Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I must be asking for trouble...

I checked out children's library books.

I I don't already have enough to take care of. I can barely find my head and car keys in the morning much less be responsible for library books. I guess I am glutton for punishment.

Every Wednesday after gymnastics, Meredith, Noah and I stop at the library for story time. They read a story or two, do a little dance and song and then a coloring sheet with an occasional snack. The place is packed. Some mom's just enjoy the free activity, but others let their children pick out books to check out when they are leaving. I decided today to join the group of mother's that would check out books.

I had never crossed this imaginary line between the two groups before. I was doing well just to get us there on time and have my children sitting in the semi-circle listening and paying attention. Why did I feel the need to be the over-achiever and cross the line? I have no clue. I know that both of the tikes love books. I could read to them all day and they would be content. But those are our books at home.

The books at home are a little worn from reading them so much and a few or "bwoke"(torn) and I always have to "fix it" with scotch tape. So now I am responsible for other books, books that are not ours, books that I will have to find in a week to return for god forbid, new books. Uh the responsibility is over whelming.

However hopefully Meredith will now sort of get the concept of what a library is and what it is really for. Right now it is just a place to and hopefully get a snack!

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