Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brother's & Sisters...the love...what she says

I really want to regale you with all our spring break tales from Chattanooga Internets...I also took 300+ pictures and was actually going to get them off my camera to share with you.....seriously I was.  However I got home to a broken dryer and loads of dirty laundry and then was hit by a massive stomach bug that had me hugging my toilet continuously for 2 days. I shipped the tikes off to my moms, so they wouldn't get this and so that my dear husband would only have 1 sick baby to deal with.  I am not the best patient when he is around....I need loads of attention.  Today I am feeling better, much better, not back to normal, but better....I can't wait to see my tikes today!

Anyway I promise Chattanooga will not be forgotten and I will share our adventure with you soon!  But first I had to share this.  Yesterday morning after being up all night throwing up, I was exhuasted, sick as a dog and still vomiting.  Josh repeatedly offered to cancel his clinic and stay home, but I knew there were people who needed him yesterday too, people who cancelled work and made arrangements to drive long ways to see him, so I shipped him off to work with the promise I would call my mom for help.  At 8am I called my mom and she said she would be over shortly.  At 7:30 my biggest tike crawled into bed with me. 

"Momma you sick"



"I don't know bug"

"You frowing up?"


"Okay I'll take care of you"

With that we soon heard the smallest tike calling for me from his bed.  My mom wasn't here yet and I had absolutely no energy to get out of bed and go upstairs and get him.  None.  I know the little booger can open his own door to his room and make it down the stairs by himself like a pro, but in the mornings he likes me to go up there and cuddle with him and then carry him down.  Today though that just wasn't happening.  

"Hey bug, do you think you can go upstairs and get Noah to help momma?"

"Why?  because you sick"



as she is marching up the stairs
"NOAH....NOAH, here comes tata!"

she walks into his room

"Good morning wittle man!  It's tata...wanna go see momma?"


"Come on"

"Bankie...and uh-ohs" 

"Tata's got em, come on."

They get to the top of the steps where he apparently sits with his blankie waiting for me....I hear him call out for me a few times and I wish like hell I had any energy to go scoop him up.

"Come on Noah, follow tata....frow me your bankie"

"No, not like that frow it hard"

she walks up the steps and throws her own

"See Noah like dis....frow it hard all the way down....then walk downstairs and get it ....see like tata"

she walks down to show him

"Come on Noah frow your harder....sigh of frustration"

she is now going back upstairs


"Here tata will frow you lets go!"

As I listened to her taking care of him, for me,  it occurred to me how great of a big sister she already is and how she will only get better as she grows up!  I love my big girl!

A few seconds later they both came running in my room, him beaming for his momma and her beaming from a job well done!  Siblings are great!


Jaimie said...

Too cute!!!!

Amy said...


Glad you're feeling better:)