Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Good Nap

Today we planned to have a playdate with some friends at our neighborhood playground.  However, we are also having wood floors installed and things never go as planned, so we ran into some bumps and had to stick around the house for a while.  Therefore we missed the playground playdate with Margot's little friends.  Her friends still played and then they headed back to Brantley's house for more playing and pizza.  Luckily we were able to sneak away and  join them for a few minutes.

Margot was too busy playing to stop and eat, but thankfully Mrs. Amanda packed her a goody bag to take home.  Margot insisted she eat her pizza when we got out of the car instead of napping.  So she sat down at the table to eat, with all the banging and scraping going on upstairs with our floors being installed and our tile being ripped out right above her head.  I was in the kitchen cleaning up when one of the guys installing the floor asked "How is she sleeping through all this noise?"  And sure enough when I looked over she was out.

It must be so nice to be two and just conk out anywhere.

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