Thursday, June 4, 2009

The dance recital

So after spending hundreds of dollars all year for dance lessons, costumes, recital fees, pictures, and other miscellaneous stuff.......guess what.....she didn't dance. She did go on stage and watch the little girl next to her cry for the first number and then she went ahead and cried herself for the second number. I mean being three and on that big stage can be pretty freaking scary. Overall Iam very proud of my girl.

The day before was the dress rehearsal and I must say she did great that day. The audience was only half way filled, but there was a crowd and that day she danced her little heart out. It was precious. I just wish her daddy could have seen her that day too.

Here she is getting ready. Meredith and Adalyn, unfortunately Adalyn was in a different class, but Meredith loved the fact they were at least in the same recital.

Getting ready to go on stage!

Here she is with her friend Grace. The girls came up with these poses on their own, I was super impressed!

At the end of the recital her daddy gave her a dozen pink roses. Her first flowers!

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Jaimie said...

AWWW...too cute!