Monday, June 30, 2008

Just in case you forgot she was a princess...

Meredith just wanted to remind you! On any given day we are decked out in our princess gear from......

to toe!

Here she is checking herself out in the mirror, is this not hilarious! (click to make it larger!)

Look at those beautiful day she will hate them!

And if you wonder what Bubby boy and I do while she is decked out in princess garb.....we just sit back and say...
"Oh so beautiful Sina-wella Mizzie!"

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Joshua

His birthday only last for 9 more minutes so I had to be quick. Happy Birthday Sweetheart! I hope you had a fantastic day. I love you!

Friday, June 27, 2008

50 minutes into the trip

I just realized my bag with my makeup, glasses, toothbrush, deoderant and other toiletries are in my toiletry bag sitting on my bathroom counter. at least I didn't forget baby food or the baby. did I mention we are going to a party tomorrow.

A father son moment...

Dad will you buy me a jeep one day?

Sure I will get you the world!

It only took 6 months....

But we are now riding the pink "jeep"! Meredith was deathly afraid of this jeep, but now get out the way. Kids are funny like that.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

It used to be so easy....

So tomorrow we are headed out to my hometown to be a tourist. I can't wait. I've been looking forward to this all week. Some good eats, a family shindig and then sightseeing in a town I used to call home. My excitement about our trip came to halt tonight, when I remembered I had to start packing. It used to be easy to throw clothes for two in a bag and jump in the car. Now on top of the clothes for two that I used to pack I have to pack clothes for 2 more. And although their clothes are way smaller than mine, they are way messier and need lots of back=up outfits. I then have to pack baby food, diapers, sippy cups, blankies, toys to cure boredom, snacks, baby wash, diaper rash cream, tylenol and all other things baby. Do you see what I mean? How many baby food containers do I need? How much oatmeal, what I am going to make the oatmeal in? Oh yeah got to remember the plastic baby spoons and a bowl. I am pretty sure our hotel doesn't come equipped with baby feeding gear. I also have to bring dipers and wipes and bibs...yeah don't want to forget the bibs. You know packing for 2 babies for 2 days is work. I am exhausted just thinking about it...I guess I will tackle it in the morning.

At least I don't have to pack and bring Brownie....her dog sitter will be here tomorrow. One thing accomplished.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Her office

Meredith finally got an office.....that is all the child wanted was an office.

Periodically during the day you will hear her mumble something and then it follows with...."bye mom going to my office!" Then she goes and finds a spot in her playroom where she colors and draws for thirty or so minutes.

So her Nannie got her an office. She picked up an old funky school desk from the preschool that my mom taught at and we attended as kids. No kidding this desk is probably the exact desk I sat in some twenty something years ago....along with kids for twenty or so years before me. It was funky, but Leigh sanded it down and then painted it and sealed it! Walla a brand new shiny purple/green/light blue desk...meredith now has a kick ass office!

Momma my new office....she was beaming!

Putting her books in the bottom....don't you remember doing that? My sister even stenciled in the alphabet on top...she put a lot of work into it. Thanks Leigh!
Meredith wurkin in her new office! She loves that desk.

Because Brownie doesn't get any love...

Brownie has been severely depressed since Noah has joined the family. For 7 months she has moped around. We still give her lots of love and Meredith gives her way too many hugs and kisses.....but still the dog needs Prozac.

Here she is with Lily....or Lie-lee as Meredith says! Awwwe sweet cousins.

Two post!

Dear Mr. ADT man,

Thanks for coming out today and fixing the alarm and thanks for letting me know the services I wanted you to install I already had....see I don't get much sleep lately. I am sure after being here for 30 minutes you understand.

I am sorry that I had to nurse my son in front of you. He hadn't eaten since 8am and it was well after 12:30 by the time I unloaded them and got inside and discussed what I needed you to do and by that time he was starving. I get that you were embarrassed and couldn't look at me, but I wasn't showing anything he was under a blanket for goodness sakes! Sorry about that though, I don't wait for people to show up at my house to nurse the baby, but sometimes a moms gotta do what a moms gotta do.

I also deeply apologize for the sweet potatoes that were splattered on your pants. I don't usually let my 2 year old walk around with glass jars of baby food. EVER. Today was really the first day she did this. I had no idea she would drop it at your feet and I had no clue that baby food could travel so far through the air.

I also wanted to let you know that I don't typically let my 2 year old run around naked. I am not some free spirited hippy type, but with me having to retrieve the glass off the floor and clean up the sweet potatoes before she tracked it from one end of the house to the other I had no choice but not to dress her.

I also know it isn't easy to work with screaming babies me I know the feeling. But he was hungry and the milk wasn't cutting it and his sweet potatoes were all over the floor with glass and I had to prioritize and let's face it......sweet potatoes with glass on the floor trumps a crying baby who wants to eat.

So again I apologize....and thanks for acknowledging that I have my hands full!

yours truly,
one mom who should have stayed in bed today

p.s. the sweet potato look really works for you!


Dear Mom in the gymnastics waiting room,

I get that you could have been having a really rough day, in fact I was having one too. I got about 3 hours of sleep last night. I also get that you are not up for mother of the year award, that is okay neither am I. But it would be nice if you corrected your son once in a while.....I have my own two kids....I don't need to be a parent to yours as well.

And in case you weren't aware it is not polite for him to walk on all the other mothers' feet in the waiting room. I also am not going to get out of my chair and move it so he can drive his toy truck where I am sitting no matter how many times he says excuse me!

Also not sure if you noticed that our sons are not ideal playmates. I mean your son is about 5 and my son is 7 months old. I would have rathered watched my daughter do gymnastics than to constantly stop your son from tormenting my baby. I didn't appreciate him putting his hands on my son's head and face or grabbing toys away from him or trying to pick him up and move him. I also don't want to have to explain to your son why he cannot take toys from a baby, that the toys belong to us and to please not put his hands in his face over and over again!

And if your son is aggravating you, by all means please do not send him over to talk to the babies. Did you really not hear me correcting him all morning?

And lastly.....when your sons barrels into someone holding a baby and knocking them over into another mother in the waiting room, it is your job to acknowledge it and apologize and then to teach your child to do the same.

the mother who wanted to rip your freakin' head off

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Last week while Josh was out of town, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to go and visit cousin Connor. So we packed up the loser cruiser and headed back to Louisiana! Connor is two months younger than Noah, but just as tall if not taller. He is also almost crawling....Noah just looked at him and said "it's okay I like being stationary!"

Here is the Connor man!
Three cousins....we are in for a world of trouble!
All Meredith wanted to do was hold baby was love!
Playing with Connor's cool toys.
Yeah Connor...your toys are cool, but your arm rocks!
Woohoo we got big sister's toys......Oh Mizit! Look what I got!
Meredith loved Connor, but she really loved his dog Carter! She wanted to bring him home.
Wait mom.....he can't leave....we are having a slumber party! You girls go, we are just fine without you!


Today Noah has reached another milestone.....he can wave Bye-bye! I guess this officially means bye-bye to my sweet newborn and hello my big baby boy! Of course I have been in denial for a while...when is the last time you have seen an 18lb newborn?

And he also started sitting up this week. He occasionally tumbles over and throws himself back, I guess he figures someone is back there to catch him. My sweet baby boy is getting so big!Is he not the most handsome little man....check out those baby blues!

Monday, June 23, 2008

An airport, two stink bombs and a lot of swearing....

So Sunday we headed to the airport to await the much anticipated arrival of the daddy. Yes, he was coming home.....finally. He was at a conference finishing the 2nd part of a really big test. I was ecstatic, I missed him, I couldn't wait to hand off the kids and lock myself in my room for a little alone time.

As we were waiting in a field for the plane to come in.....yes I know how that sounds. We were waiting in a field of grass and the plane, well mini-plane was going to touch down about 100 ft from where we were standing. Well I say 100 ft, but in all honesty I have no idea how far 100ft. is....let's just say Josh saw us from his plane window waving.

So we are standing there waiting and Meredith has picked up every rock within a 25ft. radius of us and all of a sudden there was an explosion. Of the Oh Shit sort.....the Oh green shit sort! And it wreaked....god did it wreak. So I had two options, hold my full of green shit baby boy and await the highly anticipated plane or go inside to the terminal and change the diaper taking the chance of missing the landing of the plane that we had been talking about for 4 days. I opted for number one. The plane was delayed 15 was smallest tikes nasty bum was less than 2 feet from my nose....damn flight delays. And I was thinking....where is the god damn plane???? Maybe I even said it a time or two.

Finally I see a light in the sky and it looks to be headed straight for us.....

"Look Meredith there is daddy's plane!"

"What....what momma?"

"Daddy's plane is right there in the sky.....See it?" pointing at the bright light in the sky

"What....what you say momma? What momma?"

pointing furiously while holding a cute baby with a stinky bum...."RIGHT THERE...SEE IT"

"Plane scary momma!"

"No baby the plane is not scary...see look it is landing...see daddy?"

turns to the parking lot "what momma? where's daddy?" looking in the opposite direction

"Mizzie look at the plane...wave to daddy"

Waving furiously at the big, loud plane "HI DADDY! HI DADDY PLANE!....MOMMA SEE DADDY?!?!?!"

So we headed inside to get Josh and that is when I inform him that Noah has the most smelliest diaper ever and the diapers are in the car. So I leave him in the shoebox that they are calling an airport and head to the car to fetch the diaper bag. I come in and change the explosion in the said diaper and Josh and Meredith head off to retrieve the luggage with the other 15 passengers...I had never seen a plane so small.

"Come on Meredith come with daddy to get his bag"

"Going get bag daddy?"

"Yep come on!"




At this point I am just smiling at the people staring as I change the poop in the terminal and wave to my child who is yelling for everyone to hurry up dammit!

As they head back with the luggage I noticed that someone else has dropped a stink bomb in their diaper as well. I'm glad she didn't say "I shit in my diaper dammit...quit staring!" It is only a matter of time!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My mom and dad....can't live with 'em.....

Can't live without 'em!

Well if you know me, you know that I probably could not physically live with them again. I like being out on my own. Well as much on my own as I am. See my parents live here in town. Five minutes from door to door. They moved here after Katrina, took their home. I was thrilled, but like all mothers and daughters we do butt heads....a lot. Well I say a lot, but not a lot. I guess as much as moms and daughters do.

Last week I got mad at my mom, because she helped too much. This week I needed her help. I realized how wrong I was last week. Josh has been out of town since Thursday. We are leaving in 10 minutes to pick him up from the airport. While he has been gone, my mom took and became my partner in crime. 2 tikes 2 and under are not easy. One always needs something when the other is having a fit. Is it manageable for one person....definitely. Is it hard work on just one person....hell yeah! But with my mom taking care of my 2 kids while Josh was gone, was breeze. Other than the occasional "I miss my daddy" tears, we had a great time.

With my mom in tow here are some things I didn't have to do....
- I never changed a diaper while she was in the room.
- I never lifted a spoon to feed either tike
- I got a night off of the bedtime routines
- I didn't have to wake up at 5am to get a fussy Noah back to bed
- I didn't have to bathe them
- I didn't have to dress them in the morning
- I didn't lose my freakin' mind with my husband going for 4 1/2 days, in fact I'm not real sure about what I did....hmmm....not sure why I am so exhausted now that I think about it.

Thanks mom and dad! My dad was a big help too....he rocked bubby boy....he played with Meredith. She was trying to tell him the name of all her Toy Story people and he was naming them what he wanted. It was really neat to watch him playing with her. Of course he does have a habit of naming people whatever he wants. We have had our chocolate lab for 4 years and since day 1 her name to us has been Brownie Jane, but to him she has always been Brownie James. If you know my dad, you know this about him.

My mom and I also got to do a lot of girl talk. She told me lots of stories of things that happened when she was growing up. Memories she had of my grandparents, memories of high school, memories of my dad and her dating and memories of us as tiny children.

Thanks mom and dad for all your help this weekend, I could not have done it so smoothly without the two of you!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Scheduling a playdate...

This is Meredith and her best friend Adalyn or "adalee" as she sometimes says. Adalyn is Meredith's best friend and will be for years and years to come. Like it or not!

Meredith always wants to play with Adalyn, mainly because her parents are "cool" and let her play with make-up. I often here...."momma go to adalee's house and pay wit make-up!"

Yes....I hear that often!

Tonight, meredith called Adalyn's dad Jeff to schedule a playdate.....

talking on a her pretend cell phone

"Meredith who are you talking to?"

"Miss Jeff"

"Miss Jeff, Adalee come pay?"



"What did Mr. Jeff say?"

"Miss Jeff said another day!"

Oh well.....Miss Jeff must be the party pooper!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I may be taking a break for the weekend

My office is being remodeled and my computer needs to be moved. Along with my modem. I am devastated. My husband is going to try to hook it up in his office. All of the other computers are wireless and the modem is in my office. So, if he doesn't get it done before tomorrow morning I will have to wait until Sunday. I know it blows! Oh well. I'll be back as soon as I can!

I must be asking for trouble...

I checked out children's library books.

I I don't already have enough to take care of. I can barely find my head and car keys in the morning much less be responsible for library books. I guess I am glutton for punishment.

Every Wednesday after gymnastics, Meredith, Noah and I stop at the library for story time. They read a story or two, do a little dance and song and then a coloring sheet with an occasional snack. The place is packed. Some mom's just enjoy the free activity, but others let their children pick out books to check out when they are leaving. I decided today to join the group of mother's that would check out books.

I had never crossed this imaginary line between the two groups before. I was doing well just to get us there on time and have my children sitting in the semi-circle listening and paying attention. Why did I feel the need to be the over-achiever and cross the line? I have no clue. I know that both of the tikes love books. I could read to them all day and they would be content. But those are our books at home.

The books at home are a little worn from reading them so much and a few or "bwoke"(torn) and I always have to "fix it" with scotch tape. So now I am responsible for other books, books that are not ours, books that I will have to find in a week to return for god forbid, new books. Uh the responsibility is over whelming.

However hopefully Meredith will now sort of get the concept of what a library is and what it is really for. Right now it is just a place to and hopefully get a snack!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A conversation between a father and a daughter...

while shopping at old navy in the little girl's department.....well browsing in the little girl's department while mommy tried on clothes....

"Look daddy cute!" holding up a little girl's pink bra

"Uh-huh what is that?"

"Is a bra-ba-zere for boobies"

Josh said the old navy employee next to him starting laughing hysterically and thought it was the cutest thing ever. What am I going to do with this tike?

my brave boy!

Dear Noah,
Today you were such a big boy. You had surgery to have tubes placed in your ears. Even though it was not a major surgery, it was still a surgery. Some people go through their whole life without ever having surgery, you got to experience it just shy of your 7 month birthday. I was a nervous wreck, but you showed me how to be brave and tackle it with a smile.

This morning when we woke you up at 6am to get ready to leave, you were looking for your morning milk. When you didn't get didn't cry or fuss. You just flashed that big smile and bright blue eyes my way. You didn't fuss or cry at all that morning, I was so proud. The nurses in the surgery center were in love with you. They all came over to see you and no one could walk past your cubicle without saying "hey Noah!" Everyone wanted to hold you and they couldn't wait to get you in recovery. Your nurse came and brought the cutest, tiniest hospital gown I had ever seen. You looked adorable in it, I will save it for you wife one day.

At 7:10am after you were in your gown and your vitals taken, the anesthesiologist came to talk to us, I was a nervous wreck. He told us exactly what they were going to do and how long it would take. The nurses that would be in the OR with you then came to talk to us and told us that you would come out screaming and to be prepared. They said that the anesthesia would make you very irritable.....probably more irritable than we had ever seen you. Finally at 7:30 Dr. H arrived and came to get you. He said "Come here Noah man!" and he picked you up and carried you on his hip to surgery.

About 7 minutes later when they brought you from the OR to the recovery room I heard you screaming and my heart dropped. Your dad had reminded me that, that was a very good thing. About 2 minutes later the nurses brought you out to me, where you latched on and started nursing. You calmed right down after that. Dr. H came out and told us you did great until they laid you down on the table and at that point you started crying because you didn't want him to put you down.

The nurse then discharged us about 8am. She explained that you would be irritable all day and would be your old self tomorrow.. They explained what we needed to do and what to look for and we were off. They took your vitals one last time and you got upset all over again. When we left you calmed down a little and I carried you out of the building .... you had your bottom lip out and red eyes from crying.....I had never seen you so mad.

When we got home you slept for a good hour in your dad's arms and then about 9:30am you woke up with the biggest smile. My happy are amazing!

I am very proud of you and have to admit that you looked darn cute in your hospital gown!

Love, Mommy

These were too cute not to share!

update on noah!

Noah did great! We are already home and he is resting! Thanks for all the prayers, a more detailed post to come later!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day!

Can you believe this happy baby has an ear infection and needs tubes!!! Me either! But tomorrow morning at 6:30am we are headed to the surgery center. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers!!!! We appreciate it.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

She may not have a baby sister but....

that doesn't mean she can't play dress up in tu-tus!

I'm gonna get him before he is big enough to get me!
Oh yeah! I'm the big sister! Just wait....he'll have lots of dress up time....tea parties....barbie dolls....make-up and beaty parlor....he has no idea of what Mizit is capable of!
See what happens when Nanny comes to town!
Noah I wanted to make sure you knew who was holding you for these pictures with your purple tu-tu and big pink bow!
After everyone had left and gone home, Josh walked in to see Noah playing with his favorite doll!
No daddy...It's my doll!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Just not my week...

Well I haven't blogged in a few days because I am just too tired. I think I was in bed before 9pm a few days this week. Pretty abnormal for me. Noah has decided that his new wakeup time is 4am. I don't condone this at all. In fact if it was not for his funky ear infection I would let him cry it out. I am not opposed to that at all anymore. But I know his ears are killing him so I bring him in bed with us. Josh and I sleep while he lays there wide awake cooing and crying, needless to say we haven't been sleeping much at all. That and Josh has had to work late a couple of nights this week, which leaves me on mommy and daddy duty!

We did go to the ENT Thursday and he has decided that Noah most definitely needs tubes. Mainly in one ear, but they don't do just one ear anymore. Something about when they used to do that, the other ear would then start getting infected. So, we are getting tubes in both ears Tuesday morning. I am hoping that this will give him some relief and me some sleep. Wow do I need sleep.

So that is my week in a nutshell! Maybe I should start drinking coffee and I will have more energy to blog. Anyone out there can recommend some coffee and the fixings...I think it is high time I started!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We have gotten very particular about what we want...

Tonight Meredith is fast asleep in her bed with her yellow bankie (a green blanket...don't ask...I don't know either....she knows her colors very well), a pink pacifier (that is very pink) and her Drew Breeze football jersey. She debated back and forth as to whether or not she wanted to wear the Saints jersey or her New England Patriots jersey. The Saints won out, even though I was really pushing the princess pajamas. Oh little girls....they sure do know what they want early. I am okay with sleeping in the jersey, because I am remembering to pick my battles.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I need to remember....

That I am her mother and I make the rules not her. I need to remember not to walk on egg shells around her to avoid a tantrum, but instead be a stern role model with limitations that two year olds need and crave. I need to remember that doing the right thing is not always the easiest thing to do. I need to remember that she is 2 and some days are beyond hard, but I have to teach her right from wrong. I need to remember not to jump in every time she has a squabble with a little friend and try and let them work it out amongst themselves. I need remember I need to be consistent with my rules and to follow them myself. I need to remember to listen to her and show her how to listen to me. I need to remember to pick my battles. I need to remember that in a few years these issues we have now will seem minor compared to what I will to be dealing with then.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Even babies that don't feel good eventually sleep...

And when they do fall asleep, they sleep like an angel.
And wake up very happy! Can you tell he has a rip roaring ear infection?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Finally a ladies night...

Or perhaps I should keep my mouth closed until I get home! Shhhh I will whisper....tonight I am headed to see it....Sex and the's a girls night.....don't tell my of them is bound to get sick or do something else to prevent me from going.....we will just tell them I went once I get home!

This week in pictures....

Bubby loving the pool!Momma...catch this rasberry!
Noah hard at work!
Mizit riding on a fish.
I just love this looks like a perfect father/daughter moment!
Like father like son
Mom...can we go to the party now please!
Uhm can i eat these?
Sister and brotherly love!
I just love this little guy to pieces!

Love this smile!
and this one....check out those baby blues....he gets it from his momma!
Swimming at mimi's!

Mom....I got on my babing soups! Woohoo the paparazzi is here!