Monday, June 29, 2009

Another year older

Today the man of my dreams, is another year older. Is it me or do the years just fly by now? I swear I don't think of him as a day older than thirty, which means I am not a day older than twenty-four. Oh yes a girl can get used to that.

At thirty I threw him a surprise party at Hooters in Nola. At thirty-six I threw him a birthday dinner at home with friends, family and the kids. It's funny how things have changed and how much we love the change that has happened.

In the past 6+ years that I have known this wonderful man I have seen him grow and change and age so gracefully. He went from a resident wearing shirts that said "I have friends you just can't see them" to a devoted husband and father. He went from sleeping in on his days off to never sleeping past 7am. He has learned how to make donut runs and do one of the most romantic things ever night after night....the dishes. He has learned how to fix everything from a scratched knee to a broken heart. He has learned to play princess and dollhouse along with trains, plains and automobiles. He easily learned how to speak toddler-ease and differentiate cries, he has perfected his diaper changing skills and hair washing skills during bath times. He has grown into one of the best hands on fathers around.

Happy Birthday to the man that makes my dreams come true day after day and who loves me and my children more than anything. I hope you had a fabulous definitely deserved it! Here is to many more......I love growing old with you grey hairs and all.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

what she says - a baby sister

Tonight I was babysitting a friend's two pouty princesses. Meredith is love with the baby princess and wants one of her very own. As she was helping me give Marion her bottle here is what she said....

"Momma I wanna go to da store and get one of deese babies tomorrow....okay?"

"Um, baby it doesn't quite work like that."

"No momma I want one of deese.....a girl baby.....just like marion"

"Would you rather a girl or disney world?"

a few moments to ponder this question

"A baby....a girl baby....okay....tomorrow!"

**By the way there is NO baby sister on the way, but we may see about one day. Disney world may happen soon though.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Friday

Oh internets, my days of blogging regularly seem to be long gone. I'm not going to apologize again or explain where I've been, because really it's just excuses after excuses. Right? But it isn't just blogging that is taking a back burner. I took that extensive week off because we went to the beach and while I have many things to blog about at the beach, like how much fun we had. It really wouldn't work without the pictures, but since they are still on the camera I guess that post ain't happening. Go here to check them out.

Then their is that fancy smancy remodel I kept moaning and groaning about. Yes, that too seems to have been left on the back burner. No, not by me. I am so ready for it to be completed, the man in charge of it, that is a different story.

This remodel has led to a massive headache that has lasted for well I don't know 2 months now. Would you even believe me if I tell you the damn thing is not finished? It's not. Close, but definitely not complete. I didn't forget about the pictures either. I will post them, but I just want it to be complete. Don't you? Hell maybe I will give up on completion and just post pictures anyway. What do you think?

And to answer your question, yes I am about to lose my mind of the never ending job that was quoted as taking 2-3 weeks max. Please don't make me curse on the blog again.

I also shut down Regrets Only Stationery for a month because I couldn't get one creative juice flowing when my house was covered in dust and invaded by men who smelled badly, left doors open for the paid for air to escape and left a bigger mess here then they would at their own momma's. But the men are gone apparently and the business is now up and running again. I have to say thanks to all my customers for showering me with orders the day I opened and the month continuing. I have to admit I was a little afraid I wouldn't get anymore business, but I am right where I left, busy.

Then their is the matter of children. We all know how busy being a mom can be, well a stay at home mom trying to navigate through a remodel, run a busy home based business and still make sure my kids don't miss out on one iota of summer fun is super busy. But I love the job what can I say?

Then you may wonder how I am blogging such a long post at 8am, well the tikes had a slumber party at their Mimi or Nanna's (as Noah has come to calling Mimi) house. Josh and I went out to begin the week long celebration of his 36th birthday. We went to dinner and a movie. We had two glasses of wine, an appetizer, meal and a dessert and for once I didn't have to threaten anyone with their life to stay in the chair or high chair. I also didn't have to do a massive clean up before leaving the restaurant and pick my mind up at the door.

I know what you are Josh is getting up there. We both are, last week at the beach I found my first grey hair. The shock and disappointment were unreal. I mean I am thirty for god's sake. Then yesterday I found another....what do I even do for this? I told you life has been rough internets.

Anyway that is where I am now, stuck in remodel hell of never being completed with grey hair. Happy Friday.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In true second child fashion

Tonight I had the rare opportunity to rock my Noah man alone for a few minutes. Alone as in, before his sister came barreling out the tub to join the snuggle session. It is rare for several reasons. Now that Meredith and Noah are on the exact same nap schedule I never get time alone with him while she naps anymore. Meredith is also out of school, which means we are all home every day, all day. The rare instance Noah and I are alone he rarely sits still long enough to be rocked, tonight he did though.

So as we were cuddled in the overstuffed rocker that I purchased just for him, that has barely been used thanks to his inability to sit still, and I started singing him lullabies. And like a brick wall it hit me smack in the face. The guilt. He doesn't get enough alone time, he didn't get his 19 months of being the only child. Of being my only priority. He didn't get all of my attention. He didn't get rocked to sleep every night for the first 19 months of his life. Am I a good mother to him? Did I give him enough time at all? Or am I so tired at the end of the day that I read them both a book, say good night and dump them into their beds. '

It made me really sad and I have to admit I felt like a horrible mother. So I started rocking away and singing my all time favorite song to sing to my tikes. A song my mother sang to me an I am sure her mother sang to her. A song I still hear my mother singing to my kids.

Rock a bye
Go to sleep my little Noah
Doo doo dooooo
Doo doo doooo
doo doo dooodoooodo dooo dooo

Yeah I know you can so follow it right....I am not crazy it makes total sense in my head.

Well as I am sitting there singing all of a sudden on the right part Noah chimes in "na na na....dododo"

So yes, I am sure he gets ample of my time, he just gets what she never did....a more experienced mother and a big sister.

What she says....priceless

Tonight Meredith was playing "doodlebops." There is no specific game, it's just where each member of the family gets to be a different doodlebop. Tonight Josh was Rooney, Noah was Mo and Meredith and I were both DeeDee.

All of a sudden Meredith ran up the stairs to get something and on her way down she tumbled and went down head first. I saw it in slow motion and I knew she wasn't hurt badly. She hit the floor and was stunned in silence, this is one of the few if only time she has fallen down the stairs. After a few miliseconds Josh and I reacted so she did too, she started sobbing.

"Meredith are you okay....did you hurt yourself....Meredith, baby are you okay?"

sobbing, sobbing sobbing "I'm not Meredith.......I'm DEEDEE!" in the most pitiful sobbing voice ever.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Is it friday yet?

Did I mention we are going back to the beach? Well we are, because after multiple weeks of remodel hell....I lost count.........the kitchen is STILL not finished. I'm not sure it ever will be. Part of my daily routine is waking up, getting two kids up, making sure everyone potties and is changed, making oatmeal, calling the contractor to bitch, calling my husband to bitch about said contractor, then making my husband call said contractor back to get the job done.

Yes, I fear my morning routine or daytime routine will never be the same. The new daytime routine involves cleaning after kids and workers, patrolling the kids and the workers, fussing at the kids and workers and at the end of the day losing my mind.

It is no longer strange when my 3 year old says out loud in public, "momma da men STILL at my house?" Because we both know what men she is talking about and for the sake of all things holy in the world, yes they are still at our freaking house.

I'm not sure they will ever leave, which is better than them leaving before the job is done. Although the hefty balance of money we owe them is also a key factor in that, but that is NOT incentive enough for them to move their asses faster. No way. I am convinced men have one speed and it is not my speed, that is for damn sure.

So I am hoping that the week after I come home from the beach, the kitchen will be finished. Yes, you heard that right, not that when I come home it will be finished, but that it will get finished the week after the beach. Because in this process of remodeling or renovating, I have learned a very valuable lesson, do not let them work when you are out of town. For several reasons...
1. they don't show up on time
2. sometimes they don't show up at all
3. they never do what they are supposed to do and will only have to fix it when you get home
4. chances are they won't even fix it correctly and you will have to wind up fixing it your self
5. no one respects your stuff, so make sure you are there to demand the respect.

Oh internets won't you be happy when this is all over with and we can go to more trivial post about breakfast and pottying or something. I can't wait until I am out of remodel hell. So that is it in a nut shell. You may get before and after pictures before the new year, but don't count on it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

What she says.....lesson learned

One morning this past week, I was getting dressed and as usual the tikes were in the playroom. I heard talking and squealing and "vroom, vroom'ing." Then all of a sudden I heard complete silence, which was completely unusual. It took a few minutes to figure out that all I heard was silence and then put two and two together.....silence meant trouble.

I walked to the playroom and peaked my head in and low and behold there was green paint everywhere. The floors, the tikes, the toys, the dresser, the bookcases. And in the middle, there they sat.....studiously painting everything with paint brushes and utter concentration on their complete silence.


Two very big brown eyes and two happy blue eyes, stared up at me with a look of terror and joy, respectively. I didn't say a word.

"I'm sorry Momma"

"Do we paint without permission?"


"Then why are you and Noah painting right now?"

"I dunno"

"Who got the paint"

silence and the lip came out

"Mama mama mamamama"

"Did Noah get the paint out of the top draw"

A fearful head nod no. I picked up the paint and paint brushes leaving the room and tried not to lose my cool. As I walked out, Meredith was apologizing and Noah started screaming, he was not happy that his art lesson was over. I tried not to let the daily grind get to me. On top of getting ready and having to get two tikes ready to head out the door, now I had to clean up a gigantic mess in the toy room. You would be surprised what two tiny tikes could cover in five minutes with a large container of forest green paint. But just as the steam started to come through my ears and the frustrated growls were about to creep out, I heard this while washing the brushes and getting wet rags.

"No-wee don't cwy, it's okay......don't cwy no-wee we will play with someting else......okay noah we can play someting noah, here play wit dis."


"Shhh it's okay Noah, here play wit dis, play wit sitter"

And at that moment the steam evaporated and the growls turned into a smile. While I was not happy about the green mess and green tikes to clean, it really wasn't the worst thing in the world, actually not too bad at all. Not bad enough to ruin everyones day at 8am. Life is way too short for that. Instead I walked in and said it was okay and cleaned up the mess with two very eager helpers. Don't get me wrong I have moved all the paint from the top drawer in the toy room, see I learned a very valuable lesson.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Look what we have been sporting all over town

Yes, a big, black eye!

The other night we were all in the back yard being thoroughly entertained by the new bubble machine, when all of a sudden Noah was no longer sitting on the step but was now lying on the ground screaming. It took .02 seconds for him to reach over and try to grab the bubble machine and go tumbling down the two brick steps.....apparently he scratched his face and hit his eye on the way.

It sounded as bad as it looks and trust me it was bad.
His eye is starting to look much better. People still comment everywhere we go and he just smiles and plays it up for them. I think he loves the attention.
I am fairly confined that an ER will find us there soon......good grief this boy makes me nervous.

The dance recital

So after spending hundreds of dollars all year for dance lessons, costumes, recital fees, pictures, and other miscellaneous stuff.......guess what.....she didn't dance. She did go on stage and watch the little girl next to her cry for the first number and then she went ahead and cried herself for the second number. I mean being three and on that big stage can be pretty freaking scary. Overall Iam very proud of my girl.

The day before was the dress rehearsal and I must say she did great that day. The audience was only half way filled, but there was a crowd and that day she danced her little heart out. It was precious. I just wish her daddy could have seen her that day too.

Here she is getting ready. Meredith and Adalyn, unfortunately Adalyn was in a different class, but Meredith loved the fact they were at least in the same recital.

Getting ready to go on stage!

Here she is with her friend Grace. The girls came up with these poses on their own, I was super impressed!

At the end of the recital her daddy gave her a dozen pink roses. Her first flowers!