Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things that roll of her tongue..Margot

Margot: Mom you are da best mom....da best mom and da best dad too.  Okay..... cause my dad always at work. Tank you mom...Tank you.


Margot why are your hands green?

Margot:  Cause I was markering.


Margot where did you put Mommy's shoes?

Margot:  I can't know.



Margot - comes around the corner is her "poutiess" voice..... DON'T DO DAT AGAIN!

Do what?

Margot: Don't say JOSH!

School Time Sweetness

Last night when Josh and I got home at 10pm we realized our master bedroom (which has it's own air conditioning unit) was rather warm.  At 2am we realized the unit was not working.  Bummer.  Well I actually thought something besides bummer, but I was too tired to really think it.  I crawled out of bed and went up to Meredith's bed to sleep for 4 more hours.  At some point I heard my husband downstairs moving, which clued me in it was time to get up.

I didn't, I rolled over and pretended to not hear him.  Who am I kidding, I do that most mornings.  About 10 minutes later I heard the little pitter pattering of feet and realized Noah had come to his sister's room.  I was about to jump up, thinking he was looking for me and then realized he didn't know I was there.  It was about then I heard...

"Mere-dif, do you want to get up early and go play with me.  If you get up now we can play a little bit before school, that way I won't miss you all day and not be able to play with you."

She groggled something back at him...and didn't move.  Then he followed with...

"Well okay, if you change your mind I'll be in the play room, playing cars.  Okay.  Love you."

Let it be known that no matter how you feel about one another as adults, at 5 and 7 you loved each other dearly.  A mother's wish is that, that never changes.