Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Natural born Hiker

So one of our many adventures during our Spring Break week was to take a hike around the beautiful Lake Martin.  It was roughly a 4  mile hike.  Maybe a little more, maybe a little less.  Anyway we all started off strong.  Meredith ran ahead and was the Leader of the pack with Uncle Alex and her Nanny.  Noah hiked a little with them and a little with his dad and occasionally hung back with me and his Mimi.  Approximately three quarters of the way through, Margot decided she wanted to be carried and Noah decided he did too.  Unfortunately Alex was way ahead with Meredith and Margot had secured the prominent position on top of Josh's shoulders.  Which led to Noah having to hike with me and his Mimi.  Now let me just say this hike was a rugged hike.  Mimi fell once...and we all laughed.  She used a walking stick for most of it.  You went up a lot of steep hills and down the same.  You walked along the edges of some pretty steep drops down to the lake.  You went over trees and log bridges.  It was very natural and rugged terrain.  Probably not the best hike for a 3 and 6 year old, but the views were breathtaking.  That being said we were thinking we were almost through and then we kept going....then we thought it has to be almost done....and nope.  So after doing this thing of psyching ourselves out...out of the blue....Noah chimes....

When I started this hike I was Awesome....and I'm just BULLSHIT!  BULLSHIT, that's all I am.

And everyone who wanted to go on this hike is BULLSHIT too!

My mom and I were rolling, it almost became impossible to finish due to the hysterics... but after another mile or so we and Mr. Bullshit had completed the hike.

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