Friday, May 30, 2008

Not just anyone can sport this do!

Do you see the natural Mohawk! This is how my little man wakes up every he not gorgeous?
"I got this lady wrapped around my little finger or my little Mohawk!"

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trying new things...

So Meredith got a duplicate present for her birthday from Mimi.....yes Mimi bought two of the same thing. Two pieces to her new dollhouse. So we went to the toy store to exchange one for something else. Instead of the $10 bedroom set, she picked out a $50 bike. In some weird way her dad did the math and found it to be an even exchange. Here she is on the new bike....believe it or not she can almost do it by herself.

Look at me mom..... Such a big and determined girl.
Whew all that riding makes me thirsty.
Bike helmets are also necessary to walk big brown dogs!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A sure way to get comments on your blog...

There is no news like this news. And this is news that is surely to get a few comments left on your blog!

Congrats Jaimie! I love you!

The Yellow Pudding

Oh the yellow pudding...I am sure our neighbors are all sitting home tonight saying "Why don't they just give that child a yellow pudding!"

Tonight during our nightly jaunt around the block, Meredith declared that she wanted "yellow poods" (the word poods rhymes with hoods).

She did not ask, she did not say "May I...", she just declared in her very declaring voice that she wanted "yellow poods!"......"I wan yellow poods MAMA!"

So I said Meredith you are being do we ask? And to that I got a screaming reply of "YELLOW POODS!" Yes ladies and gentlemen, I was pretty sure tonight that we had created a monster. So I told her no pudding until she asked nicely. Mind you we are walking around the block at the time. Well Josh and I are walking, her and Noah are in their new ride.

So she then says nicely...."Mama yellow poods peeze!"

"Oh Meredith good job asking please! You can have a yellow pudding when we get home!"

We had just started our walk and believe it or not I don't carry yellow pudding around with me. We still had the whole circle which is about 1/2 mile to go. The "you can have one when we get home" answer was not what my 2 year old wanted to hear and with that answer she unleashed an ugly beast. For the rest of the 1/2 mile trek she screamed "yellow pood!" at the top of her little lungs....which are very impressive.

She then started to kick and she scream and carried on in a way that I just wanted to climb under a rock and hide. Luckily she was belted in or we could have had some major head injuries from the thrashing she would have done on the pavement. was that bad my friends..... Meredith's little world as she knew it was crashing down. How dare her parents now produce the yellow pudding on demand.

And this went on until we reached our which point I asked Josh if he wanted to go again. And we did. Another 1/2 mile lap. My little terror continued to carry on with her beastly behavior on the 2nd lap as well. Poor Noah, he didn't know what the hell was going on. He just relaxed on his side the Cadillac laid back listening to the three headed monster next to him.

I am proud to say that I stood my ground, when we got home. I didn't fetch the yellow pudding. Instead I carried her little crying butt all the way upstairs and threw her on her bed where I proceeded to undress her and then Noah for their baths. At that point the frown was turned upside down as she sang the "naked baby" song and danced with Noah on the bed.

Yellow pudding....what yellow pudding!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Missed the boat on that one....

Today Meredith and I were watching her favorite show together, Calliou. I used to hate the show, but after watching it a few times have grown to like Calliou and Clifford for that matter. They actually try to teach lessons....sharing....being nice....being polite....etc.

So in the particular episode we were watching, Calliou did not get his way and decided to throw himself on the bathroom floor kicking and screaming. I was pretty all my Calliou watching days I had never seen him throw such a tantrum. His dad just stepped over him and proceeded to go on with other activities to distract him and not give in. Calliou continued to throw his fit and eventually got over it and they were all happy again.

I thought wow, this actually applies to us now. So I decided to use today's episode as a teaching tool....

"Meredith look Calliou was mad and he threw a fit."

"Calliou mad....he cwies"

"See he was kicking and screaming and being mad!"

"Calliou is sad, momma!"

"Yep, see he was being bad because his dad told him No"

"Uh huh......NO, NO DADDY.....BE NICE TO CALLIOU!"

Oh well, I will continue to try.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Today they made my heart smile....

Noah reached out with both arms for Meredith and she in turn gave him a great big hug and kiss. And then in their own private language they held a conversation. It is okay that he never had me all to himself, because he always had her.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Just when I thought I could not go any longer....

I hit a new realm of exhaustion. Seriously, it is amazing how little sleep the human body can survive on. For the past week I have dealt with vomit, crying at night, sleepless nights, tantrums and pure grouchiness. Today both the tikes were in great moods, but last night Noah decided that sleeping was way overrated. I think he was up every hour.

So today I was hell bent and determined to get out the house, it did not matter how tired or sleep deprived I was or that I was flying solo since my hubby was working. We had been home too many days in a row and we were all going stir crazy. We hit the zoo this morning and then out to lunch. Luckily Josh was able to meet us for both and the place we chose to dine had a spacewalk for the kids to jump on and the police department was there taking fingerprints/DNA/and other important info in case your children are ever lost or abducted. Definitely not something I want to think about, but glad we had the opportunity to take care of it.

Then we came home and Meredith asked me if she could go nap and she did for over 4 hours! I know what the hell? The time totally slipped by, I normally would NEVER let her sleep that long. Well at least not if I wanted her to sleep again that night. So while she did that instead of sleeping myself..... I cleaned the kitchen drawers and cabinets with a freakin' vacuum cleaner. I don't know where I got the crack I am smoking lately.....don't ask.

After the nap I cooked dinner, which was awful and no one ate. It wasn't an easy recipe either. Then we played outside went for a walk around the block ate a second and better meal that Josh brought home for us. And finally the tikes are tucked into bed.

What I didn't mention was I am so tired....
powdered donuts were considered dinner, because I was too tired to argue and a bath consisted of the visible dirt being wiped away with a washcloth. I fed Noah dinner at 7:30 hoping that would help him to sleep some. I also considered having Meredith put Noah to bed and letting them stay up as long as they pleased as long as it meant I got some sleep. Yeah I didn't think the last one would fly either.

Happy sleeps peeps! Well at least one can hope.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dear Mr. UPS man....

Thank you for delivering my packages in a timely manner. And thank you for not losing any like you did last year, I really appreciate that. I also appreciate the way you carry them all the way to the door and then chunk them on my porch. Thanks. Perhaps it is my big brown dog that scares you, I know her bark is a lot tougher than her bite, unless you were to break in of course. You truly are an outstanding UPS man, but for the love of all things holy in the world.....COULD YOU NOT RING THE FREAKING DOORBELL DURING NAP TIME! It is my saving grace nap time and week after week you fuck it all up for me!

the lovely house you throw things at!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm not a hooker...just ignore the red nail polish

The things we do for our children. I tell ya. I hate red finger nail polish, I think it can make you look cheap, trashy, the street walking type. Now that being said, not everyone looks bad with red nail polish. Some people can pull if off, particularly those that have finger nails. I however do not. So I painted my stubs red, UGH, I look like a street walker. I would take it off, but my 2 year old loves it. Let me explain.....

I do not normally wear makeup of any kind. Not that I hate makeup...I actually love it.... I just have no clue how to put it on. So instead of going around looking like a clown day in and day out, I just choose not to wear it. I hear comments like "you look great with no makeup"....well you haven't really seen me with it....I probably look a hell of a lot better. I just don't know how to apply it. I have attended the Mary Kay classes, been to the clinique counter and had various sessions with my sister and friends. All of them know how to do the makeup thing. Me not so much. In fact people can hardly believe that I am the person in my wedding picture. Yes I have had people tell me that they had no idea it was me.....who else would be in the picture hanging on my wall with my husband. Anyway my point of no makeup brings me to red nail polish. It isn't natural for someone who does no makeup to walk around with red nail polish, but here I am......plain face with red stubs.

It started Monday when Meredith begged me to draw her toenails and fingernails red. So I thought okay, sure and this will be a great time to take away the pacifier, bribing her with a little nail polish.

"Mommy draw toes?" Sure we can paint your toes like Mommy' nail polish on your toenails...totally or not. So I got down and carefully applied polish to my two year old's toes....she wanted to look like her mommy. After I finished I reapplied some to my toes to cover the chips and cracks on my on toenails.

"Mommy draw fingers?"

"No sweetheart no fingers." that makes you look like a hooker....I so wanted to say that, but she is a parrot these days.

"Peeez mommy, draw fingers"

"No Mizit only big girls have their finger nails painted, you're too little"

"Mizzie big gurl"

"No, Mizzie still has a paci, Mizzie a baby"

"No pass, Mizzie big gurl"

"Well if you give me your paci to go bye-bye I will paint your fingernails"

"Otay mommy " hands me the paci "draw fingers" and she set her hand with her fingers wide right in front of me.

So in the hopes of taking the pacifier away I painted her fingernails red. It didn't work too well. She got sick and got it back that night.

After I finished her fingernails she wanted to do mine.

"Draw mommy's fingers?"

"No....mommy doesn't like her finger nails painted"

"DRAW Mommy's fingers......yike Mizzie"

So I did, and then I realized Josh had dumped over the finger nail polish remover. So yesterday I had to take Noah do the pediatrician's office for his 6 month well baby visit looking like a $2 hooker with my bright red stubs.....the things we do for our children.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some days I feel like I just suck at this....

Like today. Last night Meredith started throwing up around 9pm. Fun, fun.....she continued until right around 2-3am. At 1am Noah woke up for about an hour, he just decided he wanted to be held and rocked, so I did. Only to come down and clean up vomit and help Josh change sheets and clothes and so on.

Then today she woke up and more you know what. So I called my mom to come and stay with Meredith so I could bring Noah to his 6 month appointment. Yes he made 6 months old this week, I know where does the time go. So we get there and he is screaming and crying, because he is tired. And I, his mother, cannot comfort him. He wants his bed. Yes call me lucky, he likes to nap and fall asleep in his bed. He does not mind being rocked, but there was not exactly a rocking chair in the pediatrician's office. As much as I love the fact that he can soothe himself to sleep, I hate it that he would rather do that than me soothe him.

Then we got shots, which is always fun and then he had to have blood drawn....all of this on top of a already exhausted and cranky baby leads to more fun. The pediatrician then gave him a once over and everything came out just fine except for the fact that he still has a little fluid in his left ear. I know, it has been 5 months of fluid now, I feel like a failure.

And Meredith is sick for like the 589th time this year. I know.....where am I going wrong?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Our nanny is in town....

And by Nanny I don't mean the kind that comes and takes care of your kids while cooking and cleaning your house. Nope...although I wish that one would come to town too.

No the Nanny I am referring to is my children's godmother and Nanny is the word we call her. Nanny Lei Lei to be exact. Although if my sister decides to do some cooking and cleaning along with child rearing while she is here, have at it! Yep, she is in town visiting and we are rather excited. Since she is a busy 3rd year law student who got an internship this summer for the DA, we are pretty lucky to get a quick visit in.

This morning we gave her another good dose of birth control (trust me we have gave her several doses in the past 2 years.) She decided to venture into the wild and crazy world known as Mommy and Me. In an hour and a half she got to see a bunch of sugar crazed kids dancing and singing along with crying, screaming, hitting, having meltdowns and lots of other kid friendly activities.

Yep she got to play a day in the life of a stay at home mom. Previously she used to ask me...."is this what you do all day?" Yep it is....laundry, dishes, breakfast, dishes, laundry, naps, tummy time, snacks, playtime, lunch, naps and then it starts all over again the next day. I imagine it is quite different than her life of lectures, test, papers, happy hours, sleeping in, late nights of partying, and nice relaxing glasses of wine.

But really my sister and I have always been different....while I was always lazy in school and couldn't wait to finish....she always made straight A's and is still there. While I was always worried about things, she never really let things bother her and to anyone who knows us is no secret that we have not always gotten along. Although she has always been a damn good sister. Now I am not saying that she NEVER gets on my nerves or I hers, because we would both be lying. But overall we are friends, and becoming better friends as we grow up.

Right now she gets to play the role of the fun Aunt. The one who comes to town and brings presents and lets them bend the rules....and I get to be the mean old mom. But a day will come where I get to be the fun Aunt too and I can't wait!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

People always ask if raising a boy and girl are different....

Yes they are very different.

Meredith was always dainty as a baby, very cautious and very high maintenance. She wanted to be held and rocked only by her mommy. She did not want to go to other people at all and would cry when she did. She was not a messy eater and would rather be entertained by her mommy than play with toys.

Noah is the complete opposite. His motor skills are crazy good. He is so rough and tumble already with his toys, nothing like his dainty big sis. He will go to anyone and always has a smile on his face. He loves to grab and hold anything, he goes after all his toys with his mouth open wide and attacks. Anytime he eats he makes a huge mess, it is so unavoidable. I now know why they make bibs!

I'm sure as they get older the differences will be even more obvious, all I can say is they are very different, very different indeed and I love it!

Meredith at 5 months old eating for the first time...

Noah at 5 months old eating for one of the first times...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Noah Man....

Noah is one of the sweetest babies around. He rarely fusses or cries and whenever you look at him he ALWAYS has a smile on his face. Here are some other facts you may not know about Noah...

- he loves to hold my finger as he nurses, I love it too.

- he hums himself to sleep, it is adorable.

- when you lay him in his crib for the night, he always rolls onto his left side.

- he has the biggest, brightest blue eyes.

- whenever we go somewhere people always stop me to tell me how gorgeous he is, I agree.

- he loves to eat baby food, he will scream if you hold the spoon in front of him and do not put it in his mouth.

- he has the most adorable belly laugh.

- when he does cry it is always a loud, heartbreaking whimper here and no in between.

- he loves it when his big sister makes him laugh.

- he loves to be rocked and sung to when you are putting him to sleep.

- he loves to take stroller rides.

- his favorite toys are his monkey and his blue elephant on rings.

- he loves his satin blankie just like his big sis.

- his tickle spots are right under his neck.

- he is so messy when he eats his "real" food.

- his pediatrician thinks he is perfect and a little man.

- he is the sweetest little boy in the world and I am blessed to be his mommy!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

At least she is persistent...

A conversation at 7:30am while watching Clifford.....

"Mama I want a pop-i-sickle peez."

"No Mizzie, no popsicles right now, we haven't had breakfast."

"No pop-i-sickle"

"Nope, not right now"

"Yater momma, yater pop-i-sickle"

"Yep later you can have a popsicle, maybe after lunch."

"Momma.....I want lunCH!"

Happy Anniversary

Today is the day I celebrate being the luckiest girl in the world. It is the day I married the man of my dreams and the man that makes all of my dreams come true. Happy Anniversary Joshua, I don't know what I would do without you!
I love you!

Monday, May 12, 2008

To be 2 again.....

The innocence of a two year old is amazing. Tonight as I perused the book store with my two tikes in tow....I yearned to be two years old again. To have the freedom from worrying what other people think....the innocence to not care....the spirit to laugh and giggle to my hearts content. Yes, tonight I wanted to be two.

When we got to the children's section of books, Meredith immediately ran up to a bin of horse heads on a stick. You know the old school horses. She began to pet one of the five horses and looked back and me and said....

"ook, ook momma......bulls-Eye"

Yes, to her I have no doubt that he was the actual Bullseye from the movie. Her face lit up when she saw him and then she began to share her secrets with this stick of horse. After looking at me to see my reaction she began to pull a horse from the bin. When I did not say anything, she straddled the stick and began to gallop around the bookstore on her "bulls-Eye". She galloped like no one was watching....only they were and it did not phase her. She galloped at full stride and then she yelled at the top of her little lungs....."GIDDY UP COWBOY!"

I loved watching her and I wish that my two year old self would have pulled out another horse and galloped beside her yelling "He Haw Cowboy!" But I didn't because I am not a two year old and my adult self was too worried about all the other adults in the store. I am going to work on that. I am sure that all the other adults in the store were thinking back to their two year old selves as well.

Sometimes in life we should all relax and learn to gallop and trot like no one is watching.

The beach, mother's day and milestones....

This weekend I got to relive experiencing the beach for the first time and I have to say it was pretty damn amazing. It was a milestone for she will never remember and one I will never forget. Meredith has been to the beach before, however she was too young to realize where she was or remember the experience. In fact she was younger than Noah the first and time we went and not much older than him the second time.

This time she was ready...her face lit up as the water hit her toes. The biggest grin spread across her face and she was so happy. A happy that most adults do not get to experience every day. She thought it was the biggest pool in the world. She loved the "fwater" and the sand. My heart was so overwhelmed with how awesome this experience was. I never realized that all of my "first experiences" that I was too young to remember would happen again....through the eyes of my children.

Yes Mizit was very "cited" about the beach and so was her Mommy. Noah will be there in a few years and I get to experience this first all over again....motherhood is grand.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A gas station, a tantrum, and a sugar high....that's how we got started

Today we pulled up to the gas station and Josh ran in to grab a coke for himself and a candy bar for me. Meredith and Noah were in the backseat, we were taking a mini road trip to the gulf coast and I needed breakfast.....

Josh gets out of the car and I spell the type of candy I want him to get me as to avoid feeding my toddler chockit at did not work.


Josh is now inside the store picking up my candy.


pointing to the window inside the van....still yelling....



Josh came out to the car a second later with no m&ms....yes he did go back and get them.

"Tank you daddy.....mmmmmm.....yummy!"

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

mommy and me

There once was a day when I really loved Mommy and Me. I swear I can remember those sweet days of carrying in my baby girl in her beautiful "new" dress to show off to all the other moms. All of her dresses were new, the child had more clothes than our local gymboree.

Us moms would prance in with our beautiful diaper bags and fully dressed children with laced socks and shoes to match the outfit. We would sit on the mat amongst other young mothers and discuss how tired we were and how there was no time in the day for ourselves and how much laundry and other household chores we had to do.

The babies would lay or sit unsteadily on the mats and smile and coo as we acted like fools singing different songs to them. They did not say too much...but a lot of cooing with a belly laugh every now and again. There was hardly any crying at all, just and occasional tired or hungry baby. Some of the babies would even fall asleep during the hour and half class. We would bring a snack which consisted of a bottle or breast and perhaps some type of cheerio or star puff.

Ah those were the days....

Now at mommy and me things are a little different. Of course the children are older, but not only that.....the euphoria that we once knew as mommy and me has become a scene out of Animal House. There is lots of running, screaming, crying and full out tantrums. No one wants to share or wait their turn. It is the 3 ringed circus that is way out of control. The moms look like they just crawled out of bed and chances are most of them are late, the instructor knows this so we have free play the first 15 minutes. The kids although still dressed cute are sometimes wearing juice or their breakfast or whatever else they encountered on their way to class.

These mothers are also fully aware of the meaning of the word tired. Most have a baby at home keeping them up at night, a toddler to chase around with that baby on their hip and don't even have a minute during the day to pee real quick or even realize they need to pee. There is no sleeping in with the baby anymore.....or getting ready while you little one sits in the swing and coos at you as you blow dry your hair. You have to jump up to make oatmeal and pack a real snack and dress 3 people in clothes that sort of match, get the new baby to a babysitter or just let him tag along for the throw you wet hair up in a ponytail and throw on some powder and maybe concealer to hide the circles under your eyes if you think about it before you leave. Yeah I do not really get around to doing that either.

Today as I sat at Mommy and Me remembering the good old days...and thought about how much my child has grown in the last two years.....I yearned for the days that I just thought I was tired. The children in mommy and me were once they are little people who are clearly running their mothers ragged. I am one of those ragged mothers....ain't life grand!

Monday, May 5, 2008

The doctor is in....

Last week when Meredith was sick, we went to the doctor twice in two days. She learned a lot in those two days. She learned that the doctor put something up to your chest to listen and says "great job Meredith!" She learned that she also uses something to look in your ears and in your which point the "gockga says Ahhhh." She learned that the doctor will also say "great job mizit" for that too.....and then you will get a sucker. She also learned that it really sucks when you have to have blood drawn in the lab, but you will get 2 suckers.

Yes she learned a lot in those two doctor visits. So much that when she got home she grabbed some tools that sort of looked like the doctor used and made Josh and I her patients. She was a lot rougher than the pediatrician and we did not get suckers.

So on Saturday her Daddy bought her, her very first doctor's kit. Now "Mizit is gockga" too! This lovely doctor's kit even came with a pager and cell phone. Look below she is wearing it just like her daddy does. I already want to throw her pager in the toilet with his.

Today when her pager went off for the 100th time this morning it hit her....her daddy might be a "gockga" too!

"momma....mizzie go work!" holding her ringing pager

"Did the hospital call you again sweetheart"


"gockga mizzie....toddler talk...toddler talk" hangs up....."bye bye momma"

"Are you leaving?"

"uh-huh....mizit work"

"See you later, have fun at work!"

If only she could bring home a pay check. Oh wait that would be against child labor laws. Oh well. Here is a picture of "gockga Mizzie".....yes we have given her nickname a nickname.

Pictures with the new camera

These are long overdue, but I just wanted to show you. Owning a good camera does not make you a good photographer, I still have a lot to learn and one day will get around to learning about my photoshop! Well my daughter is screaming "no work mama!" so let me run.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A busy day of nothing to do...

So today my husband and I decided to get some much needed stuff done around the house. His honey do list is a mile long and the one he made for himself is even longer. Yesterday we ran errands and went to a friends for dinner, so today was catch up day.

My toddler woke up screaming for donuts....there was no getting away with not getting them this weekend....we get them every weekend and she is only 2 but knows this. So our journey started bright and early. We got donuts, picked up our caterpillars that will hopefully turn into butterflies (a project our stay at home mom's group is doing) and then headed home for a nice relaxing day at home to do you know the household things.

We trimmed the shrubs, folded some clothes, I played with my new stationery graphics (click here to see the new designs), cleaned out cars and ate some Popsicles. About 12:30 we came in to grab lunch and put the kiddos down for naps.....then it was back to work.

About 1ish the phone mom was upset and needed Josh darling dad had fell again. This time from a ladder, so we called our lifesaver neighbor who came and sat with Meredith and to the emergency room we all went. He is fine.....he took a good fall....he had a CT and we are awaiting the results. I came home with Noah to relieve my neighbor and Josh and my mom are still in the ER. He was talking and moving, while laying on the bed with a collar thing mom says he has more lives than a cat....I believer her.

I will keep you all updated....he did this 3 years ago this month actually. He fell off the roof of our old home in New Orleans.....I know what was that man thinking!

Well I will keep you updated....say a little prayer for the man with 9 lives.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm not from the bayou, but.....

Cajun night was awesome!

Olivia was brave enough to invite us and another couple with a toddler over for dinner. It was delicious. Like all good folks from South Louisiana we had plenty of God it was good. Olivia made a kick ass gumbo, roux and all. I made my easy and delicious shrimp pasta and Jessica made a damn good bread pudding with a white chocolate sauce. Oh the sauce was heavenly.

We started off with happy hour, the kids played in a sandbox and the adults had Abita strawberry beer. We then munched on some appetizers and finished it off with cajun food. I helped myself to seconds....I probably put away more than my husband.

The kids had fun too, it was great. We decided to do this once a month, I hope we stick to it.

Friday, May 2, 2008


I am finally able to catch a breath. After 3 sleepless nights....104 degree fever.....2 incredibly cranky tikes.....we are on the mend. I hate to even say that. We were fever free all night, we are still very moody, but smiles are plenty this morning and everyone is playing.

Noah slept last night from 11:30pm until 6:30am! Great job big fella! *as Taylor would say* He went to bed around 7pm and woke up twice 9pm and 1130pm and both times went right back to bed, he had to be exhausted....I was.

Meredith is better too, she still has lots of attitude.....overall she is in a much better mood though. When that child gets a high fever she grows a second head that is evil I tell ya.

But yes we are doing better and may make Olivia's Cajun night tomorrow. Oh I am dying for some gumbo!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What the hell did we do to deserve this....

Are you thinking....."God her kids are sick again?"

I know you are, I am too! I feed them regularly and healthy shit too. I put them to bed at 8pm....we do not play outside in cold weather barefoot...... I put coats and hats on when the neighbors kids have on shorts....I do not let them eat candy and ice cream for breakfast, even when they ask to....she is not in daycare.....the rest of us are not sick......and when she gets sick the doctor cannot find a damn thing wrong - which is wonderful because I do not want a damn thing to be wrong with either of them.

So who did we piss off and what do we need to do to fix it?

This season we have had....
3 bouts of diarrhea
2 episodes of vomiting
3 viral infections
3 months of ear infections
1 visit from our good friend influenza - a confirmed case too!
4 fever viruses
10,458 runny noses

Yes we have had our fair share, we have done our part.....will someone make the sickness go away already. Today my pediatrician - who I love - called this episode a summer viral infection. Great I made it through cold and flu season barely to get damn summer viruses!!!! Oh thank the heavens for that. Meredith is a smart kid, Laura even thinks she may go to Harvard one day. She can count to 20, she can say her ABC's, she knows all of her colors, and she curses for heaven sake....why is she prone to sickness? Why do we catch every nasty bug and virus within a 5000 mile radius?

Well we are going on sleepless night number 4! Thank goodness Mimi came last night and rocked Noah all night, I just don't think I had it in me. What would we do without Mimi!