Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You know it is not going to be a good day when.....

.......neither one of you children sleeps well the night before.
.......they both have uncommon red, rosy cheeks.
.......your littlest one is prone to ear infections.
.......your husband goes to work after being off several days and your oldest has a huge meltdown with real tears because she wants her daddy.
........they are both running fever and just want to be held.
.......neither one fo them wants you to hold the other one while holding them. only have two arms and hands and one lap. can not do anything to really make them feel better.

Yep it is one of those days....maybe tomorrow will be brighter.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Too exhausted....

Since we have gotten home we have been *trying* to get back into the swing of things. The kids are doing great and did wonderful on our 8 hour drive there and back. Things there were chaotic, but with 5 kids under 3 what the hell did we expect. There were lots of tantrums, lots of tears and lots of sippy cups, but there was also lots of laughter, lots of sharing, and lots of smiles.

I did not realize how much I missed Jaimie, gosh it has been way too long. We used to have so much fun together and despite how far apart we are, and how different our lives are.....our friendship has not changed one bit. I wish we lived closer to see each other more often.

I took lots of pictures with the new camera, I just have not had a minute to transfer them yet. Between two kids, laundry and work....I just have not had a minute.

Josh goes back to work tomorrow and I am really sad. Thank gawd he was able to take off and come with me, because as usual I would not have been able to do it without him. He helped not only me, but Jaimie and Blair.....lots of picking up, changing diapers, feeding tikes, getting them to sleep and much, much more. Thank you my sweet husband. I am pretty confident that I will not be able to get Noah to nap tomorrow when he is gone.....yeah Noah is going to miss Daddy's arms to fall asleep in. He has a severe case of armitis, but with no crib or pack and play how else were we supposed to get him to sleep.

Oh well, enjoy these pictures that I stole from Blair's blog......hopefully she will not mind

The girls in the wagon eating ice cream....Yum!
Noah and his new little lady friend.....I think they are a darling couple.
Meredith at the park, oh I love this sweet little girl.
Me on the slide with Charlotte and Meredith at Wiggle Land.....yes moms can have fun too!

Monday, April 28, 2008

3 toddlers + 2 babies = exhuasted parents

We are back, we survived, we had fun! There were lots of tantrums, lots of sleepless nights and now there are some very tired parents. The girls had a blast, Noah also has a blast! Now I have unpacking, washing and some napping to do. I will be back soon with pictures!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And we're off...

So today, well right now I should be packing....but as usual I am procrastinating. Tomorrow I am or better yet we are heading out. My little family of 4 is taking a road trip, in the loser cruiser to Dallas. Hmmm what's in Dallas you may ask?

Jaimie and Blair! Well Jaimie lives in Dallas and Blair is flying in to meet us!

3 toddlers and 2 babies in one house, it is going to be a blast. And I am sure I will have lots of pictures to follow. I have the new camera, which is still in the box by the way and Blair has already admitted she has a problem taking too many pictures.

Wish us luck! It should be loads of fun!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things she says...

After giving Noah his pacifier from crying....

"Is otay wittle man, is cwying"


I was taking apart Noah's infant seat to finally wash it.....and was pulling it all apart and throwing pieces on the floor.....

"Oooooo Momma...I gonna bust your butt!"

"No, no momma!"


Last night while feeding her dinner, Noah was on the counter in his bouncy with his pacifier watching us. I walked to the pantry and when I came back his pacifier was missing....

"Mizit, where is bubby's paci?"


"Oh Mizit, where is the paci?"

"I no know"

"Mizit, where is that paci?"

"Mimi tates it!"


"Mimi tates it, momma......bubby's pass"


In the tub last night....

"Ring around da posey, posey, asses, asses, we fall down!"


Playing in her toy room by herself and dancing while no one is watching....

"you gotta move it, move it.....shate dat heiny!.....move it, move it"

Monday, April 21, 2008

My dear husband...

I am spoiled....I know this....he just will not stop. So I have been thinking about getting a digital SLR. I started looking into some and told Josh about my plan. Which was to save up my stationery money to buy a good SLR and a good lens. Well he jumped on the band wagon and started helping me research them and determine what was a good one and all that jazz. Today he came home from lunch and surprised me with this.......
I know I should be taking pictures with the camera, instead of the camera.....but people the buyers remorse will kick in at any moment and I will want to tote all of this back to the store it was purchased from. If I open it, I cannot do that....see.... so for now I will just look at it and admire the bright yellow boxes. I must admit I am a tad bit excited! Okay a lot of excited, but I just cannot bring myself to open the boxes.

Thank you Mom

Thank you Mom for what you do for me everyday. I am sure you could think of 1 million better things to do today besides going through Meredith and Noah's closets and helping me sort and pack away clothing.....I sure could have. Thank you for always watching my tikes and for coming here to watch them knowing I would never get where I needed to be on time if you did not. Thank you for helping us to get through our busy days and being there when we need you. Thank you for loving my children as much as I do and for always looking out for the best for them. Thank you for being you.

Thank you for being the kind of Mom I can look up to, the kind of mom I can bring my problems to, the kind of mom that always said I love you.

I know raising me was not always an easy task, but one you did like it was the best job in the world. I know that when we were growing up although you loved me and I loved you, there were days we did not like one another very much, but we survived, thanks for teaching me how to survive. Thanks for always making sure that I had more than I needed, because I know there were days that you did with out to do that.

Thank you being a wonderful supportive and loving mother..... and thank you for teaching me how to be one too. I love you!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mizit Cited!

This is her new favorite saying. She squeezes her little fist together, scrunches up her face and grinds her teeth and then she says....."Mizit Cited!" Oh yes she is very excited indeed. This morning the excitement was over her trip to the donut shop with her dad. She came home with chockwit donuts and chockwit juice (or milk, but whatever.)

I love this little girl to pieces. Sadly Noah missed out on the donut action, he did enjoy 3 bites of rice cereal before he clamped his lips together and decided to eat no more!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

5 months have flown by already

Today my little man is 5 months old! I know where did the time go? Look how big he is....from 7lbs 13oz to this chunk of a little man! He is right at 17lbs now! Mom I am one handsome devil!
My two boys!
For his 5 month birthday we tried some rice cereal. He liked it much better than meredith did today and when she was 5 months old. I guess that means I will have 2 good eaters!


Today we started rice cereal....I know I was not ready for it either. Here is how it went.

Mom I don't know about this.....I will just eat this bib instead!
What the hell are you doing woman???? She is trying to choke me! YUCK.....give me booby juice!
Bubby you start out with that gross stuff and you work yourself up to mom's burnt biscuits and sausage! Trust me dad's pancakes and bacon are much better than those biscuits.
Yeah you were right mom....I really don't want that! of course she HAD to try it!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Picture this friday!

On Fridays I will try to post some pictures of my two bugs! And so here they are. These were taken at Mimi's house.

Brotherly and sisterly love... How about kiss little man?
Sure I'll push you.....right out of this swing as soon as she isn't looking.
Mom put the camera away would you?
Hmmmm where did that big sister person go, perhaps to bed I need a break.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A visit with my buddy!

Today Meredith's friend Ian and his family came over to visit and have dinner. They moved about an hour away from here in January. I was heartbroken and so was Meredith. She was used to seeing Ian each week! And she asked for him everyday for about a month after their move. She still calls little boys with blond hair "E" wherever we go. It was so good to see them, but it was really great to see Meredith play with her old pal "E". She loves E or Ian (the name his parents gave him, but Meredith is good at making up new ones.) Anyway these two have been friends for a very long time. Well since they were born. Have you seen that commercial were the moms are eating on the sofa and talking about how great the playdate is and how the kids are really loving it and then you see them sleeping in their infant carriers? Well that was Meredith and Ian. They have been having playdates since before they can remember and Caryn and I have always loved them.

Today Meredith got to show Ian her new slide and Ian got to show Meredith his bwuda - who is so adorably chunky! They also played in the toy room and ran around acting "silly." Caryn and I also got to catch up while the guys ran errands and picked up food. It was fun, we really miss them! And we are so bummed that Ty and Noah will not have all those quality infant seat playdates! I miss ya Caryn!

Ian and Meredith January 2007
Ian and Meredith last month! I think they look a little different!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

She is my daughter...

Today when we got home Meredith wanted to go slide, not unusual....she always wants to slide. Unfortunately for her it was nap time so no slides. When she woke up, her dad walked in and he asked if she wanted to go and slide! Of course she did, she always wants to slide.

So she put on her pants and her socks and shoes and then her dad brought in her jacket. It is a little chilly here so yes she needed a light jacket. The very same jacket that she tried to put on 2 weeks ago in 80 degree weather. The very same jacket that she wore all fall, winter and spring. The very same jacket that has the attached hat that she LOVES. Yes that cute, pink windbreaker that I paid way too much for at Gap.

So once she was properly dressed, she went outside to slide with her dad. I stayed inside to begin dinner with Noah.

2 seconds later, in came Josh and Meredith. Meredith had tears flowing down her cheeks and was sobbing.

"What's wrong?"

"Meredith doesn't want to wear the jacket, so I said no slide!"

"Really? She didn't want to wear the jacket?


"Is she already that stubborn that she would rather come inside than wear damn jacket!"

"Yep, I have no idea who she gets it from."

"Me either" laughing to myself

She is now inside happily playing in her toy room.

No one said this job was easy...

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had. I am making decisions that are shaping someone else's life. I am helping to mold these little people to hopefully become responsible adults. I am trying to instill good values and morals without coming off as a nag. I am making decisions that other people do not agree with and are happy to make known. Does that make the job, it just makes an already tough job that much tougher.

Yes it is the job I signed up for. It just never occured to me the impact it would have on my own life. How much I would change to better myself for these little people that now fill up my life. How my eating habits, sleeping habits and laziness would change to be a better role model. How drastically my vocabulary would change. How I would have to take stands to do what I think is right for my own children, even if it goes against others wishes.

I am doing the best I can with what I have. I am trying my hardest to be the responsible person who holds them accountable, but still lets them slide. To make them realize wrong from right, and that slipping up is okay when you know that you can get back on the wagon. To make them realize that life is hard and it is unfair, but everyone now and then it is easy too. To never give in, but then splurge occasionally.

I am using some of the things my parents taught me and vowing to also never do some of the things my parents did too. I am taking some of my traditions from my own childhood and making up some of my own. I am trying to be me, it is hard to help them grow up, when I still have so much growing up to do myself.

No being a parent is not easy, but it is the best job in the world.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Nothing to do, nowhere to go...

Ever have those days.....don't you just love them! Today was one of those days and I loved it! Normally an activity outside the house helps to keep our sanity, if not it makes a really long and tiresome day for the momma. However we have not had a day where we just stayed home and did nothing in a long time. I mean with Mommy and Me, ballet and Mother's day out, that is 3 days of the week right there. So today, was the day.

I did not get out of my fact I still have them on. No baths for anyone, no clothes other than Noah who pooped on his pjs. Meredith even fell asleep watching cartoons in my bed. I had to wake her for lunch. I think she needed this day too. I did a few loads of laundry, I picked up a little bit, but mainly I just played with my kids. I had a tea party, I colored, I hung out on the floor with rattles. Yeah I did those things instead of the normal things. It felt good and you know what I might just do it tomorrow too!

She did it!

Mizit tinkled in the big girl potty this morning!

We woke up and ate oatmeal and snuggled and then I went to change her diaper and realized she was still dry from last night. So I asked if she wanted to use the big girl potty and she said "uh-huh". So we did and she actually tinkled in the potty!!!!! She got some candy and now has on a princess pull-up. She was so proud of herself.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Toy Story Party...

Here is the cake, all she wanted to do from the minute we picked it up was eat the "woody and jesse cake". I kept telling her she had to wait to the party to eat it. At some point in the middle of the party she came and got me by the hand and said "momma, eat cake?" And so we did, after we sang happy birthday of course.
Having fun with friends in the "jump, jump" she loved it!
Loving the "jump, jump" being such a big girl.
Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles.

Our little family, I love this picture!
Noah at the party, living it up!

The party!
The "jump, jump!"
The big ass play structure that entertained everyone!

Cousin Lindsey and Connor at the party!

Mizit having soooooo much fun!

Noah rocking it out at the party!

Such a big girl in the swing. It was like look mom I am two, I do not need that baby swing anymore and I want to go high!

Opening presents! She loves her apron!

Showing off some ballet moves in her new tu-tu from her Nanny! And yes, I planned the matching shirts, I am a dork okay!

Mom where did everyone go? I am not tired, I want to go back in the jump, jump!

Later that evening.....still going strong! Having hotdogs and cake for dinner, well really just cake.
Sadly the "jump, jump" is going back tomorrow morning. I am not sure who will be more upset...Meredith or Josh. They woke up and headed outside to play in it. Came in for lunch and a rest (no nap today) and then went back out until 5pm when I made them come in and made Josh take it down. She is going to miss that "jump, jump" tomorrow, it was a sad time when we said good-bye.

Oh Wow!

This is one of the "pwesents" Meredith got for her birthday! Thank you Aunt Barbara. She loved it. In fact she loved all of her presents! Everytime she opened something she would say..."Oh Wow!"

I took this video without her knowing. I love the dance moves!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

So worth it...

Today was Meredith's birthday party. Good food, good friends, good times! It was amazing to see our baby girl become a 2 year old and turn into a social butterfly. We are blessed to have such wonderful healthy children, each other, great family and wonderful friends. Thanks to all of you who made the day special. This party was more than worth it, the fun she had was unbelievable. I want to celebrate the birth of my children every year with a celebration just like the one today. Meredith had the best time and so did all her little friends. Josh and I loved every minute of it! Pictures to come soon!

What's that noise????

So we all know that Noah has been suffering from double ear infections for about 3 months now, I know poor little guy. Well this week, after 3 rounds of 3 types of antibiotics, I knew he was feeling better. How did I know? Every time I coughed, sneezed, crumbled up paper or made some other noise, the poor baby boy jumped out of his skin.

So we went to the doctor Thursday and she confirmed that the ears are all better. Well almost. He still has a tiny bit of fluid in his left ear, but the other looks great and the left has no redness or puffiness.

It is amazing to see the difference. I also knew what to look for due to my various degrees, but it was still amazing to see as a parent. Poor baby must have been so miserable with his clogged ears for so long. Now we just need to get rid of the dear in the headlights look whenever he hears a sound.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Needing some birthday action too....

Hey mom, did I get to celebrate the birthday at all? I mean I wasn't in one damn picture.

Yes sweetie, you were there, hanging out with Burke and your PawPaws!

Just for the record...

I was not the one who ordered the Spanish version of Jesse and Bullseye! That would be my better half that did!

hey it's my birthday...I'm 2!!!

Hi mom...I am two!
Two with attitude and too cute!
OMG they got me Jesse and Bullseye! How did you what I wanted????
I love this man! Can you see why?
Hey look, I am dancing on TV! Gosh I love Mickey Mouse pizza!
Best friends, monkey see....monkey do!Hey Mickey....wanna dance?Meredith loves this damn mouse and does think it is Mickey Mouse. I can't believe she is not afraid of him. But she isn't, not at all.Blowing out the birthday candlesOpening gifts. Her friend Adalyn is holding her shirt up to make sure it fits her. Is that not hilarious! Thanks Adalyn for celebreting my birthday with, you made it lots of fun! And thanks to Mimi, Poppa, Memaw and PawPaw too!