Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Who let the crazy lady into Belks???

So today I ventured into the mall, I had some help...Mimi was with us. At one point Mimi went to the counter to purchase a few things and I ventured out on my own. I was in the children's department with my two tikes in their new ride, when all hell broke loose.

Noah started screaming and their was no consoling him. I tried to put his pacifier back in, then I tried to sit him up a little, then I started strolling faster and then I gave up. I parked the new ride right in the middle of the children's department and decided to take him out. Meredith witnessing this event, decided she wanted out too. So she started hollering "OUT! OUT!!" When I told her no and didn't rush to her assistance to help her out she started to unbuckle the seat belt herself. Little shit was half way out, when I realized she could get them undone. So I told her no, then while holding Noah in one arm, tried to wrestle her back in with the other. She threw her orange hi-C on the floor at Belks and started to scream and throw a fit. Noah mind you, is still crying those loud piercing cries that he is really good at. At that point I was wonder mom, I put Meredith back in while carrying on like a crazy toddler, held Noah like a sack of potatoes and started pushing the double stroller with one hand back towards Mimi like a crazy woman. Mall trip over! Their were plenty of people who were enjoying the show and getting a good laugh.

At least I learned something on this outing....the double stroller is very easy to maneuver and turn with one hand.

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Adalyn's World Views said...

Good Job. So what is the lesson. Don't take two kids out on your own? I'm trying to learn through you!