Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh the remorse???

Yes, I have classic buyers remorse and when I think of the gigantic play structure in our backyard I get a little nauseated. I really do not think you can call this thing a swingset. It definitely is not a swing set, I am hoping when Meredith and Noah go off to college we can move it to the town their school is in and save big $$ on rent money. Oh yes, the big ass play structure in my back yard.....Last night before bed Josh and I stood at the back door taking it all in. Here is the conversation that transpired....

"You know this is the kind of swing set kids want.....Not the kind they get!"

"Yeah....I know......Isn't it neat!"

"Do you think it is too late to return it?"

"Yeah...they would probably charge twice as much to take it down."

I have to hand it to my husband, it is neat. I think Josh and I have been down those slides as much as Meredith. Let's just say....happy vacations to us. Perhaps we can sleep out there for a week or two. That would be similar to the beach or disney world....wouldn't it!?!?!
The face that makes the gigantic play structure worth it!

and to show you he is getting to be a big boy too! Thanks Mimi for the wrist and feet rattles!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My sweet baby boy

Noah and I were laying here tonight, in my bed with my laptop looking at our favorite blogs together, okay he was laying here smiling and cooing and I was surfing the blogs. And then I thought....wait, here is my sweet baby and me....just brownie distractions, except for my stinking laptop (which I am seriously addicted too!)....why not spend time with my baby. So I did and I nuggled right into him. Do you know how sweet a baby smells? Or how soft their skin is? or how when you talk to them with that babyease their whole face lights up and they have that sweet little grin? Talk about melt your heart! This is life, this is why we are here, not to work all day and night and make money. Albeit necessary, but if we don't take time to enjoy the small things, what is the point. If I had a wish right now it would not be for money, or to be out of debt, especially in this mortgage crisis and threatening recession.....It would be to slow down time. I do not want to stop it, I just want to slow it down. I want to remember to not worry so much over everything else and play with my kids. To snuggle close to my baby, who will be in highschool before I know it. I just want it to slooooooooooowww down. Do you know how quickly time flies when you have a 3 hour alarm clock. Mine goes off every 3 hours day and night, it makes the day fly! Only 3 feedings until Josh is home, 1 feeding to lunch, 2 feedings for bed time, 4 hours of sleep before the next feeding.

Please time, slow down, my baby boy is growing way too fast!

Playdates for who??

So today Meredith and Noah had a playdate with some NEW friends, Marion and David. They are roughly the same ages as my 2 tikes. See another mom who has lost her mind and is braving the world of 2 tikes under 2!

The playdate was fun, Noah and David hung out in the swing and infant seat. I think they discussed politics and how to fix the economy, nothing major. Meredith and Marion did a little cooking, played with some balloons and other toys in the toy room.

Their mom, Olivia and I discussed scheduling more playdates! Why? Because we NEED them! So that brings the question of "who are the playdates for, the mom or the tikes?" Both, kids need social interaction to develop those social skills, but moms need the adult interaction too. I loved our playdate and now we are going to make it a weekly thing. That and who else is Meredith going to play with on the gorilla of a swing set that is being built in our backyard!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Preparing for Buyers Remorse

***This is the husband, Josh. I am guest blogging today for Mandi, who is busy with work!

There is a lot of pressure that I am feeling right now. I have big shoes to fill. All the feedback that I get is that everyone loves my wife's blog. So here we go. Mandi and I have been looking some time for a backyard playground. We think we have found something the kids will grow into and like. Now, it is a little big (the company is going to come build it) so I know I am going get a call at work tomorrow from my wife. She has classic buyers remorse. It kicks in when the purchase has been made and usually she is driving home. I always get the call--"Honey, I went to the store and bought some clothes" She may have checked out 10 minutes before, but now she wants to return everything because... can we afford it? do we need it? I really can wear something else, or I don't really like it. It doesn't matter what is bought, big or small she always does this. Even if it is going out to eat for lunch. So tomorrow at work I will expect the call from my wonderful wife. Now, I have to go. I have to get her some potato bites from Arby's and some brownies from Chick-fil-A then clean the kitchen and do some laundry when I get back. It is hard having a small business owner as a wife but worth every moment. LOVE YOU, MANDI!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

My Father-in-law came to town...

Well I have to say overall it was not that bad. I mean he stayed at the hotel Josh's sister was staying at and not at my home so overall it was pretty damn good now that I think about it. He really is not a bad man, he has done some things in the past that have hurt and while I am trying to fogive they are still impossible to forget. I like to hold on to things, healthy or not I do it. But since that all happened a few years ago, he has gotten better. He is still like a kid when he comes over, you have to wait on him and clean up after him, but overall he is bearable.

Or at least he would be if someone would break his damn camera. Yeah basically my FIL has two hands, and in those hands he has a cameral glued to each one. He takes pictures of everything and if he is not taking a snap shot he is videoing it. He has videoed me in labor (until I grabbed my husband by the neck and told him I would break his neck if he didn't break his dad's camera), he has videoed birthday parties, Meredith dancing, people eating, baptismal invitations, Josh making a hot dog (with commentary) and many, many more. While most things are appropriate to video, some are really absurd.

This visit was the same as always. Two hands, two cameras. Although this time he did not try to stop the mass to take the "perfect shot", he did not knock anyone over during communion to take the "perfect shot", he did not jump up on the altar to take the "perfect shot" and although he did literally step on a few toes, no one was really injured.

The good new is my sister-in-law is really normal and sweet! I hope she comes back to visit real soon!

She wants her cake and she wants to eat it too

So Meredith has become quite the parrot lately. Do not say anything you do not want her to repeat or at least try to. My favorite new word of hers is her name. She is so cute when she says it. Let's face it Meredith is a really hard name to say. Most people would not know she was saying her own name if I did not tell them. And when you here it, it is so funny you want to laugh and make her say it again. But my smart cookie does not like to be laughed at, so if you do she will shut down and she will not say it again. She does not like to say it on command either, she will say it when she wants and only when she wants. Today at lunch this is what she said.....

"Mommy lunch, Miz-zit lunch" while pointing at our lunches

"yep that is right, this is Mommy's lunch and that is Meredith's lunch!"

"Mommy juice, Miz-zit juice!" while pointing to the cups of water

"Yep that is Mommy's water and Meredith's water"

"Mommy cack, Miz-zit cack!!!!" while pointing to the leftover cake in the cake box from Noah's christening

"Do you want some cake Meredith?"

"uh-huh....uh-huh mommy!"

Like I said she is a girl that knows what she wants!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Men, can't live with em....

So I have been a little stressed lately. You know with a baptism and making sure the house is cleaned, making sure we have enough food, my father-in-law coming to visit and Josh's sister who he has not seen since highschool coming over too. I know...... how I mentally made it to the weekend is beyond me.

Anyway our car is worse than a disaster and the sad news is, it stays that way. So I begged my husband to clean it since people were getting in it and needed to climb in past the carseats to the back. I really was not sure anyone would make it to the back without falling into the deep, dark hole containing sippies, cheerios, dirty diapers and everything else that sometimes never makes it out the car. Let's face it after I get two kids, my purse and a diaper bag out, I rarely have energy or time to go back and get anything else.

So he went and cleaned it as I put the tikes down for naps and finished last minute things before we had to head to the train depot to pick up our guest in the van. It took him a mere 5 minutes to clean it out. Part of me was impressed he did it so quickly and part of me felt guilty....if it only took him 5 minutes surely I could find time each day to clean it out. I quickly got over the guilt and started loading the tikes back into the car. As I opened Noah's side the van I got a quick glance of the car. It was not clean.....there were still dirty diapers in it, meredith's empty lunch pail from Monday, ribbons from presents, sippy cups all over, and much, much more. It did not even appear a little clean, it was definitely better....but clean is not a word I would have used to describe it's current condition. The shit, was now just shoved under the front seats to make a path to the back seat. It did look cleaner, but the car was not in fact clean. No wonder it only took him 5 mintues....all my guilt was now gone. (did I mention he drives a little luxury sports car that is always clean, while I drive a loser cruiser...I am hoping my mentioning this will make you feel a little bit bad for me!)

So as he opened Meredith's side the van to put her in, here is the conversation that transpired....

"honey, I thought you cleaned out the car?"

"I did"

"You did? really?"

"yeah, why?" asked buddy

"uhm, what about the diaper and the lunch pail on the floor and all these sippies?"


"right there on the floor in front of you?"

"yeah I thought that lunch pail stayed in here"

"Really?!?! do you think I pack her lunch from the pantry in the van?"

"well I thought maybe you packed it with snacks for dinner tonight?"

"Yeah, because how many other times have we brought a LUNCH PAIL full of snacks with us to dinner?????"


"Yeah that is what I thought.....Just get in!"

Friday, January 25, 2008

Dum, dadumdum Dum!!!!

My father-in-law is on his way to town. He is coming in for Noah's christening. And while he is a nice man and has a good heart, he is CrAZy! I mean really nuts. I am sure I will have plenty to blog about after this visit! In-laws why do we have them again????

We have a new cousin!!!!

Meredith and Noah have a new cousin and new partner in crime!!!

Welcome to the world

Connor Michael!!!!

I can't wait to see pictures of the little guy and meet him soon!
Congratulions Timmy & Lisa, we are thrilled for you guys.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

a Mimi, a Mee-Maw, a Roux, and a Zoo!

Whew! What a day! Mimi and Mee-Maw came over to make chicken and sausage gumbo for Noah's christening this weekend. I have to say my house never smelled so good from home cooking. While the Mimi and Mee-Maw were cooking, I had 4 children to watch over. My own 2 tikes along with...Adalyn and Ian who came to play. I can't complain, they were very well behaved. It is cold and rainy here so we couldn't go outside, but between the playroom, the potty and the train table we were pretty occupied. Yes, i did say the potty, ever hear of monkey see monkey do? well i had 3 little monkeys in line to use the big girl/boy potty! I did reach the decision that 4 children were too much for me. I stayed busy....I changed 5 diapers in 1 hour. It was like an assembly line, line them up, by the time I finished the 4th diaper change, Noah needed another one. Thankfully the Mimi and Mee-Maw got the stinky ones that came later. We had a good time and survived, I did feel like we were at the zoo with the kiddos running around. But they are so sweet and such good kids and honestly they entertained one another. Whew! Daddy is on duty tonight!


Why play in the toy room, when you can play in the toy box!!!! Yes Mama - I am a mess!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tips for shopping with a toddler and a newborn

1. - Forget the damn double stroller go somewhere that has a buggy! That son-of-a-you-know-what is hard to open by yourself.

2. - Make sure that the baby is in the buggy in the infant seat out of harms way of the toddler who will try to throw things at the baby.

3. - Bring lots of food to occupy said toddler who is riding in the seat in the front where you can grab their arms as they try to grab things off the shelf and shove them ontop of the baby.

4. - Learn to say no - when the toddler points to toys and says "peeeeze, peeeeze mommy!"

5. - Know exactly what you went to the store for and find it quickly and get out!

6. - Learn to ignore the comments "you have your hands full!"..... Yes I have my damn hands full! thanks Einstein!!!!

7. - Make sure you aren't going for too much. Tere will be absolutely no room left in the buggy..... with a toddler and the baby in an infant seat in the buggy. You will have to carry ALL of your purchases while pushing the damn buggy and keeping your toddler from pulling things off shelves, emptying your purse, throwing snacks on the floor and throwing snacks at the baby. ***refer back to #6

Trust me these are good tips, we used them today in our 15 minutes that we were at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I did manage to get 2 storage bins, 6 picture frames and a prize for when a certain someone goes to the big girl potty. Hey it was on clearence and she did say "peeeze!"

Mommys night out!

Last night some friends took Josh and I to dinner to celebrate his awesome score on his boards! We sat and ate and drank wine for over 3 1/2 hours. It surely didn't feel like that long. We had a wonderful time being adults and hanging out with friends. It was nice to know our tikes were in good hands and snug in their beds when we got home! Although I did miss my goodnight kisses. It was fun to remember how it is to be an adult, I highly recommend it.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Don't worry about Elmo...he gets milk too

I didn't want anyone to worry about Elmo, his belly is full. Meredith went ahead and nursed him last night before bed. She also rocked him as she burped him. Amazingly he slept all night peacefully, now I just wish she would.

Up and at 'em..... not so much

Well my 2 tikes were up very early today. Meredith woke at 5:30am screaming for her daddy, Noah was also up at the same time screaming for the boob. I handled Noah and Josh got Meredith. When everyone was done screaming and eating, all 4 of us laid in the bed. Josh and Noah snuggled and went right back to sleep. Meredith snuggled with me and this is what transpired.....

Meredith whispers: "Momma.....Momma"



"No ....lay down"

"Momma out!" a little louder

"Meredith, shhhhh bubby and daddy are sleeping, lay down"

"Mama, shhhh! out"

"Lay down we are not getting out of bed!"

", no out"

"that's right lay down and go night, night!"

tiniest whisper..."momma...... no, no out"

at that point I just put the pillow over my head, eventually she did lay back down with her head on my feet and fall asleep.

**out -- means out of the bed!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Learning way to early....

Meredith walked up to her daddy with his wallet in hand. She handed it to him and said....


"what baby?"

"mon-ee, daddy!"

"Did you say money?"

"uh-huh, mon-ee daddy!"

I did not teach her that, she learned on her own!

Noah's new pal

Noah got a new pal today! We (me, him, and Mimi) went up to the hospital (in the snow) to await his arrival. I had to be there for my friend Katey and Noah wanted to meet his pal (through a glass of course). I am sure these two will get in lots of trouble together as they grow up and torment their big sisters.....or maybe their big sisters will torment them. Who knows?
Seeing his new friend for the first time!

His new pal..isn't he gorgeous!!!! Congrats Katey!!!

Look how cute I am!

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

I know snow in Southern Mississippi! What the hell! And these were taken this morning, tonight the snow is still there!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hmmm what's that?

Meredith and Noah took a bath together for the first time last night! Little booger has been very curious about his noodle for a while. Tonight she was close enough and couldn't help but check it out!

Cookies and Milk

Mom this is delicious, how come you didn't tell me about the milk part earlier

Yes we indeed need more!

Meredith asked for some cookies they other day and then went and got the Oreos out the pantry. We keep them on the bottom shelf.....silly parents. She then climbed up on the stool, pointed to the other stool and said "sit". So I got myself the perfect dipping size glass of milk and pulled up a chair. Those little inquistive eyes watched me dunk my first oreo and then she yelled "SHARE!" So I pushed my glass in front of her and shared. Her eyes lit up as she dunked that first oreo and then she took the tiniest bite ever. Me, I just ate the whole cookie in one bite. I grabbed another and dunked it and then ate it again in one bite....she took her same cookie and dunked it again and again taking the tiniest little nibbles. Needless to say I ate 5 cookies to her 1. Her poor cookie was so soggy by the time she was almost finshed it. As I finshed each of my cookies she would say "share" and point to the cookies for me to get another one, of course that meant she got to get another one too.....we were sharing!

So although we don't have the definition of share down....we did bond over oreos! What else could a cookie lover want!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Can you tell who is who???

Here are my 2 tikes....same age....same dad....same gown!
Can you tell who is who????
Do you think they look alike?

Brother and Sisterly love...

Today I ran a few errands by myself. We ran to the Mail Center to ship off a package for my business and there was such a long line inside that I took them both in with me. I took Meredith out first and put her on the sidewalk and told her to stay right there while I got Noah out. She did, she stood there watching me and didn't move. When we met her on the sidewalk she said "less go." And into the mail center we went. There were several people in there all adoring both Meredith and Noah. I got several "you have your hands full" comments, as well as..."wow, they are really close" and even a "what were you thinking???" comment. I just politely smiled and nodded. As I was talking to the cashier, Noah started crying, Meredith marched right over to him and gently started rocking his carrier saying "its otay, its otay....don't cry bubby!" She then looked up at me and said "bubby, want out!" and she then tried to unbuckle him and take him out. My heart melted, she has become such a good big sister (when she wants to be). When I was finished I picked up the carrier and told Meredith "let's go!" She ran ahead of me to the door to try and open it for us. Again she waited on the sidewalk until I put Noah back in the car, and then when I shut his door...she smiled that devious grin and took off on a sprint towards the parking lot street! Little booger!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

our lesson for the day.....sharing

This morning I was in the kitchen making some chicken salad for lunch, when Meredith marched in with Elmo. She put Elmo on a bar stool and told him to "sit". She then climbed up on the other bar stool by herself. She looked at me and said...

"Mama, nana pee-ze!"

So I got her a banana and asked if she wanted me to peel it for her.

"uh-huh! pee-ze" (I have learned that with a toddler you always have to ask.)

I gave her the banana and then she looked at me and said..........

"mama, Melmo nana."

So I asked her if Elmo wanted a banana too.


I then told her she would have to share her banana with Elmo.

She kindly looked at Elmo and said.....

"no nana, Melmo!"

And that was that! I think she is picking up on the sharing thing.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who let the crazy lady into Belks???

So today I ventured into the mall, I had some help...Mimi was with us. At one point Mimi went to the counter to purchase a few things and I ventured out on my own. I was in the children's department with my two tikes in their new ride, when all hell broke loose.

Noah started screaming and their was no consoling him. I tried to put his pacifier back in, then I tried to sit him up a little, then I started strolling faster and then I gave up. I parked the new ride right in the middle of the children's department and decided to take him out. Meredith witnessing this event, decided she wanted out too. So she started hollering "OUT! OUT!!" When I told her no and didn't rush to her assistance to help her out she started to unbuckle the seat belt herself. Little shit was half way out, when I realized she could get them undone. So I told her no, then while holding Noah in one arm, tried to wrestle her back in with the other. She threw her orange hi-C on the floor at Belks and started to scream and throw a fit. Noah mind you, is still crying those loud piercing cries that he is really good at. At that point I was wonder mom, I put Meredith back in while carrying on like a crazy toddler, held Noah like a sack of potatoes and started pushing the double stroller with one hand back towards Mimi like a crazy woman. Mall trip over! Their were plenty of people who were enjoying the show and getting a good laugh.

At least I learned something on this outing....the double stroller is very easy to maneuver and turn with one hand.

Woohoo he did it!!!!

It is official, my husband is board certified.

Congrats honey, we are so proud of you and knew you could do it! Just think of how much fun you Meredith and Noah one day will have on the wee-wee now!

I love you!

Monday, January 14, 2008

who is training who???

So this weekend I took Brownie outside in the front yard to do her business. Meredith tagged along to assist, since we have been working so hard at potty training. Brownie was taking her good old time in the front yard and sniffing around and I started to grow a little impatient. So I urged Brownie to hurry up and potty. Meredith was just wandering around saying "hu-wee Mwonie, hu-wee!" Brownie continued to sniff, looking for the perfect spot to do her business. Since we were in the front yard and I have a lab that loves to wander, I could not exactly leave her outside alone. So I continued to urge Brownie to hurry and potty dammit! To which Meredith began "hu-wee dammit, hu-wee!" Then I said the magic words, "Brownie potty and we will get a cookie!" So Brownie walked right in front of Meredith and I and squatted to do her "tinkle, tinkle". To which I applauded her and said let's get a cookie.

Meredith then shouted, "Mommy, potty, potty!" "good girl, cookie! COOKIE" and as I looked back I saw her squatted in the grass just like brownie. We then all 3 came in and got cookies.

Potty training is going well!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ready or Not, here I come.....

Does anyone know where Meredith is? My sweet 18 month old, brown hair, big brown eyes and as cute as a button. You know the really cute, quiet, little girl that was too sweet for words and melted everyone's heart. The one who willingly gave out hugs and kisses to anyone in her path and didn't have a violent bone in her body. You know that one???

Lately I swear I haven been raising someone else's child. This little girl at my house loves to hit and throw things. Will shout NO! right back at you when you ask a question. And when this little tike is real mad, she will march right on over to her baby brother and raise that hand like she may even hit him. Instead of playing with that new kitchen and all the food that Santa brought, this little girl throws the food all over the playroom and is quite destructive with that new kitchen. And I don't mean gently tossing the food out the way. I mean she looks at you with those eyes, pulls that arm back and hums things across the room like a major league pitcher. This week alone I have been hit with...... food (real and fake), dirty diaper bombs(you know how you make that cute ball when you take them off their behinds), shoes, and anything else in the vicinty of her little arms. This new little girl has even had to be taken out of a restaurant for a little redirection. She also throws herself on the floor, flailing her arms and legs violently, as she screams as loud as her vocal cords will allow. I swear this is not my child.

And I try many things throughout the day to bring that sweet little toddler back. I've tried time outs, clearly sometimes more for my sanity than hers. Trust me counting out loud to thirty while she puts her head in the corner is a nice time out for me too. It gives me enough time to regroup and get my head back on straight before it blows up. I have also tried the redirections and distractions as well as singing silly nonsense songs at the top of my lungs. Heck the other day I even got down on her level and threw the fit with her, screaming and hollering and carry on just so. And then when all else fails and my sanity for the day is clearly gone, I try bribery with sweets and ice cream. But none of these things have worked real well. Everyday this other child appears out of nowhere.

And there are several times throughout the day I get a glimpse of my daughter. Like when she wakes up and wants to snuggle right into me or when night time comes and she has to sing the Good-night song to everyone in the family before bed. Or when she wants her daddy to "swaddle" her baby just like he does Noah, and then "wocks him to seep". Or when she makes me tea on rainy days and we have a tea party. Or how she is the first to say "Bess you" whenever anyone sneezes. And those days that she randomly out of the blue says "love you mama". Or when she walks up to me and throws those little grimy hands and arms around my neck and says "bess kind" for those best kind of hugs.

So yes, I know my daughter is still around, I was just wondering when she would be back permanently or if you have seen her?!?!? I just miss her so much. I am afraid that the terrible two's are here, Ready or Not!

Friday, January 11, 2008

my diva

We are officially here, welcome to the terrible two's! We aren't two yet, but the attitude is there people. Look at it!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What would we do without Mimi?

Do you have a Mimi in your life? We do, thank goodness! If you don't you may want to know what a Mimi is, well let me tell you.....

Mimi is the one who gives tons of hugs and kisses. She is also really good at buying "pwesents" and surprises. You can always count on Mimi for desserts too, even instead of lunch! She loves to give us baths as well. In fact, mommy & Daddy have been known to wait to give baths because they know Mimi will! She cooks dinner for our family at least once a week. She also gets down on the floor to play with us! We love it at Mimi's. We always get to watch the Wiggles, Tubbies and Elmo! She changes any kind of diapers even the messy ones and she is always there to watch us when mommy and daddy need to go somewhere. She makes sure to have our favorite snacks and foods in the pantry and fridge. She also gets lots of new things for us to try. And when we spend the night, she sends Poppa to get us "No-nuts" in the morning. And Mimi loves us more than anything in the world!!!

Mommy loves Mimi because she is a BIG help! She is always willing to tag along to help us when we need it. She even changes poopy explosions in the car for mommy! She is an extra set of hands to love and comfort us when we need it and mommy's are full. She loves to watch us to give mommy a break. And Mommy loves her because she is her Mommy and she has shown her how to be a great mommy too!

Thanks Mom! Even though we are on one anothers nerves occasionally, I don't know what I would do with out you! So yes, this blog is about you!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Joy of a Boy

So this boy thing is all new to me. I have to say I was a little intimidated by those boy parts at first. I have slowly come around to them now, but diaper changing is still a little challenging.....

---changing a simple wet diaper
Me: shit, oh shit he is spraying everywhere!
Husband: laughing
Me: CRAP...... he got me and the sheets, here you take over.

--changing another wet diaper
Me: the little shit, got me again and the sheets!
Husband: laughing again!
Me: why are you laughing this isn't funny!
Husband: what else am I supposed to do!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Times are a changing....

Nothing makes you realize how much your life has changed, then to take a look at the past. My best friend, Michelle, came to visit yesterday. Michelle and I have been best friends for about 6+ years now and at one point in time our lives were very, very similar. We were both grad students, hanging out at Joe's bar and living up the night life. We loved being the life of the party, we loved parades, dining at fine restaurants, going out all night. We were pretty inseparable.

Then.....I got married and she broke up with her longtime boyfriend and went to Law School. Yes I know, she went to law school after getting a Master's in Biomedical Engineering. One day she will be a very rich patent lawyer and my best friend. I just got a master's degree and got married.

Then....I had kids and she lived far away. Needless to say with a husband and a newborn and her in Law school our visits were less frequent and phone calls few and far between. But our friendship remained the same.

So last night as we were catching up and I was filling her in on diapers and playdates and she was filling me in on her love life and law school, I couldn't help but notice how different our lives are....

When Michelle arrived she had on a cute dress and cardigan, I had on jeans and a t-shirt with tons of baby spit up on it. Not kidding.

She also smelled nice and had on makeup, me I brushed my hair and teeth that morning.

Later that day we went shoe shopping and she filled me in on the great sale she caught at Saks and her new Stuart Weitzman shoes, I got Meredith 2 pairs of cute Keds! after she cried at mommy and me pointing to her feet saying hurt! we went from a size 5 1/2 to a 7...poor baby.

We grabbed a pizza to bring home..... she used a knife and fork to eat her hot pizza, I inhaled mine in between cutting meredith's up and nursing noah.

That night after we put the kids to bed, we caught up a bit more and then decided to watch a movie, I caught the opening credits, the next morning Michelle told me it was pretty good.

In the morning, Michelle came down showered and dressed at 9am, looking like a million bucks and like she had a full night of sleep. I woke up at 530am to nurse Noah, pump milk, change his diaper and get him back asleep only to get up at 8am to do it all over again, oh and I looked like I was up all night with meredith!

I have to say at 9am she did take Noah and meredith so I could get a nice, hot, long shower in was heavenly!

But yes, times have changed, I can't wait for her to marry and have kids so she can experience the joys of motherhood too! By that point I should be on cruise control!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's a bird, It's a plane, it's.......

Super Meredith
and her super daddy!
Here is the super hero, ready for action!
She is very serious when it comes to being a super hero!
Notice we are still wearing our "fabulous" rainboots.
Oh Dad I am so cute!

Hmmmm! What super hero task should I takle next?

I know a cupcake at Connor's birthday.

Meredith and her little pals went to a Super Hero Birthday Bash for Connor!

These pictures were way too cute not to share!
Here is Adalyn in her pink super girl suit! And that is her mommy behind her working on a play mate for Noah!
Here is Super Girl and Ian, I mean Tuck from the Wonder Pets.
See his Wonder Pets cape.
And the Super Hero Birthday Bash! See little Noah back there swaddled tightly with his dad!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

because he doesn't get enough action....

Here is my little "fat man"! Yep he is a tubbie. He went to the pediatrician this morning for a bad case of diaper rash and he weighed in at 11lbs 12oz. My little fatty watty! I love my big gerber babies. Isn't he adorable!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Nothing to Wear

Meredith, like most women, had a "I have nothing to wear" moment the other day! We tried on a few outfits and various accessories, until we found the perfect look. Here is a progression of her selection.....

Mom I don't know what I am wearing today, but I must wear these FABULOUS rain boots! It is okay if it isn't raining.
Hmmm what do you think of this dress, I love it. I'm just not sure if it is "me" today, know what I mean???? The rain boots look fabulous though.
I'm still not sure about the dress, let's call daddy up here to see what he thinks???
I agree with daddy, the dress is beautiful, but it just isn't me today.Okay this new Abby Cadabby outfit is kind of cute right!?! It works doesn't it? what about the hat, is it too much!
I must say mom, I can pull off any look!!!
Yeah the hat was too much, I LOVE the red & white striped bow though, this look definitely works for me! Enough with the pictures already, let's go!
And that ladies and gentlemen, is how she went about her day! Red & white striped bow, Abby Cadabby outfit with the tulle skirt and the rain boots. I kid you not and really she did look fabulous.

Meanwhile, Noah said whatever we put him in was fine. He really didn't care, he was just doing what he does best!

Go Pats!

This post goes out to our friends Jon, Jaimie & Taylor! Meredith says thanks for noah's jersey...she was happy to wear it! And GO PATS! I am secretly hoping they go to the superbowl so that Jaimie and Tay will come visit!!!!

Mom I make this jersey look cute!!!!


(even if mommy thinks #12 is a very cute scumbag!)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Sorry i don't have a good post today! I started back at work today and believe it or not the orders have already started coming in. Which is good news, very good news. I was worried after taking a few months off, people would forget about me......but that was not the case! I have even completed a few new proofs today, check them out here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My new years gift!!!

Noah slept through the night again! from 10pm until 6:30am. This is the second night he did this. It can't be a fluke if he did it more than once right????