a way of making my kids feel at home and secure and their momma too.  Meredith didn't even shed a tear when the came to get her and take her back to the OR.  She gave us a kiss and was wheeled away with a loopy smile on her face.  Loopy due to the drugs they gave her to relax, but still no tears.  Dr. H then came out to tell us, that she was happily blowing up the balloon, a tactic they were using to get her to sleep.  He's a fabulous doctor and I am so happy to have a wonderful ENT in our lives, especially with the rampant ear infections we have experienced lately. 

Anyway bright and early this morning I learned the 5-7 minute procedure that I was expecting like when Noah got his tubes was not going to happen.  Apparently it is alot more involved when you remove someones adenoids and that takes 25-30 minutes.  Yes, that is a huge deal.  And for those that think it isn't.....when it is your baby, it totally is.  Anytime it is anything having to do with one of your babies it is a VERY BIG FREAKING DEAL.  Can you tell I have been harboring some feelings on people trying to blow off my concerns and worries about the surgery? 

All in all the procedure was great.  Meredith came out of recovery fast asleep and slept really well for the next hour.  She then woke up and looked at Josh and I and told us "you woked me up too early!"  Then we offered her some sprite or a Popsicle and she took a sip and dozed right back off. 

We headed home about an hour and half after the procedure where she napped some more and then watched movies for the rest of the day.  She didn't shed a tear all day, until the lady pulled the tape off her arm to remove her "princess glove" or IV and then again when we were home and she was told to share her balloon with her brother.  Other than that not a single tear all day! 

She was a much better patient than I ever would have been.  Even Dr. H commented on what a brave girl I had.  She totally does not get that from me, I guess that is more of Josh in her.  Although I will be the first to admit my girl is 98% her momma and 2% her daddy.  I'm glad she got some of his courage when it comes to medical procedures.  Maybe she will grow up to be a doctor like she wants.

I have no idea when she got so big and brave?  When she decided she could face some of the world on her own...she's growing up and although it pains me that it is happening too fast, I love the little girl she is growing up to be.
My brave big girl getting ready for her tubes.

And although she was such a big girl going back with the nurse and CRNA.  I was happy she came back looking more like my baby and sleeping soundly.

Thanks to all of you for the prayers and well wishes!  She did fabulous and has made almost a complete recovery by tonight.  I am so thankful for that.  I was expecting the worst and she really made it look like a piece of cake!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The innocence of a child - what she says

Yesterday we headed down to Nola to visit my grandpa.  It had been a couple of months and I was anxious to see him.  The weather wasn't great, but we made the trip anyway.  After a great visit we decided to play tourist in my hometown.  We took the tikes to the Children's Museum, then to get some beignets, walk along the river and then to ride the streetcar....Noah's favorite.  While on our walk to get beignets, Meredith asked if Tiana would be there.  It caught me off guard at first, but then I caught on and told her maybe or perhaps she was out spending the day with Prince Naveen.  Josh piped up and added she was probably in the kitchen cooking the delicious beignets.  After eating pure yumminess, we headed to the streetcar and then for our long drive home. 

That night when Meredith was in bed saying her prayers she asked this...

"Dear Jesus, thank you for a wonderful day, I want to pray for all my family and all the people on earf.  And God I have a question....Where was Princess Tiana today....I didn't see her?"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The most amazing man...

Five years ago today I married the kindest, sweetest, most compassionate man in the world.  Lucky for me, he is also the most amazing husband and father.  Josh thank you for the past five years.  Thank you for all that you do for me and the kids.  Thank you for bringing me sunshine for the past five years and for promising to do it for the next fifty as well.  Thank you for the brownies you made from scratch last night that were waiting for me this morning and thank you for my gorgeous wooden bowl. 

Most of all thank you for loving me and choosing me to be your wife.  You complete me.

Love you so much!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why pregnancy and childbirth are worth it!

I  have to be honest when I say I HATE being pregnant.  Maybe it's the intense swelling that comes at the end of my pregnancy or the 40+ lbs I manage to gain even when working out.  Or the fact that none of my clothes fit or that I feel like a whale most of the time.  I hear the whole you are so cute pregnant, but I don't feel all!  I don't think I have that glow about me.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE the end result, I just hate the road there.  And I know I am not alone, however there are also many women who would strongly disagree with me, like my mother, she always says that she loved being pregnant.  That's's just not for me.

Then their is the whole childbirth thing.  That isn't on my top ten list either.  I mean is it a miracle?  Certainly.  But lets face it, there is nothing glamorous about marching to an OR, having an anesthesiologist put a needle in your back and then a nurse put a patch on your leg to ground you, in preparation for a doctor to come in and cut you open, to pull a screaming baby out.  To me, it's not really amazing, it's just plain frightening...but again necessary.

So why I decided to do this fun thing called pregnancy and childbirth a THIRD time is beyond me....oh I kid!  I know exactly why I did it.....because there is nothing in the world like watching your 4 year old turn down sleeping in her own pink princess tent....

because her baby brother asked her to "peez seep wit me ta-ta"

And so she did.  She climbed right out of her own tent, with her pink pillow and blankie in tow and climbed right in to her baby brother's tent with him.  Then surprisingly they snuggled up and went right to sleep.  That is why I decided to go through pregnancy and childbirth a third time.  Because there is something so very special about watching your children love one another.  I hope it continues for the rest of their lives and I hope they make room in the tent for the caboose soon.

Monday, May 10, 2010

What he says....being blue

For mother's day this year we headed over to a friend's house, where we joined lots of other friends for a crawfish boil.  It was a great and relaxing time.  After dinner the kids all decided to take a break and eat some popsicles.  They were red, white and them blue.  Noah sat very still on the top step eating his popsicle.  He got all the way to the end and then noticed that his hand had turned blue from the dripping popsicle.  He was frantic.  If you know Noah, you know he hates his hands dirty....

"MOMMA!"  in his most worrisome whine

" hand is bue!" now crying

"Oh baby it's okay"

"No momma, is NOT OKAY....IS BUE!"

And without all the adults had a quick chuckle and I went to console my sweet, blue, baby boy.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dear Number three,

Can you believe I am 29 weeks either.  Time is flying.  I am betting these last 10 or so weeks will drag on.  We live in South Mississippi where it will soon be in the 100s and feel like 130s.  I'm a little concerned about making it through the summer in my 9th month of pregnancy.  It's only May 2nd and I'm only 7 months pregnant and I'm already burning up.

You are doing great.  That pesky cyst is still there and since that big fancy ultrasound on the hd tv 8 weeks ago, it has doubled in size from 4cm by 3cm to 8cm by 7.9cm.  I have to say, I'm a little worried.  Dr. B is not concerned at all, although he never seems to worry about anything.  I have to say that's probably why he is a such a great fit for me, because I worry about everything.  He safely delivered your brother and sister so I do trust both of our lives in his hands and try not to get to anxious about stuff when he tells me not too. 

You are growing rapidly and kicking like crazy.  You move more than either your brother or sister did.  According to your last ultrasound, which was last Monday, everything is still looking great.  I have gained a total of 20lbs so far, and I want to say that is less than what I gained with my other two pregnancies, but until we get to the end I won't say anything for sure.  I'm superstitious like that.  You are sitting really low like Meredith did, you jump on my bladder all day long.  And just like with Meredith's pregnancy, my legs, ankles and feet are all starting to swell.  I hate that part, but I know you will be worth it.

Right now I am craving sweets.  It's hard to resist.  I try really hard not to indulge, but often give in.  I also crave coke, french fries and Big Macs from McDonald's.  And sushi....they have the best shrimp and asparagus appetizer at our local sushi's like heaven on earth.  Anyway it sounds healthy, but it's fried and covered in a sauce that is probably like 1000 calories and that is ALL I WANT TO EAT.  Its funny, sushi was one of the only things I couldn't go near when I first got pregnant with you, however now I would eat it every night if given the chance.  I also eat a lot of shrimp and fish with your pregnancy, no matter where I go.  Except for McDonald's there I get a Big Mac and a hamburger too....shhh don't tell anyone.  The Big Mac is for me and the hamburger for you.  At least that's what I tell your siblings when the look at all the food I'm eating.  But most other meat is a huge turnoff, even filet mignon.  That's probably why my iron is incredibly low and I am anemic.  I cannot stand the thought of red meat and chicken.  I do cook it for your dad, brother and sister and occasionally eat it too, but typically it's not what I want.

We started decorating your room finally.  You are getting your big sister's old room and her old bed.  You did get a new dresser and by far the most expensive wall hangings to date.  My mom, your mimi, gave me some old family baby bonnets.  I believe they belonged to your great-great-grandmother Stelljes, who you will be named after and a baby cousin who died when he was a toddler.  I had them individually framed and had to remind myself to breathe when I got the bill for the framing.  This will be an heirloom that will be passed down to you one day.  I know as a third child you will get a lot of hand me downs, I'm hoping this is one hand me down you will cherish.  The rest of the room is also coming together, I will post some pictures when it is finished so you can remember it.

The days are going quickly and while I know you big sister is going to be thrilled to meet you, I expect her to be a little bit jealous as well.  Your brother, will have some major adjusting to do.  Today we washed, folded and put all of your tiny clothes into your new dresser.  He was very helpful by just throwing them in.  He picked out some pink, footed pajamas and tried to squeeze into them insisting they were his.  When this didn't work out, he then went for some tiny pink, green and yellow tennis shoes that are 3 sizes too small for him and tried to squeeze his foot in them.  I know in time he will love you and take care of you, I'm just not real sure when that time will come.

Well my tiny baby number three, we are anxiously awaiting your arrival.  I'm a little worried about how I will handle three babies, but I know it will all work itself out.  I can't wait to meet you.

Love you so much already,

My sweet boy!

When you have an older sister and a younger one on the just happens!

All things that glitter are this household!

If you read my last post you realize how sad I am about this "school" year coming to a close.  It also means dancing, gymnastics and all other "school" year activities are coming to a close, much to Meredith's dismay.

Last week was her last week of dancing....she again thinks everyone else will continue to go and I am just keeping her out!  However, when she learned she would be getting a trophy at this class she was somewhat appeased.  Somewhat, because she really had no clue as to what a trophy was.  She quickly realized what it was and it is her new treasure.  She LOVES her trophy.  It is like gold!  She has currently placed it in the kitchen on the island for all to see.  Occasionally she will hold it and prance around the house with it.  I cannot tell you how jealous her little brother is.  I might just have to find a trophy store soon.

Here are the girls getting ready to the tap dance for their parents.

Doing her dance, is it me, or does she look so grown up here...sniff, sniff.

My big girl....."mom I am so big....I mean I am four now!"

going to get her flash is obnoxious!

Her and her cute little dancing teacher, who owns the studio!

Here dance class...notice Meredith checking out her trophy....she loved it!

Here she is looking at me.

Her and her beloved trophy.  Funny story.....right after I snapped this, one of the little brothers of another dancer, came and snagged her trophy.  She didn't dare say anything, but there was worry written all over her face.  The little boy's dad finally got the trophy from his iron fist grasp and returned it.  Meredith was elated.  She quickly handed it to me to put in her dancing bag for safe keeping.  When we got to the car, she asked for it back right away.  Poor Noah hasn't had many chances to hold it.