Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brother's & Sisters...the love...what she says

I really want to regale you with all our spring break tales from Chattanooga Internets...I also took 300+ pictures and was actually going to get them off my camera to share with you.....seriously I was.  However I got home to a broken dryer and loads of dirty laundry and then was hit by a massive stomach bug that had me hugging my toilet continuously for 2 days. I shipped the tikes off to my moms, so they wouldn't get this and so that my dear husband would only have 1 sick baby to deal with.  I am not the best patient when he is around....I need loads of attention.  Today I am feeling better, much better, not back to normal, but better....I can't wait to see my tikes today!

Anyway I promise Chattanooga will not be forgotten and I will share our adventure with you soon!  But first I had to share this.  Yesterday morning after being up all night throwing up, I was exhuasted, sick as a dog and still vomiting.  Josh repeatedly offered to cancel his clinic and stay home, but I knew there were people who needed him yesterday too, people who cancelled work and made arrangements to drive long ways to see him, so I shipped him off to work with the promise I would call my mom for help.  At 8am I called my mom and she said she would be over shortly.  At 7:30 my biggest tike crawled into bed with me. 

"Momma you sick"



"I don't know bug"

"You frowing up?"


"Okay I'll take care of you"

With that we soon heard the smallest tike calling for me from his bed.  My mom wasn't here yet and I had absolutely no energy to get out of bed and go upstairs and get him.  None.  I know the little booger can open his own door to his room and make it down the stairs by himself like a pro, but in the mornings he likes me to go up there and cuddle with him and then carry him down.  Today though that just wasn't happening.  

"Hey bug, do you think you can go upstairs and get Noah to help momma?"

"Why?  because you sick"



as she is marching up the stairs
"NOAH....NOAH, here comes tata!"

she walks into his room

"Good morning wittle man!  It's tata...wanna go see momma?"


"Come on"

"Bankie...and uh-ohs" 

"Tata's got em, come on."

They get to the top of the steps where he apparently sits with his blankie waiting for me....I hear him call out for me a few times and I wish like hell I had any energy to go scoop him up.

"Come on Noah, follow tata....frow me your bankie"

"No, not like that frow it hard"

she walks up the steps and throws her own

"See Noah like dis....frow it hard all the way down....then walk downstairs and get it ....see like tata"

she walks down to show him

"Come on Noah frow your harder....sigh of frustration"

she is now going back upstairs


"Here tata will frow you lets go!"

As I listened to her taking care of him, for me,  it occurred to me how great of a big sister she already is and how she will only get better as she grows up!  I love my big girl!

A few seconds later they both came running in my room, him beaming for his momma and her beaming from a job well done!  Siblings are great!

What he says....he's just too cute!

My little Noah is growing up incredibly fast.  His vocabulary is amazing and there isn't anything he cannot say or express to you.  I wonder where my baby went, because sometimes I feel like he is still approaching his first birthday and not almost 2 1/2.  We are also at a stage where he naps every 3-4th day and when he does he doesn't go to bed until about 10pm.  So even though I know he will turn into a one eyed monster about 4:30pm I don't push the nap.  I just take him outside where he remains my sweet, lovable 2year old.  Thank goodness the weather is finally cooperating!

The other day a rare thing happened.  Both my tikes were grouchy so I put them both in their beds, fully expecting one to fall asleep, totally shocked when they both did.  Two hours later I heard this from the top of the stairs....

"Hello...hello....dood mornin' me......dood mornin' me NOWAH!"

I walked to the bottom of the steps and saw my little man sitting at the top with his tiny, bird legs hanging over the side, with his hands on top his thighs.  He looked so cute I wanted to just gobble him up.  He is my ham bone.  I then ran up to carry down my baby in which he smacked a huge kiss on my cheek, wrapped his little arms tightly around my neck and squeezed with all his 24lb might and said "I wuv you momma!"   Words cannot describe how much I love my little boy!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

how quickly we quickly we learn

Today Josh and I headed an hour and a half north to the big city.  We had an appointment with a perinatologist to check out a few things with our new baby girl.  After our appointment, which was great, we decided to spend the day together without children.....thanks Mimi! 

A little back story....At my 20 week ultrasound, we learned the baby looked great, was a girl and that I still had a cyst in my uterus that appeared to be attached to my placenta.  The cyst was also there at my 6 and 10 week ultrasounds and we assumed it was a hematoma and would go away.  That wasn't the case.

We met Dr. P today and he confirmed I do in fact have a beautiful, perfectly round subchorionic placental cyst.  It was really weird to see, a perfect, little circle in ther with the baby.  The doctor and ultrasound tech were pretty amazed.  The good news is, it is no where near the cord and at this time, it is not causing any problems with the baby or her development.  Dr. P also said that he doesn't foresee any major problems, but he did tell us he does not have a crystal ball to predict exactly what will happen in the future.  This type of cyst is pretty rare according to him and each case can be very different depending on where the cyst is located and how big it is.  He has recommended that my regular ob follow up with a series of ultrasounds during my regular appointments to closely monitor the cyst to make sure it doesn't cause any constriction of fetal growth or any other issues.  Overall he was very positive and so was least while I was in his office....I tend to worry a lot, if you don't know me. 

However, I have to confess for this pregnancy I have been pretty laid back in the worrying department.  Maybe it is due to the fact that I now have 2 tikes to chase and haul around and I really don't have time to get my head on straight to worry so much.  If I'm not doing laundy, cooking, playing choo choos or princesses, then I am way too exhausted to do anything other than sit and veg out.  So honestly, I had forgotten how much pregnant women do truly worry until my ultrasound 2 weeks ago.  Then the worrying mode kicked in to full gear.  With both of my other healthy and uneventful pregnancies, I worried constantly.  I think Dr. B saw me weekly for some crazy reason or another when I was pregnant with Meredith; and with Noah not quite weekly, but definitely bi-monthly.  My reasons for going to the ob were lots of things....the baby wasn't moving, the baby was moving too much, false contractions, pre-term labor, unexplained pain, uti's, or just because I haven't seen you in a while doc!,etc, etc. 

With the caboose I rarely have a second to worry in between appointments and when I get my reminder call 2 days before my appointment I honestly say to myself...."really it's been 4 weeks already?"   Then I had this huge scare with my cyst and I remembered real quick what it is to be pregnant and worried constantly.  The good news is, that the baby  is healthy and looks great, so each morning I will remind myself of that and go on about the day.

After our appointment, Josh and I spent the day together alone, we had lunch and we went shopping, in which we picked up a new ride (stroller) for the baby.  Why did I need a new stroller you may ask?  Because after Noah was born I swore I would never go through that again and was totally done with having chldren and so I sold everything baby related at our garage sale, except the crib and my children.  That means this baby needs a new car seat, high chair, swing  and a new ride.  I quickly one can forget, I am sure as I am prepping for surgery early one morning in July I will remember why I said I wasn't doing it again......and then when I meet my baby girl, I will quickly forget all over again.

In the baby store today, Josh and I were like first time parents.  We had no idea how to get the car seat out of the base or how to put it in a stroller or how to fold the stroller.  I mean there was a label with pictures to show us and we still couldn't' figure the damn thing out.  We also have two kids, both who needed strollers and car seats and we used them successfully when they were babies.  After our frustration level got a little high we grabbed a stroller, forgot the rest and headed out of the store running.....determined to just relax on our day.  I'm hoping all this baby business comes back to us soon.... I mean I only have another 4 months to remember!

So to my caboose, while I may have forgotten a lot of things about babies and pregnancies I do know this.  I know that I don't need to worry about how I can love another child as much as I love the first two, because I already love you as much.  And I know that I don't need all that baby gear to be a mom, nope....I just need to make sure you are fed, changed, loved and not dumped on the floor by your big, jealous brother or smothered by your proud, new, big sister.  The rest I am sure will come to me as we are just going to have to be my go with the flow baby...don't worry, we will quickly remember it all and if not we will figure it out along the way.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Painting with the jaguar

A few months ago our local zoo held a member's appreciation dinner and a silent auction.  I bid on the jaguar painting session and won.  So last week the kids and I headed to the zoo bright and early to watch the jaguar paint.  The experience in my 3 1/2 year old's own words was "AWESOME!" 

I don't think she fully knew what to expect when I told her we were going to paint with the jaguar, to be honest neither did I.  Although I had some idea of what to expect.  Meredith on the other hand was a  little more leary that morning and I didn't realize why until she said...."Mom I wanna paint with dat jaguar, but I don't want him to eat me!"  Poor baby she relaxed a whole lot once she I told her that the jaguar would be in a cage while we painted.  I mean he is quite the cat and very intimidating.

Noah was all about painting with the jaguar...until we got in his little house area and he realized he was a mere 3 feet away from him with a measley little fence between us.  That morning he proudly told the ladies in the office and the zoo keeper he was going to "paint wit da ja-gwa!"  Then we entered the very small room and the jaguar stared him down and that was it.  He clung to my leg and demanded to be held.  In his defense the jaguar was looking at us like we would make a mighty fine breakfast. 

The trainer and zookeeper let the kids pick out 3 colors to use on our masterpiece.  The trainer then prepared the jaguar for our painting session, by using a clicker, raw meat and a big stick in which to feed him the raw meat.  She had him practice going from his right to left and he would get a click and a piece of meat when he did this correctly.  I'm pretty sure Noah feared that the meat would run out and the trainer would then use his little chicken legs as a reward, so at that point he demanded to "go ow-side momma....go ow-side now!" 

Meredith became very entranced and had little fear of the jaguar and intently watched as the trainer slid the paint and canvas under his fence to begin painting.  She even took a few steps forward to get a closer look, which made one momma very nervous...thank goodness the zookeeper was there to grab her.  The jaguar would then get the paint that was on the his right side with his paw and then place it on the canvas which was on  his left.  After doing a good job, he got a piece of meat.  I think it took 3 big ole steaks for him to complete the painting.  The trainer then had him do a few tricks like show us he knew his right from his left, roll over, lick her hand and then jump. 

Noah never did calm down and although the experience didn't traumatize him because he never cried, he was happy when our painting session was over.  Meredith though, was over the moon!  "MOMMA DAT WAS AWESOME!"  "Momma I LOVED painting with da jaguar....can we do it again!"  I listened to all of her excitement and then I said "So bug, does that mean you liked it?"  And her response was so cute she said "Mom..... I have NO was AWESOME!"  I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff.  Later that day she decided she would add a zoo keeper to her ever growing list of things she wants to be when she grows up.

To be honest I didn't quite get the pictures and video I wanted to because it was hard to take pictures, video, hold and console a 2 year old and make sure a 3 year old didn't get eaten by a big feline.  And honestly I was pretty amazed and entranced myself.  I will bid on this again and hope we win, but next time, I will make sure to bring my husband with me for two extra hands and in case the trainer does run out of meat.

Here are the few pictures I did get...

Here are the kids checking out the jaguar....Noah already asking to go ow-side!

Picking out their paint to get started....Noah picked green and Meredith picked her and blue!

This picture is awful, but here is his trainer getting him ready to paint.  See his tiny pile of wonder Noah was scared....I'm sure he thought the jaguar would start with the smallest person first.

Isn't he gorgeous?

Our finished product, which I need to have framed and's going in  our playroom!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tales from the Superbowl

I know the Superbowl was a month ago and I am just now blogging about it, oh well it's my blog.  Even though I am a month overdue, I wanted to record this event for my kids and myself, because it was a helluva experience I tell ya! 

We arrived in Miami on Saturday before the game at approximately 4pm.  We took an overpriced taxi to our resort that was located 7 miles from Sun Stadium.  We didn't rent a car, lesson learned, always rent a freaking car people.  We figured this would be the easiest place to stay in regards to getting to and from the game as opposed to South Beach which was a helluva lot further.  Always rent a car and stay in South Beach.

So we get to Miami, and hang out Superbowl style....price gouging at it's best.  Our plan to get to the game, which was 7 miles away, was a taxi, but the nice people at our hotel informed us that may not be the best way since they couldn't promise a taxi would be there to pick us up.  Lucky for us though, the hotel was offering a shuttle service and they would try to squeeze us on if we wanted....I was like hell yeah.  Then I heard the was a mere 7 miles we needed to travel by shuttle and was it a complimentary shuttle......hell no!  Only $150 per trip......PER PERSON!  That's $300 round trip....PER PERSON.   I shit you not.  That's $25 dollars a mile PER PERSON.  Against my better wishes, we decided to sign up for the shuttle, I mean what else were we to do.  Always rent a car!

The next morning I woke up and came to my senses and told my husband to cancel the shuttle and that my pregnant butt would walk.  Luckily him being of more sane mind., decided walking 7 miles in unfamiliar areas might not be the best idea....thank goodness because we would have only had to cross 2 major interstates to get there.  Over Interstate overpasses that did not allow for pedestrians. 

So at 11am the morning of the game, dressed in our jerseys and all geared up, we were in the hotel lounge checking out the NFL store when I told Josh that I wanted to buy a Superbowl football and catch a cab quickly before the game to the Saints hotel and get it signed.  He didn't think that was the best idea.  I explained that the round trip cab fare was sure to be cheaper than the $300 shuttle service 7 miles to the stadium.  Luckily for us a wonderful New Orleanian wearing her "who dat" shirt overheard me.  Well being from home she would have none of that.  Bonnie, our new friend and life saver, promptly told us to cancel our ridiculously priced shuttle and ride to the game with her and her husband Bob.  And knowing that you can always trust someone wearing a who dat shirt we did just that.

So a half hour later we were headed to the stadium with Bob and Bonnie, who were awesome.  They came from nola without tickets.  They were going to get a deal that day and get their tickets on the way to the game.  Not sure if I would book a hotel and airfare to get there without tickets, but hey it worked for them, well at least Bob, Bonnie was more of a nervous wreck.

On the way to the stadium we stopped and looked at several ticket scalpers, we compared their tickets with ours, feared for our life and even heard a "Josh tell Bonnie to shut up" out of Bob's mouth.  We listened as Bob tried to sell Bonnie on 2 tickets he really wanted.  It was a "great deal" he told her "one ticket (his) was on the 50 yard line row 15 and the other ticket (hers) was in the end zone, row 17....."a really great deal."  Bonnie told Bob she didn't really think she liked those tickets and Josh and I chuckled silently as this went back and forth.  Bob and Bonnie have been married a great many years and I imagine this is the way they work.  We continued on our 7 mile journey, we held on tight and prayed that we would make it the entire 7 miles intact.  Upon arriving to the stadium, we gladly offered to pay for parking and when they would have nothing of it, we insisted on handing over our half of the $75 parking.  We then wished Bob and Bonnie well on their ticket searching endeavor.  They did get tickets......together.   We also made plans and hoped to meet back up with them to catch a ride home, but figured worse come to worse we would get a taxi....hey I saved $600 bucks, a ride home was not high on my priority list....I was there to see the Saints play.

We then headed into Sun Stadium with the 80,000 other people.  We stood in lines like at Disney, but instead of mouse ears people donned black and gold or an awful bright blue.  We entered the gate and it was surreal.  Such a neat experience.  I remember thinking, win or lose there was no place I'd rather have been on that day.  Hours later, we entered the stadium and took our seats, we won the coin toss,  and then the game began.  I have to admit I was very doubtful we would pull out a win, maybe the only Saints fan in the entire stadium who was doubtful, because honestly most of the others weren't.  I watched the first quarter and my doubt increased,  but at some point early in the second quarter right after hearing "Stand up and get crunk" there was no doubt that we could and would pull this off.  Something magical happened on that field and you could feel it throughout the stadium.  Not only did the players know they were going to win, but all at once the fans knew too.  I can't describe it in words, but it was amazing to be there.

When I got home lots of friends wanted to know about our experience, the one thing that really sticks out were the fans.  The Colts fans, dressed in their bright blue, had money. They were just a different class of people, showed up like they owned the place, like they'd been there before and were going to go home champions again.  Carrying their Louis Vuitton's, wearing loads of make up and wearing stilettos for  God's sake. They had Peyton Manning and we were just their road to the championship.  They looked at us with pity because they knew we didn't have a chance, but they also felt that even though they knew we would lose, we should feel like we were winners anyway, because we had made it to the big dance.  The Colts fans were arrogant, that's how I would describe them.

The Saints fans were alive, enthusiastic, there to have a good time and win the damn game.  You saw a  lot of fans there with elder parents or grandparents who waited their entire life for this moment.  Most were your hard working middle class there to witness history in the making.  They took the obnoxious Colts fans comments in stride and were a great representation of our city.  They brought their carefree spirit from Nola with them.  There were several who looked like they probably took out a second mortgage on their trailer to get there.  They were the heart and soul of the team and they were in dat number.

You all know the outcome at this point.  I probably don't need to tell you WE KICKED THE COLTS' ASSES!  As we won the game, tears were shed and if you had on black and gold you hugged your neighbor, even if you didn't know them.  Tears of joy, tears for the many years of heartache, tears for the city that not only needed this win, but wanted this win.  Tears for the players and coaches that brought it to us.

After the trophy presentation, Josh and I headed out with the 1,000s of other who dats, singing and dancing while looking for a cab.  There were none to be had.  There were loads of FREE buses to South Beach, but no shuttle or cab to take us freaking 7 miles. **rent a car or stay in south beach** So after mulling over what to do, we decided to head to the parking lot that we last saw our friends Bob and Bonnie and pray they hadn't left yet.  As our good fortune was clearly flowing that night, we ran into them right as they were about to pull out of the lot.  Bob and Bonnie were as thrilled to see us as we were to see them.  Bonnie was a little scared of being the navigator back to the hotel and was glad Josh was there to do the job.  Their sense of direction was not the best, trust me.  We were just glad they hadn't left us, we had no backup plan at that moment.

We headed back to our hotel that was also the hotel the Colts owner was staying at.  Yes, the owner with all of his nearest and dearest family and friends.  Upon arriving, the staff told us that the hotel was about 90% Colts fans, 8% who dats and 2% of "there's a football game going on? really? who's playing?"  But the few Who Dats that were there continued with an after party in the bar.  We shared a celebratory drink, or water in my case since I was pregnant, with our new friends and  more friends we had just met.  Around 1am  we headed to bed to wake up at 4am to catch our flight home.

It was a short and exhausting weekend, but I cannot tell you how worth it, it was.  I missed my babies, I'm glad I went and witnessed history and made some very new interesting friends Bob and Bonnie....and that I was in dat number when the Saints went marching in!

My kids are still talking about how "dare momma went to da super bowl", they are still singing "Black and Gold in the Superbowl...singing who dat!"  or "Who dat say dey gonna beat dem saints...who dat!"  We are preparing early for next year and still celebrating this one.  Either way it shows I am raising them right!  Who Dat!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


My new name for the blog, you like it?  Me too.  The poor neglected blog.  At the insistence of my babysitter, my good friend and my husband I will come back to my poor neglected blog.  Why haven't I blogged?  Because I have spent loads less time online and when I am online I am so addicted to bejeweled blitz, I cannot find the few minutes a day to head over here. 

I used to blog while was working, yes I have also majorly neglected that blog as well.  For the record, my online stationery store is open and has been open for a while, I might update that blog soon too, so I can let everyone else know as well.  However at some point in the last 6 months, I have transformed my home office into a pink princess bedroom, complete with pink walls and a hot pink ceiling, and moved my office downstairs to share with my husband.  And since my kids no longer nap and keep me running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I don't have time to sit at a desk and leisurely upload pictures and then blog.  When I do sit I take every minute to work and play bejeweled blitz, it's a sickness I tell ya!  And at night I can't sit and upload pics and blog, because my husband is typically holed up in his office working or paying the bills and doing whatever it is that husbands do in their office, like watch ESPN.

But enough excuses about why I NEGLECT the blog.  The important thing is, is that I'm back.  I have been very busy since I last blogged, some things I may actually go back and blog about, others I just won't. So if there is something you want to hear about, like my fantastic roast beef poboy, tell me.   But since I vowed to make this blog into a book for my kids and I am only several years behind on that too, I am going to start blogging again regularly, at least until our third little bundle of joy gets here to keep me up all night and reminds me of all the joys of motherhood and what it is to function on two hours of sleep.  Yes, until then.  So here is what when down since you heard or "read" me ramble on no particular order...

- I went to Miami
- My team won the freaking shit!
- I cried when they did.
- I sat in Sun Stadium as they did it!
- We had the most awesome experience there and funny tales to tell about it, I might blog about some.
- My baby girl is started growing up and surprised me with some of things she says
- My baby boy started getting too cute for words
- He has gotten sassy
- The kids and I painted with a jaguar
- I thought I was going to die...figured out it was only a kidney stone
- Passed the kidney stone with no pain medication....would NOT recommend that
- I ate one of the best damn roast beef poboys ever and have been craving it since
- I booked the location for Meredith's 4th birthday party
- I took several trips to the zoo
- I took several trips to the playground
- I went on the best picnic ever with my little family
- I was a single mother for a week
- I went out on a girls night...okay a few
- I attended 2 valentine parties
- I played in the snow AGAIN in SOUTH MISSISSIPPI
- I decided that global warming was not as serious as Al Gore proposed
- I read 4 books, yes I've been reading instead of blogging
- I've felt the caboose kick everyday....alot...this caboose may be a soccer player or a field goal kicker one day!
- I attended a conference to continue my speech therapy license, just in case I ever need it again
- I've eaten more Big Macs than I should have, pregnancy cravings...not my fault
- My most frequent restaurant ever became McDonald's
- I have been going to the gym...damn McDonald's
- I watched our priest, the one who baptised Meredith and Noah on Jay Leno
- I also saw him on our priest who does mass on Sundays....seriously
- I am currently craving a roast beef poboy from short stop
- I decided strawberries are my new favorite food along with Big Macs and roast beef poboys
- I am also loving french fries
- I have gained 14 pounds....I'm's good to gain weight right?
- I found out I have a placental cyst and am heading to see a specialist to make sure everything is okay with the caboose
- I found out the caboose is going to be a LITTLE GIRL!
- I picked out a name for our little girl, with some help from my husband
- I went on a shopping spree by myself and bought her some "new" newborn clothes, poor baby isn't getting much else new, at least not yet.

Well there you go, tomorrow I will regale you with stories from the Superbowl and our experience of painting with the jaguar and about finding out the sex of our caboose and update you on the cyst.  Why, because I just finished my last book and taking two kids to the bookstore right now only results in me sitting by the train table and not perusing the books.  So yes, I'll blog again at least until July or until I get a new book to read.

Later peeps....have you missed me?