Friday, April 16, 2010

The makings of a cheerleader party!

I'm all about birthday parties!  I mean it isn't everyday you have a birthday and hell at 31 I still want my party and my cake, so why wouldn't my tikes!  A week ago we celebrated Meredith's 4th birthday on her actual birthday, she wanted a cheerleader party.  And I was happy I could make that happen, with a little help from Carrie!  Thanks Carrie and to the USM cheerleaders!

First is the cheerleader invitation!

Then  the black and gold favor bucket!

With the tags I spent all night working on....that probably went unnoticed

Then you need a cheerleader

With her little football player brother....cheering him on!

You also need some cheerleaders and lots of little girls in cheerleader outfits...

And the opportunity to do a few cheers...

Best friends at a party never hurt either....

With a few cute boys as well....she calls him "my Connor!"

And more best friends...

It doesn't hurt to have trampolines and slides either!

and more trampolines!

You also need cake!

and candles to blow out!

Pizza and Cheetos are pretty good for parties too!

 Little brothers and cousins are really good for parties too!
(In this picture Noah was just telling me that his cousin Connor was his fwin!)

And presents are a must!

And at the end of the day if there is a smile on your 4 year old cheerleaders face, then it must have been a pretty good party!
Happy Birthday Meredith!  I hope you loved your cheerleader party!


Julia said...

Cute pictures! It was such a fun party!!!

Carrie Tilley said...

The pictures turned out so good!!!! Mere gets prettier by the day!!!!

Amanda said...

WOW. What a great party!

Blair said...

Happy birthday, Meredith!

What a fabulous party! Might have to steal this idea!

Jaimie said...

So much fun!!!! I'm with B...I might have to steal this one too. :-)

mandi said...

Steal away girls! Just remember who does the cutest cheerleader invites! :)

mandi said...
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Staff said...

smile :)
from italy