Monday, May 17, 2010

The innocence of a child - what she says

Yesterday we headed down to Nola to visit my grandpa.  It had been a couple of months and I was anxious to see him.  The weather wasn't great, but we made the trip anyway.  After a great visit we decided to play tourist in my hometown.  We took the tikes to the Children's Museum, then to get some beignets, walk along the river and then to ride the streetcar....Noah's favorite.  While on our walk to get beignets, Meredith asked if Tiana would be there.  It caught me off guard at first, but then I caught on and told her maybe or perhaps she was out spending the day with Prince Naveen.  Josh piped up and added she was probably in the kitchen cooking the delicious beignets.  After eating pure yumminess, we headed to the streetcar and then for our long drive home. 

That night when Meredith was in bed saying her prayers she asked this...

"Dear Jesus, thank you for a wonderful day, I want to pray for all my family and all the people on earf.  And God I have a question....Where was Princess Tiana today....I didn't see her?"

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