Thursday, May 1, 2008

What the hell did we do to deserve this....

Are you thinking....."God her kids are sick again?"

I know you are, I am too! I feed them regularly and healthy shit too. I put them to bed at 8pm....we do not play outside in cold weather barefoot...... I put coats and hats on when the neighbors kids have on shorts....I do not let them eat candy and ice cream for breakfast, even when they ask to....she is not in daycare.....the rest of us are not sick......and when she gets sick the doctor cannot find a damn thing wrong - which is wonderful because I do not want a damn thing to be wrong with either of them.

So who did we piss off and what do we need to do to fix it?

This season we have had....
3 bouts of diarrhea
2 episodes of vomiting
3 viral infections
3 months of ear infections
1 visit from our good friend influenza - a confirmed case too!
4 fever viruses
10,458 runny noses

Yes we have had our fair share, we have done our part.....will someone make the sickness go away already. Today my pediatrician - who I love - called this episode a summer viral infection. Great I made it through cold and flu season barely to get damn summer viruses!!!! Oh thank the heavens for that. Meredith is a smart kid, Laura even thinks she may go to Harvard one day. She can count to 20, she can say her ABC's, she knows all of her colors, and she curses for heaven sake....why is she prone to sickness? Why do we catch every nasty bug and virus within a 5000 mile radius?

Well we are going on sleepless night number 4! Thank goodness Mimi came last night and rocked Noah all night, I just don't think I had it in me. What would we do without Mimi!

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Jess said...

So sorry! Hope you guys recover quick.