Saturday, January 29, 2011

In hiding....

I've sat down to blog in the last couple of months a million times, but each time I got up right after logging in.  Because blogging, like my life, has become overwhelming.  I mean it's not that I don't have much to say, it's that I have too much to say.  Life is changing rapidly  here and while I am now confidently treading the water of being a mom of three.  Every now and then our pediatrician life throws us a huge tidal wave.

Lots has happened....lots of changes....lots of news....lots.  So I figure if I don't just jump back in, there will never be a good time to start blogging again.  It amazes me how much one more child can add to your plate.  Life with two was pretty great and pretty easy.  Not to say moms of two have it so much easier than me.  I think it all has to do with what's on  your plate.  My life with two was easy.  Three tikes has spread me so thin I don't know if I can do it all.  Granted Margot has more doctor appointments than your average bear and Meredith suddenly and unexpectedly made a huge school change.  We went from a small playschool to a preschool at a real school.  Those few things alone have added so much to an already full plate.

I mean between doctor appointments, dental appointments, kidney stones, field trips, Christmas programs, lunch dates with mere, drop off and pick up and meetings for the various organizations I belong to, I don't know how much more I can  handle.  And so it was at that point I had to start cutting things from my to do list.  Blogging was one of the things I put on the back burner, along with baby books, housework, baseboards, and laundry.  But when the whole family wore dirty jeans to a birthday party and Josh wore dirty scrubs to work, I decided the laundry had to be permanently put back on the to do list. 

Blogging did not make it back on the to do list, but I've missed it.  And I'm sure you have missed hearing all about my so called life.

So let's start with a few updates....

She is 6 quickly approaching 7 months old.....I guess that is tired speak for 6 and a half months old.  She is sitting with minimal assistance, she is cooing like a champ, she is eating like a champ - when she is not sick.  She loves her baby food and thinks puffs are great too.  We have come a long way with my little Margot.  She has been in more specialist office in the last 6 months than the other two tikes put together.  She has a diagnosis of congenital hypothyroidism and we have an appointment with a pediatric neurosurgeon in March.  She is a pro at having blood drawn for lab work and that just breaks a Mommas heart.  She is the worlds best baby.  She sleeps in her baby bed all by herself.  She falls asleep on her own, but will also let her Momma rock her.  She loves toys, keys or anything she can get those little chubby fingers around and when she does it all goes straight to her mouth.  She laughs uncontrollably at her big sister and hides in fear from her brother.  She loves him, she just really loves it when he doesn't torment her.  She loves to nurse, however she prefers to do it at 9pm, midnight, 3am and 6am....because the daytime is way too busy to stop and eat.  If it is time to eat and we just can't for whatever reason she is totally cool with that and will wait  patiently.  She's my shoulder baby....meaning she will fall asleep while I'm holding her by laying her head on my shoulder....that is a first for me and I freaking love it!   Laid back doesn't even begin to describe my smiley, happy baby girl.  If I could be guaranteed 4 more like her I'd beg Josh for 4 more....kidding Josh....kidding....well sort of.  I'd beg for just one more.  Her favorite toy is a pink rattle.  Her favorite snack is puffs I guess or breast milk.  Her favorite food is sweet potatoes.

Noah is a little over 3 and right smack in the middle.  That is my Noah.  He is in the middle constantly, he is shuffled to all of his big sister's activities and all of his little sister's doctor appointments.  He walks to the beat of his own drum.  He goes with the flow, but makes it known he is going with it because it is his choice.  He does nothing quietly and if he can bet the middle of the oreos are gone.  I feel bad about the him being in the middle.  I strive to make sure he gets as much attention as the first who is always experiencing something new and the baby who needs lots of attention.  Noah is smart.  He gets things.  He can watch something for a minute and he has figured it out and if he doesn't, he will ask.  He has the vocabulary of a 5 year old....I laugh when I think about how I had him evaluated for speech.  He is my only child who never shuts up.....EVER.  He is constantly telling you something, asking you something or talking to himself.  Surprisingly he never runs out of things to say.  He loves the colors green and white.  LOVES them, even though he will say his favorite colors are pink and blue....because that is what his big sister says.  He adores his big sister.  Most of the time, like 98% of it, they are best friends......the other 2% I want to run away screaming.  He loves school and is fiercely independent.  He can drive a power wheel like no body's business.  My neighbor thinks he is a better driver than most of the other cars that drive through my neighborhood.  His listening skills need major improvements and he will tell you that. He will randomly tell you throughout the day that he loves you for no reason.....and it will melt your heart.  He loves to be social and isn't really shy, although he's not super outgoing either.  He's right in the middle, which is a great place to be.  He has the absolute best personality.  He wakes up extremely happy and has everyone around him in stitches all day.  He rarely gets angry, but when he does watch out.  He's a ham bone and so loved.  His favorite toy is a toss up between trains, his fire engines and his big 18 wheeler.  His favorite book is "The little engine that could."  His favorite snack is Oreos.  And he recently decided he hates bananas, but when he gets that you wont' give him any other snack but a banana, he WILL eat it with gusto.  His favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs.

Meredith is 4, but soon to be 5.  Most of her little friends are already 5 and that is devastating to her.  She is now in pre-k 4 at the local Catholic school here.  She wears a uniform and goes to school for far too long each day.  It still makes me sad to think about it and I'm sad all week long and can't wait until friday of each week when she is home.  We moved her mid year, which is hard, but she has adjusted way better than I ever thought she would.  Her teacher said she is doing great and making friends.  She can write her full name, she can read various sight words, she can recognize color words and shapes.  She can write her numbers.  She LOVES computer time at school and also LOVES music class.  She doesn't like to color and she will tell you that.  She is not fond of her new school, because it's long and frankly I agree.  Moving her to a new school was one of those decisions as a parent that you don't want to have to come across.  We moved her for big reasons.  Big reasons that kept us up late at night.  We made hard decisions that we knew would not be easy to follow through with, but we did.  Because we knew that, that was ultimately the best thing to do for Meredith at the time and because that is what parents do.  I hope one day she realizes why we made them.  Because right now she still doesn't want to go to  her new school in the mornings....and that is hard.  She loves to play school at home though.  She loves to read and write.  She loves to be the teacher and hold  up flashcards for me and noah ALL DAY LONG.  While I play along with it....let's just say Noah is not a star pupil after about 2 minutes.  She loves to dance.  She can come up with a song and choreograph a dance in no time.  She's got lots of rhythm.  LOTS.  She is a great helper.  She can change a diaper and believe it or not is always willing to help me out with the younger two tikes.  However when it comes to helping herself, she still likes to be the baby at times.  She's shy....painfully shy.  She's just like I was, so I know she will be okay and outgoing one day.  She's not a morning person and she definitely has her mommas mood.  While Noah may be all smiles, Meredith is all just depends on the day of the week.  She is still very much a mommas girl and that is okay with me.  Her favorite colors are still pink and blue.  Her favorite singer is Madonna.  Her favorite toy is her barbie dolls right now.  Her favorite book is any book, my child has a serious addiction to reading....she is her mother's daughter.  I will often catch her reading to her brother and sister and her brother will sit intently listening to her.  And no she cannot really read, but she can pick out sight words out of lots of books.  By reading I mean she has most of her books memorized.   Her favorite snack is anything with sugar.  Her favorite food is Chinese or shrimp pasta and dessert.  My baby lives for dessert. 

My kids think I am the world's best cook.  I wanted that written down for case they ever change their mind.  So there we are...all caught up.  HARDLY.  But I will be back and give more updates.  I PROMISE!